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@35portlandrow i think i promised you l&c in plaid shirts eons ago, so i suppose this is kinda a very belated (and lazy) make-up doodle. hahah.

Artistic machismo is honestly the most pointless and uninspiring pastime.  Making art, sharing art, taking in art, thinking about art, talking about art - none of that has to be a competition about how Great of a Thinker and how Groundbreaking of a Genius Artist you are.  It’s just a thing people do, out of many things in the world.  Happens to be a good and nourishing thing, usually!  But if all you’re doing is fussing about how much other people have broken your personal rules about whatever makes The Good Art™, you’re barely even contributing to the cultural conversation, even if you’re screaming it all at the loudest volume. 

Obviously artists can do bad things at varying degrees of badness and self-awareness (like writing full on racist stories, tracing someone else’s work, lightening dark-skinned characters in fanart, etc), and those things should be called out and discussed! But criticism and teaching are two fundamentally positive, encouraging practices - grandstanding about how terrible other people are is neither of those things. 

Art’s not about Winners and Losers.  It’s about making stuff and engaging with people about your stuff and their stuff and others’ stuff!  If you’re only in it for the competition, your work will be flat and bitter and your readers will look up from the page or the screen to realize how empty it all makes them feel.  And if you’re only talking about art to prove once and for all that these people are the Losers, but you are over here with the Winners!!! - then you’ve become lost.  And you need to step back and rediscover why it is you even want to make art or talk about art in the first place. 

“Puno, get back here. You’re not ready for this kind of fight yet. Now, you wanted a battle?”

[[For Star’s Pokémon trainer AU prompt going around! Template taken from this dA template. Aran helps watch over a large colony of Piplups with Lilin, and one of them (the aforementioned Puno) has taken a liking to them and accompanies them everywhere. Their actual team consists of Mamoswine, Aegislash, and Beartic.]]

[[ Have the image I referenced in my queue somewhere so I’ll have to search for it, but I maaay make this outfit Kasumi’s default casual clothing instead of that black shirt and pants that she wears under her ANBU gear??  idk she doesn’t really like baggy clothes so I might just make the top a tight skin version  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ]]