My second SU collab with Kiwi Byrd/@cat-pun!  They did the gorgeous flowing lineart and obviously I did…all this color stuff!  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out except that I think the red lighting kinda washed out Lapis’ blue skin? ;v; BUT I STILL LIKE IT.

Surely you already know of Kiwi but if you don’t, damn dude!! Go check out their speedpaints and art in general, it is all TOP-NOTCH!

Also btw here’s my speedpaint of this angsty ocean gem:

Kiwi’s Lapis Sketch/Speeddraw
(Plus the other half of the collab trade!
My Punk Pearl Sketch/Video
Kiwi’s Punk Pearl Painting/Video)

sometimes you’ve gotta bleed to know/that you’re alive and have a soul

see: that moment when you’re listening to a song and a series of lines reminds you REAL HARD of a pairing and then you have to drop everything and draw something. (this is where basically all my art comes from.)

featuring again kaz and inej from the six of crows duology!  I love them… ;v;

infernaldolphins  asked:

im really interested about cheer and im wondering if you have any cool trivia about him

I’ve been posting all my Citygods stuff on Patreon for months now…uuuhhhh here lemme grab some little previews!

Cheer was born of fear and has yet to settle on something to be “god of”.  Here he is emerging from the ashes of the hospital fire that caused all the fear that made him:

So he has a kind of fiery/ashy theme going on.

He doesn’t know all the words for things and can sometimes sound kind of childlike when he talks.

And he has a rocky relationship with the head of the local pantheon, a goddess of justice and law enforcement named Badge!

Uuuuhhhhh other stuff…  He’s a real sweetheart!  His avatar (human spokesperson) is an anxious college student named Georgia!  He can’t heal or take away pain but he can supply strength to work through it!  He never turns down a prayer!

Hope that counts as cool trivia, haha. @v@


Live Free Illustrations: Best of Toasty

(Best of Splickedy)

@splickedylit and I have been working on this fic since October 2015 and illustrating every chapter, so I thought I’d compile my favorite illustrations I’ve done!  This story has been a real journey in terms of both art and writing.  I’ve learned a lot about just diving right into backgrounds, for one thing, although they wouldn’t have been possible without ref from this gorgeously designed show!


bashfully nudges these drawings from two days ago in ur direction

I Am Already Home

A playlist for Nina Zenik and Matthias Helvar from the Six of Crows duology! I made a really soulful cover with a dramatic title, and although there’s a lot soulful and dramatic music in here, there’s also stuff like Håll om Mig, which is a Eurovision song you should absolutely imagine Nina singing. My song choices are unsubtle as ever!
Also, an honorable mention for Andy Black’s “We Don’t Have to Dance”, which wasn’t a candidate for the playlist but which I apparently had to listen to on repeat to get the cover art right. (???)


Live Free, Chapter 17: A Change in Management: Let Them Know Who’s Boss!!

On Ao3

Chapter Summary: The stakes are higher than ever; all of Motorcity vs. all of Kane Co., and once again…Mike Chilton vs. Abraham Kane. Change is coming for both their cities, in the form of new alliances formed, new responsibilities undertaken, and the absence of a familiar face…

Art and writing by @splickedylit and @toastyhat


Live Free, Chapter 15: The Beginning of the End! Will You Stand and Fight?!

On Ao3

Chapter Summary: The verdict is found, and everything gets almost immediately worse. A surprise guest gives the people of Motorcity a little inspirational push.

Art and writing by @splickedylit and @toastyhat

Almost forgot I hadn’t posted this here!  I did the cover for @quillyfied‘s Nightlight zine a while ago (follow the link for info), and the theme was “Monsters”.  I thought I’d illustrate a dream I had once where I had a mental condition that made my brain believe there was this giant spooky “hound” nearby, and the more I focused on it the stronger the impression became.  Pretty creepy!

(But this issue’s theme is humor!  If you’re a mentally ill or neurodivergent creator with something to share, go for it!!  Nightlight is a wonderful publication that deserves your support. <3)

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