Some days stay in your memory for the smallest of reasons and I treasure remembering the feeling of what the sun felt like in the most random of moments. I got coffee with my mom on a sunny day this summer, when we listened to favourite songs. Sharing these small things make me excited to return home.

spiritfear  asked:

your traditional art is amazing! are there any types of sketchbooks that you'd recommend? (especially ones that are good for markers)


and hell yeah Man I got recs up the WAZOO for all art supplies here we go:

those are my main guys but i’m also big on picking up just whatever sketchbooks Look Cool and experimenting in um bc i love to have fun

42/100 days of productivity + SAT 9.3.16 // 11:32am

theme of the week: vincent van gogh, september artist (¼);;;; omg guys i really missed you all! dental school has started for me and the schedule is crazy but in a beautiful sort of way and as you can see i’ve picked up bujo-ing! what have you all been up to?