I think baby boomers’ tendency to get very mad at slow service goes hand in hand with their dislike of smart phones. Every situation I’ve been in where service is slow? I just whip out my phone and browse apps for the extra 30 seconds. It’s not a big deal. Meanwhile Landline Howard behind me in line who’s never held a smartphone in his life is bored with nothing to occupy his time so he yells at minimum wage workers instead.


Mystic Messenger and The Stories of Those Around Me (manhwa)

“This is my story. This plain story will be spread, be refined, exaggerated… making the protagonist sound worse or better. By the time I hear this story again, it will no longer be my story. It will be the stories of those around me.“

roller gal giorno!

Alexander Hamilton will say “Did you know…” and then spend 5 minutes telling you about some obscure shit that is neither particular interesting nor relevant. When you have managed to keep a polite smile and say that no, you didn’t know that he will look you in the eye and say: “That’s because i just made it up”