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I'm the crying Celestia anon and I don't have a tumblr but I really wish I could thank you "in person", it's my lockscreen now, I love it more than words can say. Celes is my fav DR character and just thank you. I love your art so much and I heard you weren't feeling so well so I hope you feel better soon!! And if you're feelin up to it,I request a blushy/shy Izuru (weird ik)

Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m pretty bad with responding to these sorts of messages haha.. anyway, here’s the request! Thank you again!

Your anime girlfriend with pink hair

Aries: Yui

Taurus: Yuno Gasai

Gemini: Sakura Haruno

Cancer: Krul Tepes

Leo: Madoka Kaname

Virgo: Super Sonico

Libra: Jibril

Scorpio: Inori Yuzuriha

Sagittarius: Rika Shinozaki

Capricorn:  Nonon Jakuzure

Aquarius: Mine

Pisces: Kofuku