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Charis Tsevis African bricks for Sasi's 

A series of artworks inspired by the Mandela House in Soweto and other similar matchbox houses in the African townships. Created for Sasi’s, an African restaurant in Athens, Greece.

I love Africa! For me it’s a constant source of inspiration and a solid point of reference for my life. I have travelled many times to the continent and I have even married a South African girl. So when my wife’s family was opening Sasi’s, their second restaurant in Athens, I was excited to collaborate with them on the decoration. They asked me to create a series of artworks inspired by the everyday African life but to also pay a tribute to Shaka Zulu and the long tradition of Zulus, Ndebele, Xhosa and all tribes of the land.
The basic element I used is the brick. Borrowed directly from the typical matchbox houses in the African townships the brick for me is a symbol of people’s creativity. A symbol of courage to build a safe place for the family. My bricks are sometimes stable and others unstable. And they are filled with other forms of African creativity. Fabrics, art, leather, animal skins…
I have printed these digital files on wood in 8 colours. Collaborating with the great team of Quality Printing Solutions, we have printed in a Swiss Q Impala 2 printer. 7 colours plus white. The white ink is used under some of the bricks in various shades, creating the illusion that the bricks are pieces of paper or metal that are sticked on the wood.
We have added 3 layers of UV on the final artwork adding dimension to the artwork.


can’t we just pretend? - a Rick Sanchez fanmix

/ 1. dance bitch - allie goertz / 2. just movement - robert delong / 3. the future freaks me out - motion city soundtrack / 4. daredevil - fiona apple / 5. modern guilt - beck / 6. breathing underwater - metric / 7. do you feel it? - chaos chaos / 8. the modern leper - frightened rabbit / 9. modern chemistry - motion city soundtrack  / 10. where is my mind? - pixies / 11. space oddity (cover) - chris hadfield / 12. monsters - chaos chaos / 13. for the damaged coda - blonde redhead /14. save me - globus / 15. jeez rick - allie goertz / 16. someday (never) - the real tuesday weld /


The New Untitled Ones #36
Grandaddy, Hewlett’s Daughter
Basile Pesso-my BCN © April 2 013
My Blip / My web magazine : Yes We Are (links) with Hanan Kazma as The Side Look of a Barcelonese #340

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Being seen as crazy worldwide because someone is blocked to express the reality of a situation otherwise than by things that almost no one manages to perceive…

The final step in this Han tomb tower’s conservation treatment is inpainting the filled areas. This time-lapse video shows the completion of one section of this object. Conservators may choose to inpaint filled areas and losses to blend with the surrounding original surface. This step is not always needed and careful thought is always put into how and when to do it. In this case, consultation between the curators and conservators determined that inpainting the filled areas would allow the viewer to focus on the overall object rather than the work of the conservator. The tomb tower will be on view in the museum’s new Asian galleries, opening next year.

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The New Abstracts #57
The Cranberries, Daffodil Lament
Basile Pesso-my BCN © January 2 014
My Blip / My web magazine : Yes We Are with Peter Mandelkow aka Kleine Freiheiten as The Side Look of a Barcelonese #335
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Schemes ARE always visible. By a small portion of attentive people, but visible. It’s not because most people don’t pay attention or that many others are stupid that everyone is.

The red spots, echoing the verticals, are fantastically positioned to offer us one more total achievement in abstraction by Naomi, this time, a seriously moody and metaphysical one, to confirm the mastery in which this excellent and very precise English photographer who has a passion for bokehs evolves in this field, marrying huge poetry to technical excellence. Please enlarge to enjoy the infinite poetry of the superb emotional richness of the clear top part.
Tram Shelter © Naomi James aka Pokey Bagel


Amazin Aerialscapes by Jakob Wagner  Fine Arts Photography Digital Photography

“Aerialscapes #3” shows a collection of 35 various aerial photographs. Sweeping landscapes of different locations around the world, showing formations, patterns and marks, that are both - manmade and natural. I’ve photographed all these images in the past 5 years on my flights to photo assistant jobs and my own assignments in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America. Furthermore I did some helicopter and gas ballon flights to complete this project. The most important aspect of this series is to match the right spot at the right time. Light and weather are the main actors in these sceneries

© 2016 Jakob Wagner 

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Fragments of Realities.

Paintings by Italian artist, Marco Tirelli.

Tirelli’s abstract paintings suggest a metaphysical time and place. In explaining the roots of his work, Tirelli speaks about growing up in Rome: “I never felt entirely a part of it. And this has had a big effect on my work because I’ve always sensed a tension between places […] and what lies unseen beyond.” His monumental canvases are rendered with a soft sfumato and the highlights and shadows are created using a pointillist technique with airbrushes. (Text Source)

Tirelli is represented by Louise Alexander Gallery.