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No Romo - chapter 1

It’s Aro/Ace August, of course I had to write a fic like this!! Anyways I hope you are ready for some museum kid friendship because there’s a lot more coming up


Alix spent so much time at the Louvre that most of her classmates at this point were convinced that she lived there. Whether or not she did was irrelevant – it was the place where she hung out most, and where she needed to get back to right now to go hide from this suffocating monstrosity known as Valentine’s Day.

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Olafur Eliasson, Your Rainbow Panorama, Installation at the Aros Museum, Aarhus, DK

idlecreature  asked:

Super vague question but: what things lost to time do the volturi miss the most?

Aro: curse tablets, usage of the Great Cipher, victory steles, stealing scrolls from monasteries and blaming it on the Vikings, Constantinople under Justinian I, writing in spirals, doomsday prophecies, alchemy, Tyrian purple, a handful of extinct bat species, ‘itinerant philosopher’ as a real career choice. 

Sulpicia: social license to carry a mummified heart around, grave goods, bone chapels, dancing plagues, spirit photography, ancient Egyptian linen, the rest of Sappho’s writing, auguries, that time the Dutch economy hinged on rare tulips, poisonous makeup. 

Caius: damnatio memoriae, the code of Hammurabi, skull chalices, civilizations whose military success was premised on horses and archery, ancient Egyptian surgery, fancy knives that completed your outfit, the culture of poisoning during the Italian Renaissance, the Volturi’s brief flirtation with being a terrifying Italian banking family, high-heeled shoes as fashionable and accessible menswear. 

Athenodora: orreries/astrological clocks, naumachiae, the Library of Baghdad, Babylonian astronomy, the Gorgan Wall, medieval bestiaries (the way people used to draw bats is her favourite thing in the world), Herodotus’ Historiesand more specifically, the hope that his more fantastical writings were a little true), duelling, neoclassical gowns on other ladies. 

Marcus: flower meanings, Victorian mourning culture (particularly the eerie relics and jewelry), romantic sonnets to an idealized beloved, passion plays and commedia dell’arte, kennings, black dogs (the folkloric creatures; Marcus loves all actual dogs equally), historic medical museums, wandering mystics/seers/saints, Greek fire

“Bacon, Freud, and the London painters” at the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark, opens this Saturday, October 14. Don’t miss works by Michael Andrews and Francis Bacon included in the show!

In the decades following World War II, this group of artists engaged with subjects that felt immediate and intensely personal. This exhibition retraces their artistic developments via works, including paintings and drawings, spanning seven decades. Despite the sheer diversity of approaches and techniques, that embodied their practices, the members of this group were constantly renewing their individual appraisals of the artist’s personal position in the world, focusing on individuals, locations, and narratives close and dear to them.


Olafur EliassonYour Rainbow Panorama 

The permanent elevated structure provides a 360º view of the city of Århus, Denmark. Suspended between the city and the sky,the viewing platform insists on the sensory engagement of those who enter it.

The continuously circular pathway sits on top of and proportionality compliments the ARoS museum of art, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen in 2007. Measuring 150 meters around, the transparent glass unit is designed to act as a visual compass for the city, its colors marking the physical location of each visitor.