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Las flores, como una expresión fundamental de la naturaleza, estuvieron presentes en multitud de contextos en el México antiguo, y prevalecen hoy en gran parte en las celebraciones de las comunidades indígenas de la Meseta Purépecha (Michoacan).
Las flores, en una variedad de materiales y medios no son sólo de uso decorativo, sino también parte de un enfoque basado en el respeto a los dioses, que se manifiestan en los elementos de la naturaleza y cuyo simbolismo, al menos en mis ojos, se refiere a un paraíso .
Por supuesto, el arte popular mexicano ha integrado flores en todos tipos de soportes. Aquí estamos con Gabriel Anita, en la casa-taller familiar  (“Taller de bateas Anita”) donde todas las generaciones de la familia se dedican en la elaboración de únicas “Bateas"de pino pintadas a mano y otros objetos decorativos.

The flowers, as a fundamental expression of nature, were present in many contexts in ancient Mexico, and prevail today largely in the celebrations of the indigenous communities of the Purépecha Plateau (Michoacan). The flowers, in a variety of materials and medias are not only decorative , but also part of a system based on the respect for the gods, manifested in the elements of nature, and their  symbolism, at least in my eyes, may refer to Paradise. 

Of course, the Mexican folk art has integrated flowers in all types of medias. Here is Gabriel Anita, in the  home-workshop (“Taller de bateas Anita ”) where all family members are engaged in developing unique hand-painted pine wood “bateas”and other decorative objects.

Taller de Bateas ANITA
Antonio Anita Mejia, Av. LAzaro cardenas Norte 74, Barrio El Calvario, 58420 Quiroga, Michoacan, Mexico. Tel (01) (454) 354 1437

Photography @Florence Leyret Jeune



I can’t say more good things about seeing an increase of art in urban spaces. I don’t mean white-washed into a downtown space in between clinical looking skyscrapers or in the lobby of some do-gooder office building.  I want to pass something incredible on my way into the bodega; snap a picture of a mural through the thick glass of the El train window on my way to work.

This year my inbox saw a parade of press releases for festivals cropping up in India, Brazil, Canada and now I’m crushing on these pics from the ArteSano Project in the Dominican Republic.  They drove me straight to Instagram see what was popping up on the streets of DR in real-time.  It’s all amazing – use the hashtag #artesanoproject.  I was pleasantly surprised to see works from artists like, Pixel Pancho, Axel Void, and Evoca1.

The work I’ve seen so far seems to be blending well with the culture and motifs of the neighborhoods. Feeling the culture and incorporating that into the art can create a visual conversation, a vital component when you’re coming into a new place and trying to interactive within a community.  The work should find a home with them and not the other way around.

For more story and more pics, keep reading here at HAHA.

via Brooklyn Street Art/Huffington Post


Las reinas Purepechas, Maestras Tejedoras en Turicuaro, Michoacan, Mexico.   Rebozos, símbolos de la identitad purépecha (y mexicana!). Labor intensivo, destreza, técnicas milenarias, espíritu collectivo.

The Purepechas queens, weavers in Turicuaro, Michoacan, Mexico. Rebozos (Shawls), symbols of the Purepecha (and Mexican!) identity. Labor intensive, dexterity,ancient techniques, collective spirit.

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Photography © Florence Leyret Jeune

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Josue Ibarra, #artesano oaxaqueño originario de #huazolotitlan dedicado a esculpir su arte en #madera. Conozcan su trabajo en fb: /josue.ibarralopez

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