170925 j.praize Instagram Update

피드 한꺼번에 여러개 올리는거 싫어하는데
오늘 트랙리스트에 문유 공개됬다그래서 그냥 쓸게여! ‘MOON U'는 아는 사람은 알겠지만 개인적으로 진짜 애정하는 사람들하구 같이 쓴 곡입니당. 10/10에 나오니까 기대해주시구 달밤에 들어주세요🌙
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[17092017] Yugyeom & Youngjae’s IG Update: 


Youngjae liked & commented on Yugyeom’s IG

Yah do this on Katalk (KakaoTalk) 


Later, Yugyeom really wished Youngjae on KKT. Youngjae’s IG Update

And he really did it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Pennywise: *is a terrifying ancient evil that eats kids*

The Losers:

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[17092017]  Youngjae Birthday V app
  • Youngjae was accompanied by his daughter, CoCo
  • Youngjae called CoCo as the loud guest as she kept barking & growling at the back…kekeke
  • Youngjae purposely kept his hair long
  • Youngjae is working hard to make his body fit to keep his promise to IGOT7 – to have 1 abs in 2017 (can’t wait to see his abs…hmmm)
  • Youngjae sang to Sunmi’s Gashina..kekeke
  • He was really happy because today is his birthday
  • He thanked everyone for all the birthday wishes
  • He referred to JB as an amazing person.
  • He played & sang to Primary Hush ( a song featuring his JB hyung) such a supportive lover
  • He wanted a Bluetooth mic & the Marketing Team got  it for him…and he was really excited about the cute
  • CoCo kept barking at the back so he called her & interviewed her why she was so angry…answer: I don’t know hahaha
  • CoCo refused her appa interview…kekeke cute
  • He sang to Yoon JongShin’s song but changed the lyrics to CoCo…kekeke
  • YJ: CoCo nim, CoCo sshi, CoCo shhi, CoCo ya, CoCo ya…(so cute)
  • Youngjae called himself ‘appa’ when talking to CoCo…so sweet
  • Youngjae to CoCo: CoCo ya, Appa is tired (so sweet)
  • His whole family is here with him in Seoul and this morning his mom cooked seaweed soup for him…he’s really happy
  • He said they have practice tomorrow
  • He won’t be doing spoiler this time. He won’t be singing the chorus like FLY
  • He doesn’t like cakes much
  • YJ to CoCo: Come to your dad
  • Instead of putting candles with 22 on his birthday cake, he has candles with 333 (his initials) on it
  • Youngjae lighting the candles and light goes off… YJ: oh what is this? Of course Dream Knight