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I know this is probably asking too much, but I really want a domestic Bellarke scene.

One bringing the other food because they know they’ve forgotten to eat. One falling asleep in an inconvenient location and the other covering them with their jacket and turning away anyone who comes near. A quiet conversation that’s not about anything they’ve been through or the next day’s troubles, but is instead about gossip around camp or Raven’s newest invention. Them sharing the same space together, sitting in comfortable silence.

The weight of the world is so heavy upon their shoulders, and they stand so tall to bear it. Let them be small together. Let them be human.


NOW OPEN: The Butterfly Conservatory. See a dazzling array of butterflies, and warm up from the cold in a lush tropical environment. Adult butterflies are wonderfully diverse in shape, size, and color. Active during the day, they live almost everywhere around the world, from Arctic tundra to tropical rain forests. 

Zodiac Advent Calendar Day 10

The Signs as Fantastic Beasts Characters 

Newt Scamander - Sagittarius, Pisces                                                           Newt is an eccentric wizard who feels more comfortable around creatures than he does around humans. He seems a little bit awkward but he also is a caring, lovable and funny person. Newt is very protective over his creatures and just wants to make them feel comfortable and at the same time wants to make the wizarding world familiar with them. He is dedicated and tirelessly searches new information for his book. 

Porpentina Goldstein - Virgo, Capricorn                                                         Porpentina is a woman who is naturally ambitious. She has a level-headed, practical personality and is often described as “grounded”. But at the same time one can definitely say that she has a lot of heart, courage and strength. Tina is soulful and has a desire to stand up for what is right. 

Queenie Goldstein - Libra, Aquarius                                                               Queenie is often considered a “bombshell” because of her magnetic beauty and charm. She is a free-spirited and kind-hearted woman. As a Legilimens, which is a witch or wizard who can look through the many layers of a person’s mind, she is very empathetic. Queenie is charming and sweet as well as daring and brave.

Jacob Kowalski - Taurus Leo                                                                           Jacob, a No-Maj and wannabe baker bumps into the wizarding world when he met Newt and his case. He is loyal, lovable and curious about exploring the world of magic. Jacob is brave and unafraid of adventures but he also likes to enjoy some time with strudel, cocoa and Queenie. 

Credence Barebone - Gemini, Cancer                                                               Credence is a shy, quiet and mysterious boy. He almost always seems to be desperate and sad, this is because he was abused by his adoptive mother, the leader of the No-Maj anti-witchcraft group. He is a vulnerable and inconspicuous person but no one can see that he is strong and powerful deep inside. 

Percival Graves/ Gellert Grindelwald - Aries, Scorpio                                   Percival is a powerful auror and the right-hand man of Seraphina Picquery the President of MACUSA. He is somewhat of an authoritarian, as he seems to be very shrewd and single-minded. However Grindelwald himself is considered a charming and brilliant wizard. He is highly intelligent, magically talented and idealistic but also ruthless and vicious tempered. 

Shower Thoughts

an; hi i literally havent written in forever. i used to have a blog where I wrote some dope shit but I deleted it. :( dumbass move, i know. but if you remember a blog called highoffcalum, that was me! this is kinda sad and more of like a poem ish type thing? its kinda personal i guess but i hope you like it!!

You let the water run down your back and over your face, cleaning off all the dirt and grime from your day off your body. It was around 10:30 at night and your mind was wandering into its own world.

Shower thoughts.

You thought about Luke. You thought about how his eyes shined against all the black he wore, how is blonde hair fell perfectly around his face, and his smile, how it lit up your day.

His smile.

You thought about how he had a secret love for country music, the way his crude humor made you giggle until you felt sick. You thought about how he furrowed his eyebrows when he was concentrating, and how you sometimes caught him looking at you when you were looking away.

I can’t have him.

You scrubbed your body with soap and washed your face, standing under the faucet head has your tears blended with the falling water.

You thought about how much you wanted him. You thought about how it would feel for him to hold you at night, to hug you when you woke up, and how it would feel for him to kiss you during the day.

Kiss me.

You thought about how he didn’t want you. You thought about how everything was in your head. You thought about how no one would love you like you wanted them too. You just thought.

You turned off the water with your wrinkly fingertips, the cold contrasting against your hot skin. You thought about everything you’d heard about him, you thought about how he liked a girl that was 100 times better than you in every aspect.

I’m not what he’s looking for.

You stood in the shower for a little while longer. All that you could hear was the leftover droplets from the shower head hitting the tile. You thought about how he said things about you that broke your heart.

“I don’t date chicks like her.”

You felt the cold air hit you all at once, your shivers forcing you out of the space. You wrapped a blue towel around your body, and inhaled as your mind slowly recuperated. It was 11:30 PM, and you were being brought back to reality.

Shower thoughts.

tonight at work i had a conversation with a man who was drunk and high and grieving his dead partner and he kept telling us that we were from different worlds, different dimensions even. he said this after sobbing out the words “i miss him so much” and i swear it when i say that i will never forget the look in his eyes at that moment. and that look is the reason i don’t agree with him. i am so very from this world. i love this world. even in the winter. even though all i do these days is think about dying because nothing seems good on this whole planet. i am from here. this world is harsh and terrible sometimes, maybe most of the time, but i can’t imagine caring about any world or dimension as much as i care about this one. my heart is always finding something to be heavy about and i couldn’t live somewhere with nothing to be sad about, not as long as there are worlds like this one still around.

