Digital painting of Martin Freeman!

Against my better judgement, I decided to spend 80 hours staring at Martins face, and this is the end result! Turned out quite nice, and I think my hand deserves a break now, haha!

Created with ArtRage 4. To get a glimpse of the process, click here.

Please do not repost anywhere, but reblogs are more than welcome <3 

(link to Benedict Cumberbatch)

Tried out something different this time: I started working on this like I usually do (without any detailed lineart), but half-way through I decided to change that. It was quite challenging (I really struggled with her left arm… I hope it looks fine) but I really enjoyed it ^-^

Hope you like this look ;) Let me know if you prefer this or my lineless paintings!

Here are the WIPs, in case you’re interested:


-Lineless Painting

Collab with @wavesketches <3 She made the lineart, and I colored.

Alright. As you can see I went a little crazy with experimenting, haha :D But this new tool in ArtRage ahhhh :D So much fun to play around with! I wish I had discorvered it earlier for my other collabs ;u;

As to you Miss Wave: This pose is soooo CUTE!!! I love the twist you gave Astrid’s expression. You make your lineart so clean too - thumbs up for that (gods, mine is so lazy, haha :D)! I’ve had so much fun with this - can’t wait for part 2 <3