Hi everyone! So, as some of you know, I’m in my senior year of college right now, majoring in graphic design and art history. One of my senior projects is a rebranding initiative for museum membership organizations, with the specific focus of reaching young adult/millennial museumgoers. To this end, I’d really love to hear how young people think of museums: how they would like to use museums, what they seek out of a museum experience, and what they would improve about museum culture.

This is NOT part of my school assignment. Don’t worry, I wasn’t told to do this, and this is an off-the-record discussion. It’s just one way of approaching initial information gathering, and something I’m genuinely interested in doing. 

What I suggest is a video conference discussion, facilitated by me, to be held on one of the dates above. If you’re interested, or have suggestions or feedback about how this discussion should get started, please fill out the survey below:

Survey Link 

Depending on how many people apply, I may have to change the format of the discussion. Right now I’m trying to keep it small and casual. 

And, if you’re not interested, please do signal boost this! I look forward to hearing from some of you.