Arthur Dent

You never know when Earth might be demolished, so as every good hitchhiker knows, you should always keep a towel handy. Now you can make sure your towel is always nearby and extra useful with this clever tutorial from Nerd by Night.  

DON’T PANIC - towel messenger bag

Nerd by Night uses embroidery to create the letters. But if thinking of how to do that makes you feel like you’ve chugged a pangalactic gargleblaster try this instead:

3D fabric paint if easy to use and often comes in a handy thin nosed bottle perfect for lettering with no brush required. Happy travels!



British Actor Appreciation - Martin Freeman

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Benedict Cumberbatch [x]

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Tom Hiddleston [x]

David Tennant [x]

Rupert Graves [x]


The extraordinary story of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy begins very simply; it begins with a man. An Earthman, to be precise, who no more knows his destiny than a tea leaf knows the history of the East India Company. His name is Arthur Dent. He is a five-foot-eight-inch-tall ape descendant, and someone is trying to drive a bypass through his house.