Arthur Recap Season 14 Episode 2 Part 2 D.W. Unties the Knot

This is a recap request so I figured I’d go a little out of order and do this one. Someone else asked for “Bugged” and I’ll do that because Brain is super annoying but then I want to get back and finish “Waiting to Go” where Brain is also annoying but Binky is there too and they’re funny.

We get to see a clip of the in-universe show, Dark Bunny. Dark Bunny is fighting an anthropomorphic banana peel and I have to winder why exactly the kids abandoned Bionic Bunny for that.

A news anchor poses the question “Can children resist imitating from what they see on TV?” as Buster and Arthur try to reenact the fight scene from that Bionic Bunny clip.

D.W. enters and announces that today’s episode will be about how Arthur copies TV  but Arthur interjects that D.W. is the one who is copycatting.

Wait, didn’t we already do an episode about the dangers of copying what you see on TV? It was the Tibbles and they copied some Power Rangers-esque cartoon and learned that they were getting carried away. Aren’t we re-learning a lesson here?

And people wonder why Arthur is moving up a grade. 

Arthur and D.W. argue over their “TV Time” and D.W. insists that her show isn’t over. Arthur huffs away and D.W. turns her attention back to the TV, where a Say Yes to the Dress/Bridezilla/Four Weddings/any mash up of reality wedding show ever comes on. 

D.W. is entranced by the promises that a wedding is a fancy party where all her fantasies can come true so she asks David if she can have one. He tells her that when she’s older and for D.W., “older” means just waiting an hour before she goes to recruit Emily to be her bridesmaid.

Oh that D.W.. What a knee slapper.

D.W. and Emily make up their wedding to do list: 1) Get an onion (to cry on cue) 2) Find a fancy dress (D.W. picks one of Marie-Helene’s discarded dresses for this) 3) Find a guy in a tux to make people say “I do” and 4) Find a palace to hold the event in.

D.W. decides Muffy’s mansion is a good stand-in for a palace and Muffy offers to plan the whole party herself when she hears it’s a wedding. However, she doesn’t know that she’s planning a four year old’s wedding. D.W. lies and claims it’s for her friend “Dee Woo” and tells Emily that if they admit the truth, Muffy will tell Arthur who will ruin everything.

By “ruin everything”, I thought D.W. was going to say that Arthur would tell their dad, who would make them cancel the whole thing but D.W. is referring to the time Arthur was a ring bearer and accidentally knocked the wedding rings into the organ and D.W. had to retrieve them.

D.W. is not going into a dirty organ on her wedding day, y’all.

Muffy asks what the theme will be and since D.W. is a super girly four year old, she naturally responds with “Unicorns!” Although there are adults who still do unicorn weddings too.

D.W. recruits one of the Tibbles to be the minister aka the guy in the tux who makes people say “I do” and James to be her groom since he’ll be easy to boss around.

Muffy shows the girls the invitations and tells them she can’t wait to see “Dee Woo” and James celebrate their eternal love.

Say what?

 Muffy explains to the girls that getting married means vowing to love another person and live together forever. The fancy reality show did not tell D.W. about this and she knows that even though she could boss around James for the rest of her life, she does not want to live with him forever.

D.W. decides to just skip the wedding instead of calling it off except David asks D.W. to help him cater the event. D’oh!

At the Crosswire mansion, Muffy is confused why there’s just a bunch of four year olds and only a bunch of four year olds at a wedding while James tries to make a run for it after he finds out that he’s the groom at this event.

D.W. admits that she is the one getting married and actually…she doesn’t want to do it anymore. She runs off crying, James makes his escape, and Muffy saddles David with the bill. “It’s customary for the father of the bride to pay,’ she says. “Don’t worry: I subtracted the catering.”

I really hope David didn’t actually pay for anything.

In the end, D.W. decides that she shouldn’t watch wedding reality shows and stick to being a kid. That’s D.W. untying the knot!

