SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.12

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**WARNING**: Draaammaaa

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The sound of Calum’s phone ringing reverberated around the white walls of the hotel room. He ignored it at first, but soon remembered that he wasn’t the only one in the room the second he felt your warm breath against his neck. He reached to grab his phone from the bedside table and answered without checking the caller ID.

“Hello?” He sighed out, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Hey, Calum, how’s it going?”

“Besides the fact it’s nearly four in the morning, I’ve been doing well.”

“It’s almost one in the afternoon, mate.”

“I’m in London.” Calum groaned.“Did you need anything, David?”

“Well, we have some issues we need to discuss concerning this new "gold digger” of yours. Care to fill me in?“

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You Brought Pizza

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Summary: The reader cant sleep, but she has a surprise visitor in the middle of the night.

Word Count: 765

A/N: I was waiting for pizza to be delivered last night, so I decided to write about it. XD. Hope you guys enjoy!

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  It was another sleepless night for you. You tossed, turned, taken a hot shower, drank lavender tea and even tried to meditate, but nothing was working. You finally faced the fact that you probably were not going to get any sleep that night. You turned your TV on and switched to Netflix, turning on That 70s Show, and continued watching it.

  You were watching the show for about ten minutes when you heard your phone dig with a text alert.

  “Who texting me?” you mumbled reaching for your phone.

  “You up?” two simple words made your heart flutter. Granted it really wasn’t the message itself, but whom the message was from.

  “Of course you are up Bucky,” you smile and you text back asking why he was up.

  Within moments your phone started ringing, you chuckled when you answered, “What are you doing up, Barnes?”

  “Come open the door,” his voice was soft.

  “What?” you jumped out of bed and walked, as quickly and quietly, so you didn’t wake up your roommate.

  “Just open the door sweetie,” he let out a soft chuckle.

  You opened the door to see the tall, dark super solider standing there, holding a pizza box. You smiled at him, “My knight and shining arm,” you wrapped an arm around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips.

  After a couple moments, Bucky pulled away, “This pizza is getting cold, baby.” 

  You walked to the kitchen to grab two beers. Bucky was already in your room opening the pizza box which let out the aroma of meat lover pizza waft through the apartment.

  You closed the door behind you and smiled, “I have had this dream so many times. You, in my bed, with pizza. It is a dream come true.”

  He gave you a sweet smile and held his hand out for you to join him in the bed, “I am here to make your dreams come true.”

  You handed him the beers to open as you climbed into bed. You took in a big whiff of the pizza and smiled, “This smells amazing.”

  “I knew you would like it,” he handed you your beer. 

  “How did you know I would be up?” you asked with a mouth full of pizza.

   He shrugged, “Lucky guess.”

   You raised your eyebrows, “Really? Lucky guess?”

   “Okay, I was walking by and saw your light still on, so I got pizza and came back.”

  You sighed and brushed a hair behind his hear, “Did you have another nightmare?”

  He nodded slowly.

  “And you wanted to make sure I was okay,” you asked softly.

  He turned to you and gave you a soft smile, “I always got to check on my girl.” 

  You leaned in and gave him a soft kiss, “You didn’t have to just do a walk by; you can always just come up.”

   He nodded, “I know, I just didn’t want to scare you.”

   “You could never scare me,” you placed your hand on his cheek.

   He kissed your palm, “I love you, Y/N.”

   “I love you too.” 

  “Y/N, do you have pizza?” your roommate, Michelle, asked as she opened your bedroom door.

   “The smell of pizza woke you up from a dead sleep?” you laughed.

   “The smell of pizza could wake me up from a coma,” she walked in towards the open box of pizza, “Hey Bucky.”

  “Hey Michelle, help yourself,” Bucky chuckled.

   “Thank you, Buck,” she said as she grabbed two pieces of pizza and started to walk out, “Night you guys.”

   “She is pretty great,” Bucky chuckled as he sipped his beer.

   You looked at him and blurted out, “Move in with me.”

   Bucky started to cough, choking on his beer, “What?”

   You raised your eyebrows, “I’m serious. You are over here almost ever night and it seems that you do little walk-byes. Just move in.”

   He sat down his beer and cupped your face in his hands, “I am so in love with you, and you never cease to amaze me.”

  “Is that a yes?”

   He planted a kiss on your lips, “Of course that is a yes. I would love to move in with you.”

  You wrapped your arms around him, “We are gonna be roommates.”

   “You are definitely going to be the hottest roommate I have ever had,” he squeezed you a little.

