Some of my rvb faves just doing it
someone please take my tablet away from me

I was bored today so instead of being productive, I drew Aquarius’s key. I don’t know why I chose this to draw… Probably because I still cannot get over the fact that her key is broken. Also, maki-chxn, why did it take me this long to realize you changed from erzys-art. I have no idea how I missed that. Since you don’t allow submissions, I’ll just post this here. It’s supposed to be my birthday gift to you. (I’m aware that it’s my birthday, but I’m still giving this as a gift to you.)


((SOME POST FROM OTPCON!!)) OTSUKARE OTPCON! WOAH I DONT KNOW SOME PEOPLE SELL MANY SU STUFF ;;; I WANT SOME MERCH BUT ALREADDY SOLDOUT I’M DEAD Also some AT Eins(humanized journal 1) by nutellanonv , AT Rev!Dipper with reezetto and AT Gr!Dipper with chocolattea!!! THANK YOU GUYS!! I’M GLAD I MEET YOU GUYS //KECUPBASAH ♡♡♡

Me as a knight as my avatar for the onethousandandoneknights project.

Funny fact: my second to last name means Warrior, so it seems like everything is in tune ;)