Hello everyone! :3 I’m making an art auction with this 5,5″ x 8,5″ original watercolor of Persephone.

  • Bidding starts at 30 USD
  • You can bid until Thursday 13th, 6 PM (PST time).
  • Payment via Paypal:
  • This watercolor is very colorful (although right now it’s night so the pictures don’t show it that much ^^”) and is made with a lot of love! ♥

Even if you don’t bid, by reblogging the post you’ll be helping too! I need money for my project of making HadesxPersephone enamel pins, so I’m looking forward for this to work ♥ 

The Signs and y̭͓̼̝̦̼̣͠o̢͉͙̦͘u̸҉̬͙͈̮̟?̸̼̗̦̤̳̱́

Aries: You are a burning calculus textbook, an offering to the gods made in a fit of rage.

Taurus: You are the stumble turned into a backflip, still embarrassing but more dramatically so.

Gemini: You are the literal garbage sold for 2.5 million at an art auction, laughing all the way to the bank.

Cancer: You are the naked guy holding a cavalry spear in front of the department store. You draw a crowd, perhaps not for the reasons you’d like.

Leo: You are the scraping noise from inside the walls. Extremely eager to make friends, perhaps too eager. 

Virgo: You are the sudden break in the fabric of space-time. A fun way to forget four months. 

Libra: You are the foreclosed cafe. Despite your faults, still an excellent place to hang out.

Scorpio: You are the super-soaker filled with holy water. A pure thing with questionable intentions.

Ophiuchus: You are the angel of death caught in a cobweb. Fragile in the right circumstances.

Sagittarius: You are the chess set made of meat. Nutritious, beautiful, useful, but an acquired taste.

Capricorn: You are the impromptu tennis match with your nemesis in the middle of the supermarket. Your commitment only makes you more dangerous.

Aquarius: You are the underground spring that produced orange soda. Undeniably odd, but tasty.

Pisces: You are the palm reader with no hands. Daring people to ask.


Art auction is always one of the best parts of the con and the ENTIRE CAST (including Hoechlin!) is there!  Otoh, SMS is taking pics of a Sharman bobblehead and my eyes, how they roll.  On the other hand, there’s a ton of sterek art, but also a ton of Stydia art (one is really nice that I saw, but I did think it was Derek and female Stiles, lol).

This could be interesting!


Flower Child for the @heroesonline art auction. 🎨 12.5x19 markers and pencil. You can find us at table AA-516 Fri-Sun! #batman #poisonivy #skull #dccomics #flowers

Corgi Panic!!!

Been working on this for a long time, see if you can spot the twelve famous Corgis!

Loki (And Bear)
Holly and Willow (The Queen’s Corgis)
Goggles Corgi
Pickles the Corgi 
Ein (Cowboy Beebop)
Zwei (RWBY)
King Atticus (Infinity Train)
Eleven Corgi
Monty Corgi

I will be selling a print of this at the Confuzzled 2017 art auction if it gets in, but if not I might sell stand alone prints, please let me know if you’d be interested!