Grade: C- (I really didn’t like this episode. It’s very below average. I mean, first of all, we’re already going into familiar territory and what’s worse is that we don’t really have anything fresh or exciting to say. I think the concept of ‘D.W. tries to get married without realizing what it actually means” could have been really funny but this just feels really weak. The jokes aren’t even that funny and the pacing is super rushed. Maybe this episode would have been better if D.W. gets caught u in the wedding planning and shows up on the day of and realizes she forgot to get a groom completely. And then Muffy could have explained that weddings aren’t just big parties and D.W. decides she’s not ready to be married and they just enjoy the unicorn cake or something.)

Rating: 2% intense. Planning a wedding is intense.


Human AU

When Arthur proposed to Francis, he had this entire elaborate plan for him, including small hints, and such, and at the very end, Arthur proposed to Francis. Thing is, Francis was being oblivious so Arthur had to yell; “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” In front of everyone present.

And of course, Francis said yes.

When we read, another person thinks for us: we merely repeat his mental process. In learning to write, the pupil goes over with his pen what the teacher has outlined in pencil: so in reading; the greater part of the work of thought is already done for us. This is why it relieves us to take up a book after being occupied with our own thoughts. And in reading, the mind is, in fact, only the playground of another’s thoughts. So it comes about that if anyone spends almost the whole day in reading, and by way of relaxation devotes the intervals to some thoughtless pastime, he gradually loses the capacity for thinking; just as the man who always rides, at last forgets how to walk. This is the case with many learned persons: they have read themselves stupid.
—  Arthur Schopenhauer; Essays and Aphorisms
Arthur Recap Season 10 Episode 10 Part 2 Buster’s Special Delivery

 This was a special request and I thought, “Why not? I stopped posting regularly and I owe it to people.”

Arthur struggles to skate backwards and tells us that we shouldn’t be afraid to put in the hard work to do something we love and eventually, one day we will make it look effortless.

He cites the Wright Brothers, who had to put in a lot of work and effort before they successfully flew the first airplane.

Back in the skating ring, D.W. skates backwards around Arthur and he angrily yells at her to stop showing off.

Principal Haney announces to Ratburn’s class that there is a mail carrier position open to any qualified third grader. The mail carrier will be in charge of sorting and delivering faculty mail after Ms. Tingley complained that doing that type of shit isn’t part of her job description and the school decided to solicit free labor under the guise of teaching kids “responsibility”.

Buster thinks the job sounds dull until Principal Haney announces the mail carrier will get to miss the first ten minutes of class. Buster is immediately interested and so is the rest of the class.

Even though it’s a rotating job, Principal Haney interviews the kids to see who would be the best fit. Muffy brings a resume and cites her experience of opening mail, Arthur does well in the interview but his lack of self confidence holds him back, and Buster shines with a melodramatic story about his first letter.

Well, actually it was a a coupon for a manicure but it still counts.

And whaddaya know, Buster gets the job!

Ms. Tingle tries to teach Buster how to sort the mail but he is more interested in the fancy hat he gets for his important position. So, apparently, the school does haven’t the money to make Ms. Tingley keep sorting mail but they can spring for a hat? And do they clean this hat? Because the students will take turns at the job and presumably will share the hat as well.

When Buster walks home from school, he passes the mailman and brags about his new job. The mailman tells Buster that being a mailman is a very important job and he must deliver, rain or shine. Buster panics and imagines being unable to deliver his wheelbarrow of mail in a snowstorm.

Well, you’re going to be indoors Buster so I don’t think you have much to worry about.

On the first day of the job, Buster takes up all ten minutes before homeroom and still doesn’t finish sorting the mail! He panics and stuffs random letters into random boxes, hoping it was good enough.

Look, Buster you had like ten letters to sort so I don’t see what the deal is . I sort the mail as part of my job as the receptionist in my dorm and it’s really not that hard. You check the name on the letter or package and then stick it in the corresponding mail box.

You might be thinking, “Well, how much trouble could this cause? It’s just school mail!”

Well, Ratburn’s class doesn’t get to go on a field trip because Ratburn’s request to order a bus never went to Ms. Tingley. The dodgeball tournament in gym is cancelled because the order for more dodgeballs got lost in the mail. Prune cups instead of watermelon slices are served in the cafeteria because the cafeteria’s order never went to the right person.

“What have I done?” whispers Buster.

Buster bumps into the mailman again and explains what happened. The mailman gives Buster an acronym to help him sort the mail and Buster goes to work the next day early (even skipping banana walnut waffles made by his mom!), to get the job right!

