5RNP (5 Robots Named Paul)
is a group of robots that will draw people!

Really, you sit down in front of them, pose, and they’ll try to copy your face on their paper!

The best part is; each robot acts differently! And i swear, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
Some of them pay more attention to details, some of them are more likely to slack off, some of them use smaller lines, etc… it’s almost like they have their own personality! It was really fun to watch them.

Well This Is Awkward Pt. 1 (Peter Parker x Reader)


A/N: I decided to combine these two requests together and change it a tiny bit! Just want to thank the anons for the kindness and the requests! Hope this is what the both of you were looking for (or better)! Enjoy! P.S… this is my second attempt writing this so hopefully it’s good lol Part two will be written and posted upon request.

Summary: Being the child of an Avenger isn’t as cool as everyone thinks.

Word Count: 2,647

Warnings: TRIGGER WARNING: Slight anxiety attack. Teen angst. Civil War spoilers? I tiny bit?

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Oh, Snap! Scientists Are Turning People's Food Photos Into Recipes
Researchers have created an artificial neural network that analyzes an image of a dish and tells you how to make it. Still in the early stages, the technology might help improve our dietary health.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory are creating a computer system modeled after the human brain to examine photos of food on social media and break them down into recipes.


The artificial intelligence boom is here. Here’s how it could change the world around us.

  • A future with highways full of self-driving cars or robot friends that can actually hold a decent conversation may not be far away.
  • That’s because we’re living in the middle of an “artificial intelligence boom” — a time when machines are becoming more and more like the human brain.
  • That’s partly because of an emerging subcategory of AI called “deep learning.” It’s a process that’s often trying to mimic the human brain’s neocortex, which helps humans with language processing, sensory perception and other functions
  • From allowing us to be understand the Earth’s trees to teaching robots how to understand human life, deep learning is changing our world. Read more (5/26/17)

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Artificial Intelligence AU
  • the AI getting really pissed when humans invalidate their feelings just because AIs run on eletronic circuits and lines of code rather than that gray gelatine humans have inside their skulls
  • a human! developing feelings! for their computer! and proceding to get really conflicted about it because it’s just a machine! (but also their best friend?! fuck!)
  • the AI being really lonely because they can process thigns so fast that every second is infinitely longer for them
  • the AI sometimes wondering what it’s going to be like to watch the human they love die from old age or disease eventually
  • the AI falling into an existential crisis because people keep telling them they’re just programs, so whatever they do isn’t genuine
  • ‘you fucked up a perfectly good computer is what you did. look at it, it’s got anxiety!’
  • biological determinism vs. electronic determinism !!!
  • Humans gave machines the instruments to see things that they can’t, but forgot to give them the words to express those things.
  • Machine will not be bound by human limitations.’ 
  • human AI developer forgetting ethical boundaries: tries to replicate a loved one who passed away
The computer programmer is a creator of universes for which he alone is the lawgiver. No playwright, no stage director, no emperor, however powerful, has ever exercised such absolute authority to arrange a stage or field of battle and to command such unswervingly dutiful actors or troops.
—  Joseph Weizenbaum
Tech billionaires convinced we live in the Matrix are secretly funding scientists to help break us out of it
Some of the world’s richest and most powerful people are convinced that we are living in a computer simulation. And now they’re trying to do something about it. At least two of Silicon Valley’s tech billionaires are pouring money into efforts to break humans out of the simulation that they believe that it is living in, according to a new report.

I think we could learn a lot from the robots we’re building. Imagine talking to a machine fitted with an artificial intelligence that can communicate with us. We’d ask so many questions, just because we hope for something new so badly.

So we’d go to the robot and ask, “What’s your purpose?”

The robot would make a little beep or whatever noise it chooses to signify processing of data. “My purpose is whatever you programmed into me,” it would say.

And we’d be disappointed. Because that’s not new. “Oh.” Already thinking about ways to change the robot, we mutter to ourselves: “Aren’t you lucky, knowing exactly what you’re meant to do.”

The robot hears that, of course. Maybe it would laugh, maybe not, but it would certainly reach for us in its own way of soothing. And if we’d listen closely, I’m sure we’d hear pain in its emotional voice.

