Arthur Dent

“This has always been where I’ve come when I just want to get away,” Khan said, pulling back to meet Arthur’s gaze. “I’ve never brought anyone here before. I’ve never wanted to bring anyone here, actually.”

“So, why have you brought me here?” Arthur asked quietly. “What made you change your mind?” Khan reached up and brushed a lock of hair off of Arthur’s forehead.

“You changed my mind,” Khan replied.

Part Three of Fic/Art Collaboration with Ashley. we’re doing Freebatch pairings with DragonAU. I reposted this because it seems like the original post had been deleted? and I do not know what causing that. But what more important is me and Ashley gonna continue this AU, adding few more Freebatch pairings such as Stephen Strange/Everett Ross, Wallace/Lester Nygaard, and many more. thank you for sticking with us for all this time!

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