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Magic: the Gathering - KALADESH WORLD-BUILDING

The story and fiction behind of each Magic: the Gathering set is just as important to me as what card is within each new set.  The Team over at Wizards of the Coast do an absolutely phenomenal job at creating a rich and interesting world as part of the card set’s storyline. 

The new KALADESH is no different - please click on over to read the wonderful blurbs and see the beautiful images of some major place names on the Plane of Kaladesh over here -

Excerpts from the above link - 

The largest city on Kaladesh, Ghirapur is a massive cogwork machine that comes alive with the power of aether. The city extends from the port district of Bomat, located at the confluence of Kaladesh’s three major rivers, through a multitude of varied and distinct neighborhoods, including the bustling Eleven Bridges market district, the aviaries of Freejam, the metalworking zone of Weldfast, the cosmopolitan greenbelt of Kujar, and the artist colony known as Giants’ Walk. Ghirapur was founded on the spirit of invention, and today it is home to the Consulate government, which strives to uphold the founders’ principles of optimism, creative freedom, and hope.

Lathnu is a remote settlement in the far north perched high on the Devra Cliffs; it can only be reached via vertical rail track, or a very long and strenuous climb. Lathnu’s economy is based around mining and smelting the metals found in the mountains, which inventors throughout Kaladesh depend on to build their wondrous devices.

Spanning tens of thousands of acres, the wild forest of Peema is home to a population of elves who are deeply connected to the flow of aether. Daily, aether streams dip from the aethersphere to wind through the flora and imbue the fauna. The plants and trees are more vibrant in Peema, and the creatures are stronger, faster, and livelier than their counterparts elsewhere on Kaladesh.

An expansive region that was once solely devoted to farming, Vahd took on a new identity during the Great Aether Boom, becoming a hub of the aerowright industry. The wheat fields surrounding the villages of Panka, Cambi, and Maranjapur were cleared away to make room for runways, hangars, and workshops, and many farmers trained to become aerowrights and test pilots.

I was searching the Gajevy Love Fest tag the other day and found this awesome mermaid AU fic for day 6 that I just loved and it really inspired me to take a break from unpacking and paint so here’s little Levy as a siren! And here’s a link to the awesome fic by @aischenna!