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Creating a Portfolio for Entertainment Design, Concept Art, and Visual Development



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DISCLAIMER: While this document is a collection of my observations as a student, teacher, and designer, following these instructions does not guarantee you acceptance into any particular college or company. I wrote it as a syllabus for a college portfolio prep class I teach and thought others might be interested. All images in this document are created by me.


A good portfolio is a collection of strong work; however, a great portfolio is a collection of strong work with a coherent idea! When it comes to concept art and visual development, colleges (as well as employers) aren’t just looking for the ability to create beautiful illustrations—they’re looking for an ability to build worlds and tell stories. In order to showcase this ability, you will need to think of a story you want to tell and use your portfolio to “pitch” that story and the world it takes place in.

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Client: Lothar Daniel Bechtold, Fashion Designer
Advertising Agency: Stockenhuber Design
Project: Fashion Collection Sales Folder, Website, Social Media,
Print ad campaign season: spring/summer 2014
Branche: Fashion
Art Director, CD: D. Stockenhuber
Year: 2014


Project: Office Interior Design, Presentation Material, Posters
• workstation
• workbench
• sideboard low (5 drawers)
• sideboard high  (11 drawers)
MATERIAL: cottonwood, chrome tubes
Design Studio: Stockenhuber Design
Art Director, Ind. Designer, 3D Artist: D. Stockenhuber


Have you been looking for a queer sci-fi/action comic book where the main characters are people of color? Particularly with an illustrator and writer who is a queer woman of color? Do you wanna see more POC riding motorcycles and kicking bad guy ass? Look no further! Space Punk is a comic book I am writing and illustrating.

For more information about the universe Space Punk takes place in, please visit my website where I will be continually updating and posting more information on my blog (which is on the website itself)

Space Punk issue #1 as well as stickers and some goodies, will come out sometime next year, the exact date is still to be determined! Danger Wolf is coming out in January 2016 so sit tight!


Some early character sketches for Nastenka, the older stepsister, and the Beast. Part of my beauty and the beast redid design project for school- this is based in old Russia and is called, “The Scarlet Flower”.


Advertising Agency: Stockenhuber Design
Client: Lothar Daniel Bechtold, Fashion Designer
Project: Fashion Collection Print ad campaign, Styleguide Booklet
Season: Spring/Summer 2014
Branche: Fashion
Art Director, Creative Director: Daniela Stockenhuber