22 Reasons Why I Love Héctor Bellerín

1. He gets along with everybody

2. He loves his family & friends

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3. He loves his dog Otto

4. He’s a good cook

5. He’s great at modeling

6. Spanish™ everything

7. He speaks his mind

8. His sense of humour

9. His selfie-taking skills

10. His dorkiness

11. The Moustache

12. His beautiful hair

13. Those beautiful eyes + sexy eyebrows

14. The unique beauty of his nose

15. His exquisite dimples, ravishing lips, and delightful smile

16. That bod (!)   

17. His fashion sense

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18. His confidence

19. He’s smart

20. His adorable accent (“it’s dat guy again”)

21. His football skills

22. His love for the club

Happy 22nd birthday to our sweet baby <3 <3

(if I used any of ur GIFs let me know and I’ll credit you below)


Happy 22nd Birthday Héctor Bellerín

“What is important is that a player meets his needs where he is, and his values. And I think he integrated very well the values of our club. He came at a very, very young age, at 16 years of age, so I think he’s a real Arsenal player. I think he loves to be here, and he has responsibilities already in the dressing room. For such a young age it’s something remarkable.”

- Arsène Wenger