So…..emm…technically, my ‘part’ of a part of my art trade with Andythelemon, although she did much a better job than I.

But that’s for now, I don’t want to make you wait until I am fully done with my finals and everything, so I thought I can make a 'sketch’ of them.. I mean it’s better than nothing, right? Idk when I find this time for colouring it, but at least that’s something and I hope I didn’t mess them up because I don’t watch Xiaolin Showdown so I don’t know how the characters should act and behave and all..

But I wanted to draw her laughing, why not?:D

oh god, I hope you’re okay with this i always get kind of nervous when it comes to this  askdha

I know you said they are not canon couple but I guess I turned it a bit into shipping idkidk

I did a little art trade with my buddy Gabe.  He requested Julie from Motorcity, and me, deciding to be original, requested a drawing of me.  :P  Check out the AWESOME piece he did here: and be sure to stop by his blog:  His drawings will blow you away!