   “And if you bring pizza home, it will be the best living arrangement ever,” you giggled as he kissed your neck.

  “I will bring pizza home for you,” he smiled against your neck.

Hello! Here’s a long overdue request for anon who asked for a s/o accidentally scaring Symmetra and Sombra. So sorry for the long wait guys! I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately with writing. Hope you enjoy!


               The sun hadn’t yet broken the horizon when your eyes first fluttered open; the grey dawn softly illuminated your bedroom. You reached out to smooth your girlfriend’s hair away from her shoulders and plant small kisses on them, but instead of warm skin your hand met cold, smooth sheets. You turned your head to face the empty pillow next to you and frowned. You always hated waking up to an empty bed but you knew that Satya couldn’t stand to waste the day away in your cozy little cocoon. You reluctantly rose from your bed and went searching for her

               The apartment seemed completely silent at first until you heard the warped sound of her hard light creations softly trickling out of the kitchen. You tiptoed to the end of the hallway and peered around the corner. Satya had opened the curtains over the sink and light flashed around the kitchen as it caught the wind chimes out on the porch. Her back was to you, her arms moving artfully in arcs and lines around her. You watched her trace patterns and mold shapes in her hands for what seemed like an eternity. You never tired of watching her in her element, calm and peaceful.  When she finally finished, she stepped back to assess and admire her work, and revealed a beautiful bouquet.

The crystal vase overflowed with roses and lilies. Their leaves and petals more delicate than their real life counterparts and they shimmered with a soft blue light, giving them an ethereal appearance. Your breath caught in your throat and you stepped into the kitchen to ask Satya what the occasion was. You shifted your weight onto a particularly loud floorboard and Satya nearly jumped out of her skin. She rounded on you with a hand pressed to her heart and an offended look on her face before she realized it was just you. She dropped her hand to her side and straightened her shoulders, quickly regaining her composure.

“Good morning,” she said stiffly, pushing down her embarrassment. “How long have you been standing there?” You smirked and bit back a chuckle. No need to fluster her any further.

“Long enough to know you were up much earlier than me.”

“Well, that much is obvious. If you ever woke before the sun I would have to reassess what is truly impossible.” You smiled softly and crossed the kitchen to her side, slipping an arm around her waist.

“So, what’s the occasion?” You said, gesturing towards the bouquet. She raised her eyebrow at you and wrinkled her nose. You suddenly felt sheepish, wondering what you had said that earned you a look usually reserved for difficult picture frames that refused to hang properly.

“I believe today is your birthday. Unless I am mistaken, which I highly doubt,” she said. Your eyes widened and you blushed hard, feeling the blood rush to your cheeks. You had completely forgotten. You dropped her arm and turned towards the flowers, gently tracing a petal with your fingertip.

“Thank you, Satya. It’s beautiful,” you said. You turned to give her a loving and apologetic smile but you were instead met with a pair of warm lips.

“You’re welcome, my love”. She pulled back and you pressed a trail of soft kisses to her shoulder, your arms encircling her and your hands knitting into her silky hair. She looped her arms around your waist and rested her head lightly on yours. The sun finally broke the horizon and flooded the kitchen with golden light, putting the finishing touch on your perfect morning.


               “Sombra! Dinner’s ready!” You assumed she had already smelled the aroma of pizza wafting into the living room, but you knew it could be difficult to pull her away from her games.  You bent and slid a pan into the oven nudging the pizza onto it and then straightening and settling the tray onto the stovetop. You frowned when she didn’t come running into the kitchen. What could possibly be keeping her away from your world-famous pizza? You decided to go investigate whatever was holding your girlfriend up.

               You peeked through the doorway to her gaming room and smirked when you saw what was displayed on her computer monitors. The latest horror game had been released earlier that day and she had pounced on it as soon as it was available. She’d been holed up in the darkness all day, and you decided it was time for her to step away from the ghosts and zombies for awhile. You didn’t know why she bothered with those games anyways, they always gave her nightmares.

               You crossed the room and as you gently placed a hand on her shoulder so as not to scare her, a particularly gruesome jump scare popped onto the screen, and you heard the screams coming from her headphones. Sombra shrieked and the bag of chips she’d been cradling was sent flying into the air while she jolted violently and sent her rolling chair falling backwards. You quickly jumped out of the way as she toppled to the ground and her in-game character perished. Sombra yanked off her headphones and lay on the floor, stunned. You knelt beside her, careful to avoid the cheesy chips littering the carpet. She slowly turned her head to face you, her eyes wide with terror.

               “Um… I’m sorry?” You managed a quasi-apology before bursting into laughter. Sombra rolled onto her stomach and pressed her forehead into the carpet while groaning something about “stupid jumpscares.” You giggled as you gently wrapped an arm around her and curled up next to her on the floor.

               “I really am sorry, Sombra.” She glared at you out of the corner of her eye.

               “Oh yeah, I’m sure you are,” she drawled. You smirked and pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

               “If it makes you feel any better, the pizza’s ready,” you said. She struggled into a sitting position and sighed, leaning against you.

               “You know I can’t stay mad at your pizza,” she said, flicking your nose softly before rising to her feet. You grinned and took the hand held out to you.

               “I even put pineapple on it this time, special for you,” you said. She chuckled as you dragged her into the kitchen.

               “I’m not entirely sure you didn’t plan this, but I forgive you anyways. Only because of the pineapple pizza though. I love pineapple pizza.” She rubbed her hands together in excitement as she spied the pizza sitting on the counter. You smiled and looped your arm through hers.

               “And I love you,” you said softly. Sombra turned a tender gaze on you and squeezed your arm tightly. She then turned her affection towards the pizza. As she piled her plate high with slices you knew you were forgiven.

ARIES you are wanton and wanderlust, you are the hottest nightclub in Vegas, that European DJ’s play their newest tracks in. Chandeliers and acrobats dance in cages that swing on ceilings, and people are left drunk and dizzy with the beautiful chaos you hypnotize them with.

TAURUS you are a lazy river that flows effortlessly, in the calm serenity of a secret forest. Only your loved ones know about. They come, only to read underneath your branches as the river whispers sonnets that play out as background noise around you.

GEMINI you are a light up arcade where the aroma of pizza and craft beer wafts through the air and different slot machines buzz and sing different tunes all at once. Everyone’s intoxicated by the thrill of you.

CANCER you are a bonfire on a beach in the fall, as the wind kisses people who sit around you, they snuggle up in soft fur blankets and lean closer to the heat. Marshmallows roast on giant twigs, and everyone is safe here.

LEO you are an upscale bookstore where coffee and paper linger through the air and perfume your clothes, even after you leave. You came for the historical fiction, but stayed for the trashy romance novels with half naked beautiful people enchanted by one another on the covers. Soft melodic tunes play in the background, as the sound of milk is being steamed by a barista in the distance.

VIRGO you are the highly anticipated summer blockbuster that people have been lining up for hours to see. Butter soaked popcorn lingers in the air. They came for comedy, but your content leaves them thought provoked and questioning the patriarchal hierarchy of societal normalcies and expectations. Everyone leaves stone faced, but with a purpose to do something with their lives, that only you were able to give.

LIBRA you are the state fair, where cotton candy is being spun onto sticks and corn dogs are being fried in the distance, rides play different top forty tracks, and colors are electronically lighting up the sky in the shape of a ferris wheel, people hold yellow colored caramel dipped apples in one hand as they juggle an oversized stuffed animal in the other, the air smells of metal and sweets.

SCORPIO you are a pop art Smithsonian in  New York City, where light up portraits and dimly lit rooms project the growling of panthers you can only make out their teeth, each room is able to enrich the senses of every person that walks through. Everything is mysterious and exciting, with hints of unease and fear that pass through each guest, but everything is educational. They came for Warhol but find five screens projecting different angles of the same black and white Persian film, they don’t understand due to it being in Farsi, but they are enamored by the women that dance to a melody they’ve never heard.

SAGITTARIUS you are a wine vineyard in Italy, where a woman with coiffed curls and red lacquered nails sips on the finest Pinot Noir money can buy. She is making pasta, but her sauce is from scratch. The smell of tomato basil and garlic bread waft through the air, as a song by a female vocalist sings in Italian. All of her windows and doors are open.

AQUARIUS you are the adrenaline of a one night stand where two lovers meet on the off chance at a coffee shop, where the barista gets their orders wrong – but they find one another instead. you are ruffled linen sheets between entwined ligaments, and mussed hair. where people find temporary solace in one another and maybe they never speak again. 

CAPRICORN you are a cloudy day at the beach, where the air is salt kissed and taffy is being spun in the distance. You are the calm of the waves crashing as they kiss the shore in each steady sequence. People where T-Shirts and walk lazily on the shore, or read books recommended by the New York Times.

PISCES you are a coffee shop where people noisily chatter about, and the click clack of keyboards being pressed by manicured fingertips sound off around you, the smell of espresso beans and sweet milk fill the air in a sense of aromatherapy, as the whirring of the coffee grinder lulls everyone into a pleasant and tranquil state of caffeinated energy.

