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Arrow Fic: I’m a Fool for You 1/1

I’m a Fool for You
Author: dettiot
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow.  No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary:  In a Nashville honkytonk, Felicity finally finishes that third beer and Oliver walks the line.
Author’s Note: Just a little something for callistawolf, inspired by that video of Stephen Amell singing O Canada.  Thanks to youguysimserious for the title and summary help.


After six weeks on the road together, Felicity thought they might be tired of each other.  That they would be snappish, getting on each other’s nerves.  

That … has not been the case.  

Felicity smiled and popped the last hush puppy in her mouth as she looked over towards the bar in this Nashville honkytonk, taking in her boyfriend.  

Oliver was her boyfriend.  It made her want to giggle and sigh like a teenager–when she didn’t want to grab him and kiss him as hard as she could.  It was still amazing to her, that they had finally figured things out, that they were here with each other, that spending so much time together hadn’t muted the spark between them.  

No, that was working.  It was really, really working, Felicity thought to herself as she let her eyes roam over Oliver, going from his shoulders, down his back, and lingering on his ass.

As if he felt her gaze, Oliver glanced over his shoulder at her.  He looked down, following the line of her eyes, then looked back up at her and smirked.  

She wasn’t even embarrassed.  When he wore those jeans, and wore them really well, he deserved to have his ass ogled.  And she was just the woman to do it.  So she just gave him a sunny smile and her best attempt at a wink, since it never failed to amuse Oliver how she couldn’t wink.

And seeing the smile break out on Oliver’s face–it was good.  It still made her heart pound, knowing that she made him smile like that.  

He turned back to the bar, waiting to get them another round of beers, so Felicity looked up at the stage at the other end of the restaurant, noticing how the staff seemed to be preparing for something.  She rested her chin in her hand, feeling full of good fried food, warm from her two previous beers, and happy at being here with Oliver.  

“Here you go,” Oliver said, setting one of the beers down in front of her.  He sat down and took a sip, looking at her skeptically.  “Are you actually going to drink all that?”  

“Yep!  I’m feeling good about it,” she said, lifting the glass and taking a healthy swallow.  And then coughing.  

“Uh-huh,” Oliver said, smiling as he rubbed his hand over her back.  “Still think I’m going to have three and a half beers tonight.”

Felicity stuck her tongue out at him and then leaned in to kiss him.  She meant it to just be a sassy little peck, but Oliver had different ideas.  He immediately slid a hand into her hair, cupping the back of her head as he kissed her back.  

With a sigh, she let the kiss end, resting against him.  “Mmmm.  I love you, even if you doubt my ability to drink three beers.”  

Read the rest on AO3.