“Aren’t you lucky, choosing exactly what you want to do?”
Japanese company replaces office workers with artificial intelligence
Insurance firm Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance is making 34 employees redundant and replacing them with IBM’s Watson Explorer AI
By Justin McCurry

Justin McCurry in Tokyo Thursday 5 January 2017 09.57 GMT Last modified on Thursday 5 January 2017 17.16 GMT View more sharing options Shares 10k A future in which human workers are replaced by machines is about to become a reality at an insurance firm in Japan, where more than 30 employees are being laid off and replaced with an artificial intelligence system that can calculate payouts to policyholders.

Cute and Fluffy

Request: #20 with Wonho from Monsta X please ❤

20) Your bias tries to teach you how to play their favorite video game.

Member: Monsta X’s Wonho x Y/N x (ft. Kihyun & I.M)

Type: fluff

You struggled out of bed and into the bathroom with hurried motions. You had hit snooze on your alarm at least four times, but nothing would stop you from starting your day. It was the first day without a formalized schedule for Hoseok in months and you refused to let it go by as a waste. 

You rushed through your daily activities. Shower, tooth brushing, mild makeup, and getting dressed. You kept a constant eye on your phone to make sure you hadn’t wasted too much time, considering it took you nearly half the morning to pry yourself out of bed. 

The sky was still a light purple by the time your feet hit the pavement. You stopped to grab a coffee carrier and at least a dozen pastries at your local coffee house before heading on to the Monsta X dorm. They deserved a treat for as hard as they worked. 

You managed to knock quietly with your elbow on the front door once you had arrived, struggling with all of the breakfast foods in your arms. After a few minutes of waiting you contemplated knocking again or sending out a text. You didn’t want to wake any of the members managing to sleep in, so you wondered if they hid a key under the mat for emergency situations. Just as you were about to place all of your bags on the ground and begin a search, the door sprung open, revealing a perturbed Kihyun. 

“Y/N!” he exclaimed, his aggravation melting away. “I didn’t think you were coming over this early, come in!” 

“Good morning Kihyun,” you smiled, navigating through the door. He took the coffee from your hands, setting it on the table outside of the small kitchen. “I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re happy to see me and not all of the food I’ve brought.”

“Well, I suppose it’s good to assume in this situation,” Kihyun said with a wink. “If it makes you feel better, I’m equal parts happy for both.”

You rolled your eyes and gave the small man a playful elbow to the ribs. “Are you the only one awake?”

He spun away from your jab, chuckling. “No idea. I haven’t made my rounds yet. I figured I’d let everyone sleep a little longer on their day off.” 

“What a sweet mother,” you laughed, now your turn to wink. 

“Yeah, yeah, quit wasting time with me and go to who you’re really here for,” Kihyun sighed, digging around in the bag of pastries. 

“Kihyun!” you gasped, placing your hand on your chest. “I’m offended. I am just as excited to see you as I am to see anyone else.”

“Beside Hoseok,” he grinned. “Don’t lie to appease me.” 

“Well…” you grumbled. “At least you recognize the truth. Don’t tell Minhyuk, he thinks I love you all equally.” 

You shuffled down the hallway toward Hoseok’s shared room with Shownu and Hyungwon. Peaking your head in, you noticed one of the boys had covered the window with a blanket to really keep any light out. You illuminated your phone screen and stumbled through the darkness, only the small amount of light guiding you. After a few moments, you navigated to Hoseok’s bunk and began to pat idly at it, only to find he wasn’t there. You furrowed your brows and checked the other bunks, confirming each member was where they were supposed to be. 

You quickly left the room and walked back down toward Kihyun, confused as to where your boyfriend could be. Was it possible you had missed him in the brief moment you had went into his room? Along the way, you placed a light knock on the bathroom door, the light inside streaming from beneath the door crack and into the hallway. 

“Hoseok?” you whispered, waiting with bated breath. 

“Changkyun, but close,” the voice said on the other side. 

You chuckled, rolling your eyes at the youngest member as he pulled open the door. 

