Art of Fiction

March 25th, 1948 issue

cover by Charles Wood

Pete Kuhlhoff, “The Shooter’s Corner"

William Chamberlain, “Story About a Cat"

John E. Kelly, “Flash Flood"

Irwin J. Weill, “Curioddities"

Caddo Cameron, “Your Bones in the Brush” (Part 2 of 4)

George C. Appell, “Men Who Wouldn’t Die!: Three Times Out"

Edward Parrish Ware, “Too Much Water"

H. Fredric Young, “Bush Rookie"

Kerry O’Neil, “A Turn Over for Tony"

Gene Van, “The Letter of Deception"

Berton E. Cook, “Homeward Bound with Death"

Seattle Mystery Bookshop

August 13, 1938 issue

cover by Rudolph Belarski

Richard Sale, “Come Out of That Grave” (Daffy Dill)  

Anthony Armstrong, “From Seven O’Clock to Victoria"

Dale Clark, “The Perfect Cop" (Part 1 of 4)

Samuel Taylor, “Honest Tom"

Stookie Allen, “Illustrated Crimes: Mayfair’s Black Sheep"

H. H. Stinson, “Murder from Mandalay"

Eric Howard, “In Line of Duty"

Frank Gruber, “A Swede Called Johnson"

Seattle Mystery Bookshop