Artisan’s Asylum is a great little community of makers that work together in Somerville, and is the place where we do our drum building. Obviously, a Harlem Shake video had to happen.

Photos from the event here!

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In order to completely immerse ourselves in the Teen Convening theme of maker culture, the Teen Programs summer team took a little field trip this Monday to Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville. For those who don’t know, Artisan’s Asylum is a non profit community craft studio that aims to promote all sorts of crafting and making.  While they started only three years ago with a 1000 square foot space, they have already moved into a 40,000 square foot space that is full of makers working on individual and collaborative projects of all sorts. Molly, the Executive Director of Artisan’s Asylum, was gracious enough to give the gang a tour of the space. During the tour we saw robots, bicycles, maps, metal work, and paintings among so many other wonderful things. It really opened our eyes to the prevalence of maker culture in our community. Furthermore, it inspired some pretty cool ideas for “Customize!”: the summer teen night. Stay posted my friends!

For more information on Artisan’s Asylum please visit their web sight: