170222 Gaon Chart Awards - SEHUN ARTIST OF THE YEAR

(Suho so proud lol)


Titmouse 5 Second Day 2017 - 3. CHEAPEST CHILDREN’S CARTOON

(Turn up the volume!) Imagine the cheapest possible Children’s Cartoon. Strip away the pretense of a world, of characters, of plot. The simplest visuals, a smoothly shifting gradient, with inoffensive static images flitting on and off screen, gently whispering positive reinforcement… with some light indoctrination. 

You know, basically a normal kid’s show. 


170222 Gaon Chart Awards - EXO ‘Artist Of The Year’ Award



I did this all day at work. So I put like idk 6 ish hours into it. Doing more paper crafts at work and was recommended a glue tape that does wonders for it. Somewhat revamped an old oc

This is roughly 12x10 and thick crafting paper. Im considering doing commissions for these creature wise. They’ll all be roughly under 10 in length wise but long wise is debatable as seen with this character. If anyone’s interested hmu

compliment people. not in the “fake” way, but in the sense that if you notice how great their hair looks, or how hard they have been working in the past few days, or how cute and inspiring their blog is, tell them. they’ll appreciate it, and maybe blush a little or smile, eyes lightening up, and maybe that little compliment or ask will make their day.


I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and hardships BTS have been through; from being told they would never make it to gruesome training hours. 

To Namjoon who was criticised for becoming an idol

To Seokjin who people thought couldn’t sing and was only there for his visuals

To Hoseok who desperately wanted his mother to be proud of him

To Jimin who was pressured to maintain a certain body type

To Taehyung who was regarded as strange by some people yet is the most loving person there is

To Jungkook who was so young when he debuted, who essentially gave up his chance to be a normal teenager

To Yoongi who suffered through mentally, emotionally and physically

You’ve all faced hardships but it has made you stronger. ARMYs will always be here for you. Thank you for everything and never forget we are bulletproof. <3