Art Gallery of Toronto


Y’all, if you get to Toronto soon, I urge you to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario and check out the temporary exhibition “Guillermo del Toro: Walking With Monsters.” It’s a massive, enthralling walk through items from his home, themed along motifs that appear in his work, consisting of items and art that inspire him along with props and costumes from his films. It was stunning.


# 2334 “A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That” by Scott Bergey
Via Flickr:
14 x14 x1 , mixed media on wood panel. June 2013 (Sold)


I just saw the amazing Guillermo Del Toro exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto! If any of you live near there, I urge you to go before it ends this week, as it was incredible on multiple levels. Tons of Mignola originals, amazing statues and sculptures, movie props, extraordinary art, and really diverse variety of collections! I’ll be sharing my photos from it over the next few days.

-Page from Hellboy: The Corpse by Mignola
-Page from Hellboy: Makoma by Richard Corben
-Rasputin’s glove concept art and prop
-Abe Sapien concept art by Wayne Barlowe
-Hellboy concept art by Mignola
-Golden Army statue from Hellboy II
-Hellboy’s trench coat
-Hellboy for Guillermo by Mignola