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who do you ship Lewin, Konekomaru and Shiemis grandmother with?

This is odd solely for adding in Shiemi’s grandma. XD 


I ship Lewin with Arthur Auguste Angel only. I don’t ship Lewin with anyone else (YET!).

I have always shipped Konekomaru with Paku - they’re both so kind and quiet and - i dunno - vanilla? I think they’d be cute and comfortable together. 

(BUT - i heard that Shima has a lookalike sister who has a thing for Koneko? So that might win me over ^^ XD I dunnoooo) 

Shiemi’s grandmother? Well….I dunno. I don’t ship her with anybody - I don’t think I ever have. But it does bring up the questions of 

1. Who is Shiemi’s grandfather? 


2. Who is Shiemi’s father?

Drinking Contest

Angel: He probably prides himself on being able to drink a lot while he just can’t. He’s one of those people who think that drinking multiple cocktails through a straw will through absolutely no damage, while it can wreck you very quickly. So beating him at a drinking contest is very easy.

Lewin: I feel like Lewin can handle his alcohol pretty well, so having a drinking contest with him is like one of the worst ideas possible. Don’t ever have a bet with him over drinking, you will lose and he will embarrass you. 

Shura: Okay, so I feel like you both would be able to drink equally well. So she would actually play with dirty tricks to get you to lose, which you would just reciprocate after you found out what she’s doing. Both of you would leave the bar/club/whatever pissed drunk and try to balance each other which would only make you trip over your feet multiple times


 Oh my god, they really look alike ! Look at their eyes ! 

 I think Gedouin a.k.a PigFace is a clone too, that may explain why he was so obsessed with Lucifer. 

I also checked characters presentations and I found that Shiemi, her mom and Arthur A. Angel have the same blood type (B): Is it just a coincidence ? 

Great Chapter this month ;) :D 

How the AoEx Cast (Might) Smell! 

Rin Okumura - lavender, sandalwood, fig

Yukio Okumura - pine, books, peppermint 

Shiemi Moriyama - fresh cut grass, good tilled earth, jasmine

Ryuuji ‘Bon’ Suguro - cedarwood, sage, sea mist

Izumo Kamiki - berries, sweet pea, cucumber 

Shima Renzou - cinnamon, coconut, frankincense 

Konekomaru Miwa - fresh laundry, kiwi, patchouli 

Arthur Auguste Angel - citrus, vanilla, coffee cakes

Mephisto Pheles - scotch, rose, white tea

Amaimon - orange blossom, musk, Earth 

Shura Kirigakure - beer, tobacco, plum blossom 

Kinzou Shima - honeysuckle, amber, myrrh 

Juuzo Shima - blackberry sage, chai, almonds

Father Shiro Fujimoto - bergamot, melon, rice milk


Lewin Light - syrup, whiskey, sweat