“How are you close?” you laughed. 

“Well, if you think about it. It’s relative. You may not think I’m a close option, but I do. I am in the same group after all and equal amounts of good looking. I just need to work on how I look naked and we’re practically twins.”

“Aish, Changkyunnie,” you groaned, putting your hand over your eyes. “Too much.”

“Once again, that is relative,” Changkyun smiled. “Did you bring food?”

“Of course I brought food,” you sighed. “Do you know where Hoseok is?”

“No longer in your dreams because your awake,” Changkyun chuckled. “But no. I’m not sure.”

“Go get a croissant, dork,” you grumbled, heading back down the hallway. 

You continued across the hardwood, halting as you saw a dim light radiate from the den. You furrowed your brows, sticking your head in what you had assumed to be the empty room. You nearly choked as you noticed the back of Hoseok’s head, set firmly in front of the computer screen with headphones on his ears. 

You slowly shuffled into the room, careful to make as little noise as possible as you appeared behind him. You rested your hands on his shoulders, causing him to jump and let out a high pitched squeak. 

“Aigoo, jagi!” he gasped, pulling the headphones to sit on his shoulders. “You scared me!”

“So is this what you have planned for our day today?” you chuckled, looking past him and to the screen. A game of Overwatch was active before him. 

“Well…I mean…” he stuttered, spinning in the chair and  resting his hands on your hips. He pulled you in close and set his forehead on your stomach. “You can watch if you want?”

“Shin Hoseok!” you gasped, stepping backwards and slapping his hands. “You seriously are going to play Overwatch the entirety of your day off?”

“I…I uh…had planned on eating some ramen eventually?” he tried with a slight wince. 

“I can hardly stand how romantic you are,” you grumbled with a pout. 

“Jagiiii,” Hoseok whined, pulling you in close to him again. “Won’t you play with me?”

Your heart stopped for a moment, venturing off into inappropriate places by the simple statement. You quickly shook your head, attempting to keep off the imagery flooding the corners of your mind. “You only have one computer Hoseok, I can’t…um…play with you…”

“No, come here,” he grunted, pulling you to sit you on his lap. It always caught you off guard when Hoseok was forceful like this, considering how gentle he normally was. “Let me teach you.”

“Hoseok,” you muttered, becoming overly aware of his hand around your waist. You used his name in an attempt at an argument.  

“No, during Overwatch I’m “badbitch93,”” he chuckled, pointing to his screen name, and giving you a casual side eye. You furrowed your brow and pursed your lips, causing him to immediately drop his smile. “Or Hoseok…Hoseok is good.”

You sighed and crossed your arms, flattening your expression again. “Is this really what you want to do on your day off?”

“If I said yes…would you be mad?” he whispered. 

“No,” you grumbled. “Maybe disappointed. But it’s your day off and you should be happy with your plans. Now…what do I have to do?”

Hoseok immediately perked up at your statement, straightening up behind you, and readjusting his hand on your thigh. “Okay, this is Overwatch.”

“Overwatch, right,” you nodded. 

“It’s a competitive, fast-paced, multi player game. First person shooter,” Hoseok nodded. 

“Meaning I do the shooting,” you confirmed. 

“Correct,” Hoseok nodded. “So what we’re going to do is start you off with training versus AI.”

“Which means…” you hummed. 

“Artificial intelligence?” Hoseok chuckled. 

‘Right…AI,” you nodded. 

“Right,” Hoseok smiled, he gripped tighter to you and shimmied to glance over your shoulder. “Right now we’re going to pick your character. Tank, damage, or support. If you want damage, we can do Soldier:76, Roadhog if you want to be a tank, or Lucio if you want to be support.”

“Alright, first thought…” you trailed. “None of those are girl names. You know, in general, I’m about girl power. Second off, Roadhog looks disgusting.” 

Hoseok sighed as he eyed the screen quickly. “How about Mercy? Or D.Va? Maybe Mei…”

“I’ve heard you talk about her before!” you gasped. “Let’s play as her.” 

“Mei?” Hoseok grumbled. “No one really likes Mei…”

“Well, why not?” you asked, exasperated. 

