Beautiful examples of French and British swords from the Revolutionary War.The one on the left is the French sword and is engraved with the words “Ex Dono Regis” (Given by the King). The one on the right is a British sword and has a hallmark of the London maker Joseph Clare. It also has an inscription on it’s blade “Ne me tire pas sans raison, Ne me remette point sans honneur” (draw me not without reason, sheath me not without honor)

A couple of the swords I’ve been working on.  I ground the blades from 80crv2 and cast the hilts in bronze.  I actually carved a full original sword from poplar first and made molds from it and cast a solid bronze sword before making the steel variants.  The design is based on a 3300 year old bronze sword found in Segerstad, Vastergotland Sweden.  I had a tiny illustration of it in an old book of mine and I sketched it out, scaled it up (larger than the original, actually) and went with it.  These are still unfinished:  I quenched them both today and will be tempering them in the morning, then they still have to be assembled and hot-peened, then sharpened and cleaned up.


“The Harriet Dean sword is one of the last remaining swords from the arsenal at Alexandria, and in 1943, it disappeared without a trace. Lost to legend, the medieval blade has been hunted by academics and enthusiasts for the better part of a century. Until now.”
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Chinese Sword / Jian 剑 / 劍

Date: 17th century

Culture: Chinese

Medium: Steel, brass, enamel

Dimensions: blade L. 28 5/8 in. (72.7 cm)

Classification: Swords

Credit Line: Bequest of George C. Stone, 1935

Accession Number: 36.25.1482a, b

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Yemeni Straight Sword / Saif from Yemen

Editor’s Note: Text translated by Google from the original Italian.

Dating: late nineteenth century.

Description: Interesting blade damask (XV-XVII century), flat, straight, two-wire with four punches bearing inscriptions in Arabic; handle covered with foil in white metal (silver?) with remnants of gilding, decorated with floral engravings; wooden scabbard covered with velvet mounts decorated en suite.

See “Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armour” by Robert Hales, page 240, nr. 591.

Dimensions: length 98 cm.

Estimate: 2500.00 € | € 3000.00 December 2014

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Bronze Sword Königsdorf II Hallstadt B1 Urnfield Period

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Editor’s Note: Text below translated by Google from the original German.

Lot Nr. 2302

A solid-hilted sword with bowl-shaped pommel, Königsdorf type, variant II, phase Hallstadt B1, Urnfield period, late 11th - mid-third of 10th century BC 

Slightly bulbous grip with three decorative areas segmented by four bands consisting of parallel lines. Within these areas intertwined, horizontal, S-shaped bands composed of parallel lines. Thereunder the pincer-shaped extension of the grip, which is decorated with equally fine, hatched triangles and incised lines and holds the separately worked blade affixed with two rivets. The grip is surmounted by a bowl-shaped pommel decorated with concentric circles on the underside and herringbone pattern at the transition to the grip, the inside with concentric circle bands composed of thin bundles of lines and a central mushroom-shaped button with six arches encircling a central point. Between button and bowl a hole for the attachment of a lanyard. The upper part of the blade below the grip with constricted ricasso finely serrated on both sides. Triple-faceted central ridge in the upper section blending into a cambered lower section. The maximum blade width of 4.8 cm, characteristic of cutting weapons, is between the lower and the middle third. The lower third of the blade is decorated on the inside with bands composed of several lines running parallel to the edge, the outer band with coarse, the inner one with fine lines. Unusually beautiful, emerald-green, smooth patina which favourably enhances the extraordinarily well-preserved, finely incised ornamentation. Magnificent specimen of aesthetic attractiveness in impeccable condition. 

Length 59.5 cm. 

Provenance: South German private collection, acquired in the late 1980s from an art dealer.

The sword had been broken in antiquity for ritual purposes into four parts that are completely preserved. These parts have been welded together during a restoration and the surface of the blade consisting completely of metallic substance has been aligned with paint to the colour of the original patina including the weld seams. On one side of the blade the paint has been removed in order to make the weld seams visible.

Condition: II+ Sold: 6000 EURO May 2014

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I just made, well scheduled, a post on Art of Swords about the The Sword of Spiritual Justice (one of three swords which are carried unsheathed, pointing upwards, in the coronation procession in England), and which is accompanied by the Sword of Temporal Justice and the Sword of Mercy and now I’m just sitting here giggling like and idiot because all I can think of is…


Oakeshott Type XV Sword w/ Type 9 Guard Type G Pommel

Blade showing extensive patina and fine pitting throughout, both sides with brass inlaid maker’s mark at the lower area. Large iron hilt mounts including sword catcher like guard with downturned quillons, massive disk pommel with grooved star symbol and very nice leather wrapped grip in the setting of iron cage like bars. All solid and in battle ready condition, retaining good sharp edges, feels Fantastic in hand.

Overall 41" 
Blade 35" 
2 & ¾" wide at ricasso

For more information on Oakeshott Type XV Swords see this extract from Ewart Oakeshott's Records of the Medieval

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