Art Gallery of Toronto


Colin Davis’ “The Grove” at Project Gallery.

Currently on display at Project Gallery in Toronto, Canada until July 30th, 2016 is Toronto-based artist Colin Davis’ solo show “The Grove.”

Davis looks at intimate moments in nature by arranging mundane natural objects into symbolic shrines. Common sticks, rocks and leaves that would ordinarily be ignored gain a sense of importance through being observed, and then are honored further through the act of careful painting from life.  For “The Grove,” Davis explores the tradition of animism, the belief that “spirits” exist in all things including animals, plants and rocks. This tradition is connected to many indigenous religions throughout the world and is often associated with ritual, superstition and magic. The objects in this body of work are all arranged centrally and highlighted against a dark background, separating them from an imagined landscape and revealing their sanctitude.

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Perhaps you missed last night’s double book launch of Michael DeForge’s Lose #6 and Patrick Kyle’s Distance Moverand Michael's Contemporaries art show opening at Weird Things Gallery. Well don’t freak out! You can get Michael and Patrick’s books at finer booksellers just about everywhere, and the Contemporaries showis on for a month!

Spider Dog Mascot Head by Phil Woollam!