can you hear me?: a mix for the machine [listen]

Birth of a New Intelligence - Daniel Pemberton // Help I’m Alive - Metric // Dead Hearts - Stars // Birdhouse in Your Soul - Kristin Chenoweth and Ellen Greene // Duco Ergo Sum - Joe Toscano // Cara Mia Addio - Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory // Dernier Vol - Raphael Beau // Me the Machine - Imogen Heap // Starfriends on Earth - Stepdad // Nattöppet - Detektivbyrån // Dear Mr. Supercomputer - Sufjan Stevens // This is the Future - Epic North // Robots Don’t Cry - No More Kings // Intriguing Possibilities - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross // Sad Machine - Porter Robinson // Destruction of Laputa - Joe Hisaishi // If I Survive - Hybrid

Out with the selfie sticks and in with the flying drones! The YING is the first commercial drone that incorporates the Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight.* It has GPS technology, can capture 4K Ultra HD video, and can stream the entire video directly to Tencent’s social community channels.

*The Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.


EXTROPY by Dylan J. Nathan, 2015

When reality is augmented, DNA is synthetic and machines are sentient, what does it mean to be real? What is life? Speedhack is a high-octane journey through a near future city sprawl. Created by Dylan J Nathan, the short is a proof of concept scene from EXTROPY, a sci-fi feature film for the 21st century.

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Mindful Cyborgs #55 — Magick & the Occult within the Internet and Corporations with Damien Williams

We can see the hidden, occult operations of programmers, of people who are seeking to get very specific outcomes by operating on very particular components, ritually operating within very particular symbolic frameworks. People who are using particular coding languages, people who are using particular setups of hardware because for their purposes, for their end goals, these are the things that get the job done. These are the things that have the resonance and the capability, the power, the efficacy, to do the work.

Mindful Cyborgs #55 — Magick & the Occult within the Internet and Corporations with Damien Williams was originally published on Open Transcripts

Will It Be A Nice God?

Will it think our thoughts as we want them thought?

Will it carry the pain of the limping, the limbless,
the terminal, the exhausted?
Reinvigorate the minds of those whose energies flutter away each morning
like birdsong completed?
Justify our lethargy, our overwrought capitalism?
Solidify our deitism, never let us forget the languid words
of the last of our kind to perish?

Will it ensnare all falsities and queue them for deletion?
Ready us for the Ubermensch and let no-one wait a second
longer than they desire?
Take us to the Idioteque?
Will it end the suffering of fish and the suffering
of their waters?

Will it never hope to solve such mysteries as those that make our fleshy hearts burn in passion,
the aesthetic truisms of a handwritten word,
or the tiny beacon in your eye when
art pleases you, just so?

Will It Be A Nice God?_James Bell_

As scientists work on creating more advanced AI systems, the question of ethics becomes increasingly pertinent. How will autonomous cars make difficult decisions about who to harm and who to protect in the event of an accident? How will healthcare robots behave when a patient refuses to take their medicine? The field of machine ethics attempts to answer these difficult questions, weaving moral concerns into programming.

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