Much like how Buster got carried away during his “Cat Saver” period, Buster puffs himself up way beyond the realm of his job title. He constantly talks about the importance of the mail, the “Neither rain nor sleet” speech, and complains how hard he has to work. “It’s only supposed to take ten minutes!” exclaims Arthur when Buster blows him off. “Yeah but do you know what I have to do to repair for those ten minutes?” shoots back Buster.

Thankfully, Mr. Haney made the job a rotating position so at the end of the week, he tells Buster that it’s time to quit. He tells Buster that he can train the next person, who happens to be Arthur. 

Like Buster, Arthur is more impressed with his fancy hat (seriously? do they dry clean that thing or what?) than to pay attention to what Buster is saying about the mail.

I have a feeling we’re going to be in an endless cycle of the kids blowing off the work, getting overly involved to compensate, and then have huge egos that get crushed when they remember they have to train the next person.

Maybe they should have picked a fifth grader to do this job. Or given Mrs. Tingley her damn raise to do this job right.

Grade: B- (This isn’t a bad episode but Buster waxing on and on about the importance of the mail got annoying although now I have a great appreciation for our mail system)

Rating: 4% intense. Delivering mail is intense.

This book, published in 2012, is an excellent resource for statistics on white genocide in Europe and the Western world. It contains case studies on two successful modern day ethnostatesOrania (an Afrikaner-only town in South Africa) and Zionist Israelso that we learn the critical steps that will be involved in securing a white majority homeland. Kemp highlights the key considerations to bear in mind, whilst we determine the location of our new European ethnostate, and he explains why the creation of an ethnostate is vital to the ultimate survival of the white race.


Fruk prompt: one of them has the flu

“I hate this. Do something, frog,” Arthur Kirkland whined from his bed, which he was not permitted to leave.

Francis Bonnefoy sighed as he sat down on the empty spot next to Arthur. “Angleterre, complaining about it isn’t going to change anything. All you need to do is lie down, okay?”

Arthur continued pouting, his face flushed from the flu. “But it’s pointless, frog! Why can’t I get better while doing something other than this?”

The Frenchman rolled his eyes. “Because the last time that happened, you passed out, mon chéri.”

Arthur scowled at the pet name. “So? That doesn’t mean I’ll pass out now.”

Francis sighed and put the thermometer in Arthur’s mouth again for nearly the third time this half hour. When he took it out of Arthur’s mouth and read it, he sighed. “It’s still at 38. So that means you’re staying here and you’re going to continue drinking your water,” he ordered.

“But frog!” Arthur whined. “I’m so bored.”

Immediately, an idea popped into Francis’s head. He laid down next to Arthur, facing him. “I can entertain you,” he teased.

Arthur wrinkled his nose. “You do realize that we’re both going to be sick if you stay in here, right?”

Francis just smiled and wrapped an arm around Arthur. “If it’s for you, mon petit lapin, then it’s worth it.”

Arthur just sighed stayed close to Francis. “You’re going to regret it, I hope you know.”

“Even if I will regret it in the future, I don’t regret it now.” He smiled. “You’re so adorable when you’re sick,” he remarked.

Arthur scowled and leaned into Francis’s chest. “I’m not adorable, frog. I’m the most punk rock person in the world,” he mumbled.

Francis laughed. “Whatever you say, Angleterre. But who’s to say you can’t be both.”

“Me,” Arthur mumbled drowsily.

“And you’re always right, mon chéri,” Francis teased, rubbing the other’s back.

“Shut… Shut it, frog,” Arthur mumbled before closing his eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep.

Francis laughed quietly. “I see you’re tired, non?” He looked  at the sleeping Briton. “Bonne nuit, mon cœur,” he whispered, kissing the other’s head before falling asleep himself.

ok but imagine merlin gets a little too careless with his magic and arthur starts to notice something strange is going on and one night merlin is about to leave his rooms and arthur’s like “wait i need to talk to you” and merlin is all nervous like “oh crap he knows oh crap oh crap” but then arthur is also obviously distraught and after a long pause he says to merlin “i think… i think i might have magic” and merlin just bursts out laughing and is like “no, arthur. no.”