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It has been 1,5 years since I drew this crossover.

I remember a lot of enthusiasm about this, and I saw my art walks on the anime groups, Pinterest and other social networks. I remember that night when my father was taken to hospital, he was painfully dying from lung cancer. I also hurt the same, but on “women side”, it was excruciatingly painful. I couldn’t sleep well, and I decided that I’ll draw something that I don’t know how to draw it in that time. I remember this fresh air in my room, glow of my lightbox and a smell of copics.

I used Copic markers + Sakura Jelly Gel Roll Pen (white) + Pentel Outline markers (for glowing stars and bubbles) + Koh-I-Noor Progresso Coloured pencil (white)+Genvana Sumi-E ink pens.

Therefore, this piece of art is so important for me so I redraw it again, rethinking the idea.


Intento caer delicadamente,
levito en el aire
y me siento a la deriva.

A donde me lleva el viento
absorbo, como esponja, la humedad
de las manos que me tocan.

Al final, me canso y caigo.
¡Booom! me desarmo en mil partes.
El que quiere nacer, tiene que destuir un mundo.(*)

(*) Ultima línea extraída de “Demián”, de Hermann Hesse.

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Sebastian attends the “Indignation” premiere at the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) in New York July 25, 2016.

Sebastian asiste a la Premiere de “Indignation” en el Museo de Arte Moderno en Nueva York.
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