Oh my god, they really look alike ! Look at their eyes ! 

 I think Gedouin a.k.a PigFace is a clone too, that may explain why he was so obsessed with Lucifer. 

I also checked characters presentations and I found that Shiemi, her mom and Arthur A. Angel have the same blood type (B): Is it just a coincidence ? 

Great Chapter this month ;) :D 

Mom and dad

Angel: “I don’t care if you’re still on a mission! Get back home; now!” He had to hold the phone away from his ear to not be injured from your yelling and sent a glare in the direction of the snickering Lewin. “I’ll hurry up, okay? It won’t be too long, honey.”

Lucifer: He was surprised when you walked into his office with his son on your arm. “Is something wrong?” Lucifer had already risen from his chair and had walked over to you, making his son stop crying immediately as he realized that both of his parents were now with him. “Guess that’s it with working late.”

Mephisto: “Aww, can’t sleep, sweetie?” Mephisto raised your daughter out of her bed. She ignored her daddy’s words and kept on moving, making it impossible to hold her. “Still there. Mommy will be here in a second- Ah, there, she is.” The little girl squeaked happily and snuggled close to her father’s chest while her hand reach out to you.

AnE Volume 11: Blue Questorcist Translation

-Angel’s middle initial is A, not O. The times when it was O were typos.
-Angel is half English and half French. He and Lightning are canonically multilingual (Angel claims to have dabbled in 8 languages!). They are actually literally speaking Japanese in their scenes. Not just for the reader’s convenience. We’re just gonna go with the explanation that all the foreign exorcists are good with languages because it is, in Lightning’s words, “cooler that way.”
-Rin sleeps with his eyes open. A lot. It creeps Yukio right out.
-The sandwich Shiemi eats in Chapter 46 is made of herbs from her garden. It was “bitter, but good for you. Probably.”
-Paku is doing fine in regular school despite seeing demons all the time, thanks for asking.
-You can get TO cram school with magic keys, but you have to take the long way back unless you have a key for your next destination.
-Rin is the easiest character for Katou-sensei to draw. Angel is hardest because hair is hard. Lightning is also kind of hard because she’s not used to him yet. She can’t pick a favorite character because she’s spent years of her life developing and identifying with each and every one.
-Mephisto is impressed that you noticed how his fingernails only look pointy when he’s not wearing gloves. But you shouldn’t worry too much about it. He’s a shapeshifter and he can do whatever he wants.
-If you want to know what class everyone is in in regular school, you’re gonna have to figure it out yourself from the school festival scenes. The information is there.
-As previously covered, Godaiin’s given name is Sei. He apologizes for it.
-Yes, Amaimon’s face was smoking when he came out of the cuckoo clock in volume 10, just like it was when he went into the cuckoo clock in volume 4. Yes, this is because time is meaningless inside the cuckoo clock.
-Caliburn, Angel’s sword, is a trans woman in the manga despite being a cis woman in the anime. It doesn’t matter to Angel whether his sword is a man or a woman. But don’t get your hopes up, Caliburn, he probably didn’t mean that in QUITE the way you think he meant it. Angel’s kind of dense.
-You have to recite a demon’s Fatal Verse word for word. Unless you’re really good. Like, Lightning good. Then you can freestyle abbreviate it.
-Mephisto will neither confirm nor deny that he is the Mephistopheles from Goethe’s Faust.
-If you can’t see demons, can you see Rin’s tail etc? The answer is SURPRISINGLY COMPLICATED. Rin says regular people can’t see the flames. They CAN see the ears, fangs, and tail, but no one seems to mention it. They don’t notice much. Then Mephisto talks about perception and the human brain and inattentional blindness for long enough that he has to be cut off.
-How’d you like the cross-dressing, guys? Rin: It was funny! Suguro: I feel like I lost a part of myself that day. I don’t want to do it again. Konekomaru: Agrees with Suguro. Shima: I thought I was really cute but not as cute as real girls lol. Yukio: It was part of the mission.
-If the twins are complete opposites, how is Yukio’s cooking? Is it edible? Well, he doesn’t really cook much at all. It’s totally not because he cut himself as a child and is afraid of chopping stuff NO IT’S NOT SHUT UP RIN.
-Yes, twelve-year-old fan, it is okay if your original story copies Blue Exorcist a lot. But once you become a manga author yourself, you’ll need to branch out. You’ll understand when you’re older.

(Note: Not translated by the person who posted this, I am simply putting it here for people to see. You can find the person/people who did the translation in the source link.)