I realized something whilst wandering through the @walkerartcenter yesterday, I realized that My art is created with one true purpose in mind: to clear out the clutter in my mind so for a moment, if only one, I can feel less crazy. I wondered how many other artists feel the same, how many installations are nothing more than the pouring out of meaningless and frantic thoughts. I wondered if it’s only the viewer, the reader, the museum wanderer that assigns meaning at all. Maybe. Who is to say what is white wall gallery worthy and what belongs in the padded white walls of an asylum, I do not know, but mine too are crazy words, and I do not know where I would end up if I could not spill them out.

anonymous asked:

why don't you do tøp stuff didn't u do the blurryface packages before?

For the most part, it’s because I’ve gotten a ton of threats from their fans.

I got threats over not doing “enough” tøp art and not “commemorating a tragedy” with art when Tyler Joseph got hurt at a show.

I kept getting rude demands for more TØP art and then it would never sell because none of the people demanding the art actually had intentions of buying it. So there are loads of tøp paintings laying around in my storage trunk, unsold and with no interest in them.

I sort of just gave up trying to please inconsiderate douches in hopes of selling paintings to them.

And I know most of the fans are fine. But the group I dealt with weren’t and honestly I just gave up because of them.

Same with 5SoS and The Beatles. I only do those for custom orders and occasionally for in-person events.