I love Arsene Wenger’s “I’ve made a secret/big signing” smile

Arsene being asked about the end of the transfer window in 2013 knowing Ozil was set to be announced the next day (x)

Arsene being told Alexis is the first player since Thierry Henry to score 20 goals in his debut Arsenal season (x)

Arsene confirming that Arsenal have signed Shkodran Mustafi and Lucas Perez (x)


“I want to go to the end of my job here [at Arsenal]. I built this team, I want to deliver with this team and I feel that if I left, I would have in some way betrayed my own beliefs. It is as simple as that. I have a project here that I started, and I want to reach the end of it. I could not leave this team at this stage of their development.”

“My most successful years are 2007-2013. Keeping stability while fighting with billionaires.”

- Arsene Wenger.