On the livestream, Tyler spoke his real feelings: not fabricated ones that are made up for an interview. Not guarded words from a stage that is being televised, and not from behind an award. He spoke to us directly, without anyone asking him to speak. He spoke to us specifically, and he spoke what he meant. No host next to him, no show to play right after, nothing to tear him away. Just a pure, simple, heart-to-heart with the people who support him. 

Highlights of the Voltron Wondercon panel:
•Jeremy Shada screaming “Let me have this Lance is Altean!” when Tom Hendrick tried to point out a flaw in a fans logic
•Tom Hendrick saying lances skin care consists of food goo and fermented food goo.
•"Lance is as beautiful as he thinks he is"
•There was legit irl hunk who actually majored engineering and minored in culinary arts and offered Tyler Labine a cinnamon role.
•Finding out in the original story idea in space mall Shiro was supposed to be looking for a parking spot the entire episode
•Lance was supposed to park in a handicap spot
•Also Shiro and Allura were supposed to bathe the mice together
•Lotor’s beautiful voice