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Artist Feature - Argent Aqua

Pictured silver pendants:



Argent Aqua is a UK based artist, Adrian Ashley , who creates beautiful aquatic-themed jewellery. I thought I’d share their work for all who follow my blog!

They designed the pictured Ichthyosaur for me upon my request, and I own a special one which has had the silver darkened to reflect the dark colouration that Ichthyosaurs probably had in life.

OOC: I sorta wanted to make a Noragami chat where the main focus would be art. I feel like the artists in the fandom are a little disconnected so I thought it would be nice to have a group chat that would center around bringing us together, to like, idk whine about art block and rally in the struggles of drawing the human form. If you fall within the category of liking (you don’t have to be an artist to join necessarily) or doing art while simultaneously enjoying Noragami then this is the chat for you! Link is right here!


Commissions Are Open!

Above are some examples of my previous work, and the mediums I can work in: oil, acrylic, watercolour, ink and pencil.

I’m happy to negotiate prices, depending on the style, size and medium of the artwork you want.

If you’d like to discuss a commission via email, feel free to send me a message at:

All of the above pieces are available as A5 prints for $6 plus postage :)

Please get in touch and reblog!