Google Fonts Blog: Raising the quality of fonts in our collection

Since the new Google Fonts directory launched in May, we’ve been hard at work improving the quality of the fonts in our collection. In June we invited a team of typeface designers and font engineers from around the world to our New York City offices to kick off a 4-months font improvement project.

I’m really impressed with the work Google continue to put into this incredible resource. I hope they don’t suddenly decide to shut it down one day.

And then we’re gonna go on even more adventures after that, Marco. And you’re gonna keep your mouth shut about ‘em, Marco. Because the world is full of idiots that don’t understand what’s important. And they’ll tear us apart, Marco. But if you stick with me, I’m gonna accomplish great things, Marco. And you’re gonna be a part of 'em. And together we’re gonna run around, Marco, we’re gonna do all kinds of wonderful things, Marco. Just you and me, Marco. The outside world is our enemy, Marco. We’re the only [belch] friends we’ve got, Marco. It’s just Star and Marco. Ssstar and Marco and their adventures, Marco. Star and Marco, forever and forever, a hundred years Star and Marco, s… things. Me and Star and Marco runnin’ around and Star and Marco time. Aaall day long forever. All, a hundred days Star and Marco forever a hundred times. Over and over Star and Marco adventures dot com W W W dot Star and Marco dot com W W W Star and Marco adventures all hundred years. Every minute Star and Marco dot com W W W hundred times Star and Marco dot com.
—  Star Butterfly, Star Comes to Earth

I am so desperately proud of Louis.
I am in awe of his strength to be able to do what he’s going to do tonight. And that is testament to the man he has become because of his mother and the family and friends he has around him.

I could barely function days after i lost my mum to cancer when i was at the age of 21 and i am so utterly astounded by him.
I feel so helpless when all i want to do is give Louis the biggest hug in the world.

I’m so heartbroken for him and his whole family. But we are all here by his side. Supporting him. Always.

I love you Louis.

Stay strong. Just hold on.

Lets do this. Together


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BTM had an awesome debut! I wasn't expecting it to get Top 20 on US iTunes or #1s around the world. Just because they barely started teasing it like two days before the release. And also the genre is electronic and jazz. It's an awesome song! But so different from what tops the pop charts. Props to Lauren x Marian Hill for such a bold and brilliant effort. I like that it wasn't standard at all.

Yeah it blew up quickly, with only two days it played at two stores 

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“How are you feeling?”


Milo groans, feeling consciousness slowly seep back in. His body is warm but he’s laying on something cold and it makes him feel chilled. There’s a slight echo of a distant voice and it smells… kinda gross. There’s a faint taste of iron and copper on his tongue.

Eyes slowly fluttering open, it takes him a while to figure out where he is. Everything’s slightly blurred, and he’s seeing double of the world around him before things are clearing up. Suddenly, he makes out the for in front of him- Tyrone. He blinks, holding onto that sense of clarity to help everything until he’s seeing right.

“Ty? The fuck-” He tries to lift his head but pain immediately hits and he has to lay back with a groan. “What happened?”

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A - Age: 19

B - Biggest fear: Getting hurt but at this point. I’m just used to it. 

C - Current time: 5:02 AM

D - Drink you last had: Alcohol

E - Every day starts with: Saying “Fuck this shit”  

F - Favorite song: Let’s Get Lost - G Eazy

G - Ghosts, are they real? Fuck yeah, they’re real!

H - Hometown: Los Angeles, CA. 

I - In love with: My WRX. Food. Traveling. No boyfriend. Single Af.

J - Jealous of: People who look better than me. I’m ugly lol and people who has more money than me. If I had money in the world.. Bitchhh , best believe I would buy myself a new car, car parts and travel around the world. 

K - Killed someone? I killed myself lol.

M - Middle name: Jimenez

N - Number of siblings: 2 Sisters

O - One wish: My one wish would be I wish I wasn’t so scared to do or say things. I need to start speaking up. I need to start doing something. If not , I’m just a little bitch and seeing how things are without trying. 

P - Person you last called/texted: This particular person I texted last… And a call from my friend that’s currently in Japan right now. 

Q - Question you are always asked: “Are you Mexican?” 

R - Reason to smile: Seeing my WRX because I’ve worked hard for it. 

S - Song last sang: Come & See Me.

T - Time you woke up: 11AM

U - Underwear color: Black.

V - Vacation destination: Japan and Hawaii. 

W - (the) Worst habit: Fucking overthinking. Cussing so damn much. Procrastinating at its finest. The need for speeding all the god damn time. 

X - X-rays you’ve got: Never got X-Rays. 

Y - Your favorite food: Fucking Sushi Bro. 

Z - Zodiac sign: Pisces. 

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Amelia went over to Steve, hugging him from behind. She knew how stressed, how tired he was, and that meeting had been rough. "I can get the paperwork done tonight... Want to go home?" she asked him quietly, resting her cheek on the back of his shoulder.


At the feeling of a pair of arms winding around his middle, he smiled, a hand moving to squeeze hers. He was stressed about everything: the Avenger’s, her, their baby. He always tended to carry the weight of the entire world on his shoulders. He just wished he could forget it all. Even if it was just for a day. “I’m okay. We don’t have to go home.”