justifiied’s 200+ biased list !!

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so akane is the first canon muse i’ve had since my first ever blog, && when i joined this fandom, i was absolutely terrified. i thought i’d fuck up worse than the time i jumped into a river && then remembered i can’t swim && honestly, for the first few days as akane, that’s how i felt. i’ve been here for about 9 days now && i can say with confidence that i have no regrets. this fandom, while small, is fantastic, as have you guys been, && i’m honoured that you guys chose to follow / interact with me.

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Allow me to present my latest headcanon : the ‘what if Kou is the younger one in the couple’ AU

One day, 13-year-old Kou encounters 21-year-old Inspector Akane in an incident.

Little did Akane remember about their meeting, but to Kougami, it left an impression that forever etched into his mind.

“I want to administer justice….the way she does”