My desings for Egyptian miraculous holders of Ladybug, Chat Noir and Volpina. I´m especially happy with Volpina and Chat Noir´s masks.

Ladybug´s holder is named Isis, Chat´s is Bastet (like the cat goddess), and Volpina´s is Anput (in the mythology wife of Anubis, the Jackal God).

I can’t believe the game in which @miraculous-rain’s team have put so much effort in is at last being released in a couple of days! Are you excited as I am?!? Because you should be!!!

This is a little something I did to celebrate the dating sim being finally here. A huge thank you to all involved for making this possible. =v=

A commission of the lovely Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir~

Was asked to do this specific pose with some background and it got a bit more ambitious than planned but ah well. Wanted it to look nice and pretty happy with how it turned out at least. I haven’t done a background on a commission in a long while ffff

Some ideas for a potential/inevitable formal event/school dance episode where everyone dresses up and mari absolutely Slays in her self designed self made dress/look that even Gabriel Agreste notices as remarkable. :0

General idea is that Adrien thinks Marinette is cute, Mari is dying because Adrien looks amazing, at some point Adrien transforms into Chat so he can get some air and get away from the press and has some cute MariChat moments, and finally when there’s an akuma attack Adrien in civilian form witnesses Ladybug rushing off in a really cute dress, and with her hair down (Mari’s buns didn’t have enough bobby pins) and pretty much melts ;u;.

Mari and Adrien get fancy formal clothes in these transformations because reasons. (Chat mostly just looks like he threw a button up and a blazer together, while Ladybug ’s dress is a kind of inverted form of Mari’s with black on red instead of red on cream)