Hip-Hop artist AKAN teams up with two of the doppest creatives in Accra, Stylist Daniel Quist and Photographer Francis Kokoroko to produce these stunning images. This is not the first time these three artists have collaborated to produce such amazing work, and so I wasn’t expecting anything less than this. Search Akan on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, and listen to his music.

long time no post!!! this is actually a redraw of some old stuff that i did to practice line art + experiment with style (old stuff under the cut if u really wanna see my old art…..)

i apologize to akane for using her as a test subject for all these years, but i think she’d understand

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 Mama Akane w/ dem smash babies trying to
 do just a simple yoga exercise. Everyone doing
 a great job–
Kirby can’t even fucking reach his head & he happy af]