Are we 아가새 working really hard for our guys..? Are we..?!!

Well, guess not.. We need to work extra hard for these angels, for godsake as they worked hard for this comeback. They deserve something in return atleast. Go and vote as many as you can, dear 아가새…

Link is provided on the previous post and twitter too!! Vote! Vote! Vote!



I look at Yoongi crying and think…

So this is what it must be like to reach something you worked so hard for.

This is what it must be like to want something so bad and finally achieve it.

From being mocked and looked down on..

From long nights of having little rest and little to eat..

Our Daegu boy has made it and he made it BIG!

Dreaming and hoping can result to this.

Passion and hard work can result to this.

© mine


Fantastic commission by @runescratch of Traven and Fenris
@fenrisataashi-ffxiv :D

Permission given to post. Please check out their work!

A fun note: This was ordered before the release of Stormblood or even benchmark, so they did amazing work portraying the jobs as we were going to play them! Included an in-game screenshot for fun.

Fullview recommended. Thanks again, Rune!


yeah three headers of our boys because they deserve it

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