I am a Yu Yu Hakusho fanatic when I was in secondary school! I would scrimp every lunch money I got and make sure I get the manga…! Not cheap since it is imported from Taiwan!

I absolutely love Hiei! Hahaha I guess I have a thing for misunderstood characters. However as I reread the series now when I am older, I actually enjoy Yusuke more! He is truly the leader of the team; no matter how bad things are, Yusuke is always optimistic and believes! A very relatable character since he is just like a slacker like most of us and tries his best in situations he is in!

Anyone watched/read YYH? :D




Insecteはパリ出身で現在はベルギーのブリュッセルにて活動しているバンドです。3月にブリュッセルにて開催されたコンテスト“Du F dans le texte”において優勝し、活躍を続けています。

I designed the EP jacket of the french band Insect “Un”.

Insecte were all from Paris and they met in Bruxelles. It’s now where they live. The band and the first repetitions began 1 year ago. In march they won a contest in Bruxelles called “Du F dans le texte”. It allowed them to do a few gigs and festivals in Belgium. They just released their first EP and there’s another one coming very soon.


Hashirama is talking about the zombie, Tobirama, well …

This is born after @squidspawn have make the Plant VS Zombie, comment. Actually the whole conversation with between her @redhothollyberries, @based-madara and @hiruma-musouka made me crackling with laughter, and here we are. 

part1. here 


Character sheet of Elena.

Want to see how I made this character sheet? You can! There is a 20min timelapse available at my patreon and gumroad. Plus, with it, you’ll get high resolution downloads of each pose, a high resolution download of the character sheet, the initial sketches and the photoshop file! All this on my patreon and gumroad, go have a look if you’re interested! 

Beneath you can see a little preview of the 20min timelapse: