Arrow digital comics season 2.5


Hey all.

First, thanks to the many, many, many – MANY – people on Tumblr and Twitter who’ve reached out to ask me about if, when, and how the amazingly talented and simply amazing Jessica De Gouw would be returning to Arrow.

And thank you for being patient with me as I continued to promise this update.

I have good news, bad news, and wait-and-see news.

First, the bad news…

We’d been discussing an episode that would return Helena Bertinelli to Arrow for Season 3, but it didn’t come together for a variety of reasons having nothing to do with Jessica or her willingness to return.  As most of you know, despite doing 23 episodes a season – god help me – we still somehow manage to run out of room to tell certain stories (e.g., Felicity’s parents).  Unfortunately, Helena’s episode in Season 3 was one of those casualties of our lack of real estate.  We value Jessica and the character she created too much to waste both of them on a story we can’t give proper attention to.

Now for the good news…

Tomorrow, Helena/The Huntress will make her return to Arrow in comics form as part of our ongoing Season 2.5 series.  Unlike her previous appearance in 2.5, this time the Huntress’ return is not a hoax, not a dream, and not a hallucination.

The story is in canon and will feature – spoiler alert – the first “on screen” meeting between these two ladies since Ep. 1x17:

Helena’s return with begin (full disclosure and spoiler alert in the last panel of tomorrow’s Arrow Season 2.5, Chapter 13.  Available for (shameless plug alert) pre-order here:

(These next group of chapters are also probably the most Olicity-oriented stories we’ve done for Season 2.5, as we’re laying the pipe towards Oliver and Felicity’s – spoiler for those who haven’t seen Ep. 3x01 yet – first date.)

As for the wait-and-see news…

Arrow has officially been picked up for a fourth season and we’ve still got a kick-ass idea for a Helena story.

Thank your for your continued attention and watching.  You guys are awesome.


Arrow Season 2.5 Digital Comics - Comics by comiXology

Ask and ye shall receive….  I don’t know if people asking ComiXology yesterday about the Arrow Season 2.5 availability did it or what (I like to think it did lol) but ComiXology now has a page up for the Arrow tie in digital comics aka Arrow Season 2.5 now.  There is an option to Subscribe as well as a pre-order button on the page.  So options for everyone.  Again, be sure to click that “About Subscription” link to read how their subscriptions work.

Arrow Season 2.5 digital comic book #1 is $0.99

I just purchased my subscription.  Super simple.

I’m going to echo what someone previously said. We all know there are lots of..*ahem* “other” sources for things online.  But at the end of the day, money talks.  If you’re looking to show support, be visible, and want Arrow/CW/WB/DC Comics to know you’re there, love Arrow, love Olicity, etc., then actually buying their stuff helps do that. 

ETA: the very first issue has not come out yet.  Release date is 9/1/14, so nobody has missed any issues at this point.

ETA x2: If you do pre-order or subscribe (and you’re an Olicity fan) and on twitter?  Please let me know by including me on a tweet (@Smoaknarrow) about it & I’ll definitely retweet you.
Arrow: Season 2.5 (2014-) #1 - Comics by comiXology

An all-new digital season starts here! Picking up where Arrow Season 2 left off, Oliver and Roy team-up to take down a gang of drug runners. Only one problem–they have to do it at 30,000 feet!

Woohoo! Comics is out. If you guys ordered from Comixology, you can read the comics after logging in. I haven’t tried to check on my tablet if it’s working there, too, though. Will update you on that later.

Green Arrow Update

The Ask Box has been full today with people asking me about the newest news from DC Comics.  For those who haven’t heard, DC announced the end of the New 52, revealed a bunch of new comics (they ended a bunch a few months ago) and outlined writing team changes in many existing titles that will take effect in June 2015.  One of those getting a staff change is the Green Arrow.  Andrew Kreisberg & Ben Sokolowski are exiting and author Ben Percy will take over with Richard Zircher behind the art.

As with all team change-overs, like the one that exited a few months ago when Kreisberg and Sokolowski took over, this also marks content changes.

I had the following exchange with Sokolowski on Twitter this afternoon:

So there you go.  The answer to the question burning up the inbox.  Both Diggle and Felicity will no longer be included just as several other characters under the previous writing team ceased when Kreisberg & Sokolowski took over.  Ah the way of the comic world.

Sooooo…. Olicity & trio Team Arrow fans, we have one more issue (March 2015) before this 6-issue arc is over and done.  With Issue #39 just released (February 4, 2015), now would be THE time to hit your local comic book store or online ebook retailer (like iTunes, Amazon, DC Comics, Barnes & Noble, Comixology, etc) to grab those issues.

No idea what the “new” Green Arrow will look like but since I still have about 5 months left on my subscription, I guess I’m about to find out (unless, of course, I cancel it which…. yeah… No Felicity Smoak?  Anywhoo….)

That still leaves us with Oliver, Diggle and Felicity in the Arrow Season 2.5 comics, though, which I am thoroughly enjoying (read about Chapter 10 here. Warning! Spoilers! collage image from it below). 

So if you haven’t checked those out, you can find more info here.  Digital copies are only $0.99.  Print issues (2 digital chapters per issue) are $2.99.
Arrow: Season 2.5 (2014-) #13 - Comics by comiXology

Arrow and Arsenal team up to rescue Felicity from her kidnappers!

I’ve been on the edge of my seat since issue #10 ended with Oliver rushing off to save Felicity from her kidnapped. 

Looks like issue #13 gets back to that story (last 2 issues were Suicide Squad focused) on February 16th!  I’m excited!

You can pre-order the issue now, of course, from any place that sells the digital comics (iTunes, Amazon, DC Comics, Barnes & Noble, Comixology, etc) or buy it on the 16th.  If you want print issues, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.  Oh, and if you haven’t read the Season 2.5 comics yet, you have a week to catch up, which is plenty of time.  :)

Digital issues are only $0.99 each.

I can’t wait!