Heidi Willis

“With the small Flannel flower painting complete, I have begun working on the larger Flannel Flower painting, an A4/21x30cm version which will be soooo pretty…. Its good to be back! :D


“This sweet Flannel Flowers study is now complete… Its fair to say that was challenging, but i am really happy with the results. Another addition to my very popular Australian wildflowers series :D Thanks for following everyone

I was there. I marched with 15,000+ others in my closest major city. For 2+ hours, 1.5 miles, we marched in solidarity and peace. No one was violent. No one was rude. We gathered and complimented one another’s shirts, posters, pins, beanies, and other signs of protest or statement. I wish I could have taken enough photos to encapsulate the whole experience, but I feel this does just that. This is from So Cal based artist and she started the #beautifulresistance. I hope to connect with her and collaborate on how we can keep the momentum.