Art Gallery of Toronto


# 3051 “Ok, Allright” by Scott Bergey
Via Flickr:
12 x 9 , mixed media collage/painting on paper. October 2014 

My Uncle and Aunt own an Art Gallery at the atrium in Toronto beside the Eaton Centre.
All the pieces are one of a kind and made by Aboriginal Canadian artists. They started the gallery because while they lived in kuujjuarapik (way north where the tundras are) they noticed that the artists were paid very poorly for their very difficult cultural artworks. So they create this gallery where art pieces such as paintings, sculptures made out of many materials including whale bone, jewelry, cultural clothing, prints, books and so much more could be displayed and sold while paying the artists a liveable amount for their art.
If you can’t walk in to the Gallery then check out their website to order!!!

Portrait of Marcelle (1935). John Goodwin Lyman (American-born Canadian, 1886-1967). Oil on canvas. Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

Lyman is concerned with “affirming the presence of volume” as the contrast in lighting “situate[s] the figure in three-dimensional space, even the viewer’s space.” The cropped book which is being read brings the figure even closer. He refrains from the inclusion of decoration, allowing the setting to remain relatively bare.