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(ENG) Next portrait of a Monster High character! This is Cleo de Nile, daughter of The Mummy. She’s a true Egyptian princess. She wears exotic jewerly and headdress, and bandage wrapping. She loves gold color and she’s usually accompanied with her loyal pet Hissette, a cobra!
BTW, next one will be the cutest and the slowest ;)

(SPA) Siguiente retrato de un personaje de Monster High! Esta es Cleo de Nile, la hija de La Momia. Es una auténtica princesa egipcia. Lleva joyería exótica, tocado y envoltura de vendas. Le encanta el color oro y suele ir acompañada de su fiel mascota Hissette, una cobra!
Por cierto, la próxima será la más mona y lenta de las monstruitas ;)

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A slight rain comes, bathed in dawn light.
I hear it among treetop leaves before mist
Arrives. Soon it sprinkles the soil and,
Windblown, follows clouds away. Deepened

Colours grace thatch homes for a moment.
Flocks and herds of things wild glisten
Faintly. Then the scent of musk opens across
Half a mountain – and lingers on past noon.

Morning Rain

Tu Fu


So I just wanted to show off a bit of what I’ve been working on this night.

It’s a second attempt at drawing Galadriel and Aredhel in their youth, though I sketched it earlier in December and totally forgot about it because it was such a hopeless attempt.

But working more on it tonight I tried to right as many of the mistakes as possible and now I am actually very happy with it. I hope to have it finished soon!

Turns out I have definitely grown as an artist since December and it feels great!