How Merlin’s magic reveal should have happened.

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Imagine Arthur, while he’s still prince, discovering about Merlin’s magic but hiding it from his father.

Imagine Arthur telling Merlin he knows about his magic and that he accepts him.

Because he knows him and knows he’s good, so that’s proof that magic can be good. Plus he protects him because he couldn’t bear to lose him. He prefers to lie to his father and try to understand magic than putting Merlin at risk.

Imagine Arthur promosing Merlin that the day he’ll be king he will make magic legal again.

Imagine Arthur telling only his knights about Merlin’s magic and they fighting together side by side with swords and magic.

Imagine Arthur now King of Camelot declaring that magic is no longer illegal (Merlin is Court Sorcerer obvs).

Imagine Arthur and Merlin fighting against Morgana side by side, with sword and magic protecting each other and their kingdom.

Imagine the last season being about two soulmates fighting together as equals, their kingdom, sword fights, magic duels, knights riding wyverns, true and unconditional love winning over hate and fear.

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How are you? It’s been a while since I’ve read anything from you, I hope you’re doing well. I love your writing and I’m always excited to read anything from you about Will or Arthur (Charlie is one of my favourite actors) can you do “i haven’t slept in two days.” With one of them?

Oh, anon! I love you for this! I’ve been having a really rough couple of weeks and yesterday I completely melted down. I actually knocked a bunch of stuff over, made a can of soda explode, and spent pretty much the whole day with sticky, knotted up hair. It was miserable and I still feel like crying. So I feel this prompt. I hope you like this!

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You’re sitting at the dinner table and picking at your food lightly as you and Arthur sit in silence. Every now and then, Arthur picks up his knife and goes to slice off a piece of meat, and you’ll jump in your seat as it becomes more of a stabbing than a slicing.

The thud of him stabbing the meat echoes in the room a little.

“You know,” you say lightly, “the deer’s already dead—you don’t have to kill it twice.” Arthur pauses as you say this, a chunk of meat stuck to his knife as they hang in the air and he looks at you with an expression that’s not really hostile, but not exactly friendly, either. If you weren’t a couple and you didn’t know Arthur so well, you might be a little concerned.

“I haven’t slept in two days,” Arthur says slowly, enunciating each word with exaggerated precision. Your eyebrows up in surprise as you watch him. “Do you know what those nobles are up to?” You lean in close to him with narrowed eyes.

“Plotting to overthrow you?” You suggest it quietly—as if anyone is stupid enough to try and overthrow Arthur—and Arthur scowls.

“Talking,” he says, “they won’t stop talking.” He stabs the knife down and makes the cups on the table shake. “About taxes.” He stabs the meat again. “And lost children.” He stabs it again. “And Vikings.” Another stab. “And hats.” He stabs it again, the hardest one yet.

“Hats?” Your confusion is obvious in your voice.

Hats,” Arthur confirms. He lifts the knife again, with some effort as it’s missed the plate and wedged itself into the table along with the venison, and holds it up menacingly. “Apparently, there’s a hat shortage in England, and the nobility is suffering greatly.”

You stare at Arthur, not entirely sure that you’ve heard him correctly. “Hats?” You ask him again.

Hats,” Arthur repeats. You frown, your eyebrows coming together.

“I mean…we’re not short on clothing—they do understand the process of making a hat…right?” You see a vein twitch in Arthur’s forehead.

“No,” he replies, “I don’t think they do.” The knife goes down again. You watch him for a long moment as Arthur glares down at his plate tiredly.

“You could always have them beheaded,” you say, not serious. Arthur looks up at you sharply and you shrug. “They wouldn’t have to worry about hats anymore.”

You decide that it’s time for bed when you realize that Arthur might actually be considering it.

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