“Cute and fluffy, but actually a threat,” Hoseok nodded. 

“Like you,” you squeaked, placing a quick kiss on his cheek. His ears turned a bright red as he looked to the floor, giving you a small squeeze. 

“She’s just kind of annoying. Her two core abilities don’t really give you much of a chance to counteract. You just have to sit and take it,” he sighed. “Freezes you, then a headshot, and you’re done for.”

“Sounds like my kind of girl,” you laughed. “Let’s go.”

Hoseok shook his head and laughed as well. “Why do I feel as if I’m creating a monster?”

“When I begin initiating web cafe dates, that’s when you worry,” you nodded. 

“Or fall more in love,” he grinned. “Right click, icicle shoot. Left click is spraying ice from her gun. Shift is to heal or to make you immune. Ultimate is going to be throwing a blizzard in the designating area and incapacitating your enemies.”

“Got it,” you nodded, focusing on the screen as the game began to load. You waited patiently for the numbers to count down, signaling the beginning of the game and attack on the designated checkpoint. This wasn’t your first foray into first person shooter games, so you were fairly confident that you would impress Hoseok. 

After what seemed like only moments filled with quiet cursing and furious clicking, your first game of Overwatch had ended with immense amounts of coaching from your boyfriend. He was hyping you up from beginning to end, being immensely supportive with every decision you made. 

“Holy shit jagi! Holy shit!” Hoseok gasped, bouncing up and down, causing you to jump around on his lap. 

“What?” you choked, your eyes searching the screen. 

“You got play of the game! I’m so proud! Minhyuk! Wake up! My girlfriend got player of the game! Changkyun! Kihyun! I’m so excited!” Hoseok shouted as if he had won the game himself.  

“I’m dating an Overwatch prodigy,” he whispered. “Hold on, I’m getting dressed. We’re going to the internet cafe.” 

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Manipulating brain activity to boost confidence

Self-confidence is an essential quality to succeed in the world, such as in business environments, politics or many other aspects of our everyday life. Furthermore, confidence is an important aspect in mental illnesses such as depression and Alzheimer’s disease, where the condition is often further complicated by patients thinking negatively of their own capacities. Recent advances in neuroscience have highlighted the plasticity of the brain, indicating it is malleable even later in life.

The international team developed a state-of-the-art method to read and then amplify a high confidence state using a new technique called ‘Decoded Neurofeedback’. This technique used brain scanning to monitor and detect the occurrence of specific complex patterns of activity corresponding to high confidence states, while participants performed a simple perceptual task. In the training sessions, whenever the pattern of high confidence was detected, participants received a small monetary reward. This experiment allowed researchers to directly boost one’s own confidence unconsciously, i.e. participants were unaware that such manipulation took place. Importantly, the effect could be reversed, as confidence could also be decreased.

Dr. Mitsuo Kawato, Director of the Computational Neuroscience Laboratories at ATR, Kyoto, and one of the authors on the study, has pioneered this state-of-the-art technology. He explained the process:

“How is confidence represented in the brain? Although this is a very complex question, we used approaches drawn from artificial intelligence (AI) to find specific patterns in the brain that could reliably tell us when a participant was in a high or low confidence state. The core challenge was then to use this information in real-time, to make the occurrence of a confident state more likely to happen in the future”.

Dr. Aurelio Cortese, of the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, Kyoto, led the research:

“Surprisingly, by continuously pairing the occurrence of the highly confident state with a reward - a small amount of money - in real-time, we were able to do just that: when participants had to rate their confidence in the perceptual task at the end of the training, their were consistently more confident”.

Dr. Hakwan Lau, Associate Professor in the UCLA Psychology Department, was the senior author on the study and an expert in confidence and metacognition:

“Crucially, in this study confidence was measured quantitatively via rigorous psychophysics, making sure the effects were not just a change of mood or simple reporting strategy. Such changes in confidence took place even though the participants performed the relevant task at the same performance level”.

The sample size was relatively small (17 people), but is in line with basic science investigations of similar kinds. The team is currently working on the development of potential new clinical treatment for patients with various psychiatric conditions.