me in 2013: frozen was so good!! but also i need bh6 right now please

me in 2014: bh6 was so good!! but also i need moana right now please

me in 2016: moana was so good!! but also i need gigantic right now please

me in 2018 (probably) gigantic was so good!! but also i nee


that one time @sunshinecaptain and i dressed up as enoch o'connor and horace somnusson for halloween and then just spent most of our day at the mall because we had nowhere else to go, and no one knew who we were but everyone kept calling us cute, and someone asked us what anime we were from.

@smolenoch wanted to see, so! ;/////;

please excuse how much work i still need to do on this cosplay!

I’m hungry but every time I try to eat I end up in a ton more pain. I’m guessing it’s from my stomach expanding. It fucking sucks.

I hate surgery recovery so much. I get so miserable. I can do high pain if I can get up and distract myself with something. But I’m stuck in bed or the couch with nothing to do. Can’t even sit my laptop on my lap to use since that’s too painful. Since I have an opiates tolerance I don’t get sleepy so I can’t sleep through it. I’m bored and lonely. Here by myself while my family runs around upstairs.


So yesterday was the office christmas party and of course I took a few pics and well I forgot to remove my employee card for them so you won’t get them all but here’s the one I am willing to share ;)

🎵 Guess who’s back, back again 
T is back, tell a friend 🎵

so i went to the mall today and i went to hot topic because they’re the only store with band tees. and u know how like. they have their t-shirts in those little display cases hung up on the wall???

i wanted this black sabbath shirt and the only one that was my size was up in the case three up and so this little tiny girl had to get on a ladder and try to get it. but she didn’t know how to get it off because it was only her 3rd day working there

so she got this guy to get it but grabbed a sublime shirt instead and when i said that i wanted the black sabbath one he just looked at me like. oh

Open Ask Hours Tonight 6-11pm Eastern US Time

Okay, I think I’m futilely attempting to reestablish a tradition nobody’s missed, but I do get new followers occasionally. Rather than making them scroll through the current 6623 posts on this blog in search of info, I’m doing the old Saturday evening open lines. From 6pm-11pm Eastern US Time (adjust for your location)I’ll answer almost any question. About anything. Not just trucking stuff. I might have wisdom. I might have game. Who knows? Find out if you want. As long as you ignore the man behind the curtain.

anonymous asked:

I have a crush on this beautiful girl. She's so nice but a little shy. She's so good at her job. She loves dogs. She's so beautiful with her dark wavy hair and beautiful green eyes. She lives in California with her girlfriend and plays soccer professionally in Chicago. Oh yeah my crush is Christen Press

You got to dogs and I was like “I know where this is going”. What if I told you my crush was also Christen Press? *😱GASP*

so basically for me to stay in America my dad who’s an immigrant (but is married to a us citizen) has to get his green card first so he can invite me. but the thing is, it’s been 4 months since his interview and 8 months since he first submitted his papers. and there’s nothing wrong with his papers. they’re just not giving us the fucking card. like how long does it take you to punch a few numbers in and mail a fucking card??? jfc. I have a future to worry about I don’t have time for this!!! if anyone knows anything or has been through sth similar pls inbox me!!

This one is more of a personal complaint that has no real, like, merit to it but

if someone burps into the microphone then their videos and channel are automatic garbage lmao

the occasional lip smeck is excusable, it happens, ye got a wet mouth and a microphone that picks up too much, the lil *smack* is gonna happen

but constant drinking/eating/burping/heavy breathing is not

my very conservative 80 year old grandma is staying with us for the weekend and over lunch, my dad asked how she felt about trump winning bc, idk…he wants me to physically fight him, I guess

and she Got Going abt how she thinks god has elected him to save our country or……something, i don’t even know man…..

looking forward to jus biting my tongue off for a straight month in order to avoid a smackdown, happy fucking holidays