And honestly, our friendship is the reason I think they end up together on the show because we do love each other and are in each other’s lives. (source)


#olivarry is like a married couple#like barry hogs all the covers of the bed and oliver constantly complains#only that happens with villains and whose ass they kick#lol#excuse you barry oliver needs to kick some ass too



In honor of the fourth anniversary of “State V Queen”next Monday, I decided to make an Olicity Appreciation Week. 

Schedule: November 20 - November 26

Day 1 (November 20) - Favorite Underrated Moment(s)
Day 2 (November 21) - Favorite Happy Moment(s)
Day 3 (November 22) - Favorite Sad Moment(s)
Day 4 (November 23) - Favorite Touch(s)
Day 5 (November 24) - Favorite Kiss(s)
Day 6 (November 25) - Favorite Parallel(s)
Day 7 (November 26) - Favorite Quote(s)
*Bonus Day (November 27) - Everyone Loves Olicity
Bonus day is supposed to include your favorite quotes/moments from crew and/or cast about Olicity love story.

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I don’t believe I need to point it out, but it’s good to remind everyone that the whole fandom are welcome to participate and not just fanartists or graphic makers. Meta, fics, videos, rambles and any other way the fandom can express their love for Olicity belong to the appreciation week. So, just let your love for them be heard and/or seen!