I cheated and combined days 11 (aged up Marinette) and day 14 (aged up Chat Noir) for Marichat May.  Chat is helping Marinette work up the courage to confess to her mystery crush.  ;3

I used @hchano‘s and @australet789‘s adult Chat designs here and here because THEY’RE AMAZING and I LOVE THE SHORT HAIR.

(Also, a big thanks to @baneismydragon for helping me come up with the cute idea!)



Click for better quality (bonus captions)

I just imagine them on a double date and an akuma appears making the gang have to leave, leaving nino all alone. RIP NINO.

insp from @thelastpilot and @illustraice snapchat thingies [here]


@adrinettemonth Day 19 is Studio Ghibli AU!  Spirited Away sounded fun, so I attempted a screenshot redraw with my own style.  I hope you guys like it!  (I spent way too long on it, lololol)  XD

Lady: “Chat oh my gosh I have a project due tomorrow -”

Chat: “project – proj-

– oh n o”

Lady: we’re both screwed aren’t we chaton,,, we’re both screwed"


ML Angst Week Day 4: Love / Life

For some reason I thought of Tikki and Plagg fondly remembering their old wielders and knowing that the superhero cycle will always repeat itself and they’ll inevitably continue to lose them.  But they draw strength from each other and try to enjoy this time while it lasts. 

(Last minute collab with @midnightstarlightwrites – I’ll reblog with her drabble attached!!)