((Worked on this for a few hours for two days. I’m really happy how it turned out. This is dedicated to a cool ask blog. You guys should check it out @ask-theundeadhusbands . These two are just two cinnamon buns. Yes I made it a little sexy…okay maybe a lot but it’s because I couldn’t resist guys. My hands keep me up at night to draw. IT’S NOT MY FAULT!))

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Allies s/o accidentally slapping their butt? Like their stretching and slap their butt 😂

America would probably jump, confused, and then laugh his head off. 

China and England would def get super blushy and maybe tell you off.

France would squeak, legit, and then would smirk and turn around, acting suave, to cover up that fact, and would fail. 

Russia would freeze, blush, and then try to continue on like nothing happened, not even questioning whether or not it was an accident. 

 - Admin Echo

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Arthur, how was University like for you? Did you enjoy it?

My time spent in the university? Grand. I came across with so many different lads back there through social gatherings and events, they are all talented and gave me a lot of inspiration to work. Even though I may not recall all of their names right now, though it’s good old times.   I wish I could go back there if only I don’t have to work. 

au where arthur is some kind of forest spirit and alfred is a prince

not sure where this is going but i like it