Arrow Season 4: Our Hopes for 'Happy' Oliver, Incidental Olicity, Sara and More
The CW's Arrow regularly hit gold during its freshman and sophomore runs, but missed the mark at times its third time around. How can Season 4 restore the superhero drama's uncanny aim?
By Matt Webb Mitovich,Vlada Gelman

Agree? Disagree? I mostly agree with the list, but I wanted to address this one point because it’s in the headline – I don’t expect Olicity to be the focus of the show, nor do I want it to be, but I definitely need more than just “incidental” Olicity. The relationship is integral to the show, to the lead character’s ongoing journey and I just love Oliver and Felicity’s dynamic. Especially now that they’re going to actually be a couple. Really excited for the “team within a team” description mentioned during SDCC. Anyway, leave some love for Olicity on TV Line’s easy-to-use comments section, if you please.


Matt Ryan talks about Constantine and the possibility of joining the Arrow universe at his panel during Space City Comic Con.


New! Arrow: Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak (Olicity) vid: Never Stop by Manon ROBERT

Guys… I love that Damien’s in a suit. I’ve waited so long for an Arrow villain who’s not “humanized”. I don’t want to see a stripped down version of a villain, nor do I want to see an over the top version. I want to see a villain who’s so rooted in his philosophy and feels so strongly about it that nothing fazes him. I want to see a calm and collected villain who thinks fighting the Green Arrow is a piece of cake. I want to see a villain who will challenge every principle Oliver has.
Echo Kellum Interview, Part 2: Arrow Season 4 - The Geeko
Echo Kellum Interview, Part 2: Arrow Season 4

“… they are the nicest most down to Earth people.  Getting to work with Emily; she was so great, man.  I couldn’t believe it.  I just couldn’t believe the luck that I get to be on an amazing show …”

“… I think [Felicity and Curtis’] initial dynamic is their love for science, computers and technology.  I think that’s the thing that really connects them as they realize that they have a similar point of view.  Also, the aspect that Curtis sees Felicity’s heart and he realizes that she’s a good egg.  I think that’s what kind of draws them (together).  And she also sees that about him; that he has a good heart and he’s a good egg too. …”

‘Arrow’ interviews, articles, photos from SDCC 2015

Whew! So THAT happened! ;)

Lots of Arrow and Olicity goodness came out of yesterday’s press push, biggest one is the unveiling of Oliver’s new suit. There might still be more photos and videos coming out today as I imagine yesterday was extra hectic for everyone. So I’ll update this list, if that happens:

Arrow’s Comic Con Panel

Stephen Amell unveiling Oliver’s new suit

Arrow Season 3 highlights reel shown at panel


EBR with Laurel Brown on DocBrownTV

SA with Laurel Brown on DocBrownTV

Cast at the Entertainment Weekly Lounge

SA’s Nerd HQ panel

SA with TV For the Rest of Us

SA, EBR, along with Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle, at IGN

Arrow Cast Rapid Fire Game with Clevver News

SA and EBR with Clevver News

EBR with Extra

SA with Extra

SA with Blastr

EBR with Blastr

SA’s message to fans (on Warner Brothers’ Tumblr page)

Cast teases Season 4 with Crave Online

Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle with Laurel Brown

SA interview with TV Equals

EBR interview with TV Equals

David Ramsey ships ‘Doliver’ over ‘Olicity’ (Zap2It interview)

SA with

EBR with

DR with

DC All Access, also featuring Stephen Amell

NEW!!! SA and EBR “role-playing” domestic Olicity

NEW!!! SA, EBR & DA with Fangirlish

NEW!!! Arrow cast on the TV Guide yacht

NEW!!! EBR with Access Hollywood

NEW!!! Arrow cast with TV Line’s Michael Ausiello


Wanted: Actors on Tequila (from John Barrowman’s Facebook page)


Yahoo!: ‘Arrow’ Season 4: Oliver’s totally at peace

E! Online: Arrow fans, expect a ‘lot of sex’ for Oliver and Felicity in Season 4

Oliver Queen finally goes green (

TV Line: Oliver gets a heroic new look, Diggle (finally) suits up, Anarky reigns and more

Hypable: Cast talking dynamics in the Arrow cave and Damien Darhk

Fangirlish: 5 things we learned from the Arrow Comic-Con panel

io9: Arrow season 4 will feature someone we haven’t seen in ages: Oliver Queen


Paul Blackthorne takes over Arrow’s Instagram account

Cast signing at Warner Brothers booth

More photos from PB’s Facebook page

Chris Daughtry with EBR, with WH and SA, with DR


Let’s play connect the dots with everything Stephen has posted today and his SDCC interviews.

I think it’s pretty safe to say the season is going to start with Oliver running on the beach, assisting children [in batman costumes], then coming home to cook Felicity breakfast in their home where they have a framed picture from their roadtrip!  And after breakfast, they’ll be all… domestic  ;)  and utilize Oliver’s new “skill set.”  

This is going to be the best season ever.