—  the zodiac signs as aesthetics; apply your rising and sun sign 
Evening Breeding

I tried to post this last week, but for some reason Tumblr went crazy and I ended up losing all of it - so, I will do my best to recall as I post it now

My man was out of town for work and was getting in quite late, so we agreed that he would get a room near the airport, and I would go down there after work to wait for him to get there. He put my name on the room, so all I had to do was check in.

I arrived at the hotel around 7:00 PM, checked in, went to the room, and immediately cleaned out my ass, as I wanted to get some loads in my hole before my man got there. I had a CL ad ready to go, so just before I arrived at the hotel, I made sure it posted. As I was finishing preparing to have my ass filled with cock, I got a couple of emails and then a couple of texts, as I craftily include my number so I can receive texts. The first guy was a good looking guy in his mid-forties; nice cock and was about 10 minutes away. The second guy to respond was a younger black guy - as you know I LOVE BBC - and was about 20 minutes away.

TOP#1 - I gave him the hotel address and room number, and told him that I would be face down, ass up, ready to be used and filled with cum. As soon as I gave him the information, I placed the words “CUM DUMP” on my ass with bold black dry-erase marker, and got into position. He came in and undressed and began rubbing his cock on my hole - that drives me crazy - as he lubed up his cock, I took a good hit of poppers and then pushed my hole up and he slid right in. He stated that he loved my tight hole and proceeded to give me a very good breeding. Once he was finished seeding my hole, I asked him if he had any buds that might like to stop by, and that if he did, to please give them my number so they could text me. He said that he might have a bud or even a couple that would be interested. He thanked me for letting him seed my tight hole, and then left.

7:30 - 1 Load

Top#2 (Young BBC) - About 2 min after Top#1 left, Top#2 texted that he was about to park - I was glad of this because I LOVE having guys arrive one right after the other! I gave him the room number, and waited in position for him to come in. He came in, and immediately said: “Fuck, that’s hot!” He then undressed, and put both hands on my uplifted, round ass - and then promptly spanked my right cheek - it wasn’t too hard, but it was hard enough to make my cock begin to get firm. He then place both hands on my ass and spread my cheeks apart and slid his tongue into my cummy hole. I asked him if he liked the taste of my slutty cummy ass; he gave a loud moan of approval, and continued to eat my hole with expert skill. After he was satisfied with eating my ass, he lubed up his very thick black cock and began to work it into my needy ass. Once he was in balls deep, he then proceeded to pound my hole with hard, vigorous thrusts that made me feel as if I might shoot my own load from the effect of him slamming his hard cock in and out of my whore ass. After about 5 minutes of him really giving my ass a thorough pounding, he began to moan loudly, signaling to me that he was about to shoot his load. He said: “Where do you want my hot load, you slutty whore? Do you want it in you? You want it in that used ass, don’t you?” To which I immediately said: “YES - BREED ME!” And with that, he let his big load loose in my hole - it felt like about 9-10 full shots of cum - so much so that when he pulled out, I could feel it running down my balls - another sensation that gets me ROCK HARD.

7:50 - 2 Loads

After he left, I checked my email and my texts - Top#1 texted asking if he could come back with a buddy - OF COURSE!!

Top#1 returned about 15 minutes later and undressed again, and while we waited for his buddy, began to eat my hole. After about 5 minutes, his bud texted that he was parking, so Top#1 slid his cock into my ass so he would be fucking me when his bud walked in. Top#3 arrived, and was impressed with the scene, and undressed. He was a thin, well-built guy in his mid-thirties, with a few tattoos - one on his naval, one on his pec, and one on his upper back. He was very good looking, and the ink made him look all the more alluring. It didn’t hurt that his cock was about 8 inches, but not too thick - it was dripping pre-cum, which I immediately began to lap up and suck his cock to make sure it was fully hard before he slid into my slutty whore ass. Top#1 increased his pumping speed, so I knew he was going to dump another load into my hole, which came shortly. Top#3 then went around behind me, and slid his hard cock right into my hole and said: “Fuck, that’s a nice cum-filled ass!” Top#1 said: “Fuck yes it is; now breed that slut hard - seed that hole!” Top#3 began pumping my hole double time, and Top#1 being still rock hard, stroked himself and watched his bud mark my hole with his seed. It wasn’t long before Top#3 was shooting his big load of cum into my already well-used hole. And, as soon as he pulled out, Top#1 jumped around behind me and shoved his cock back into my ass and shot another load!

8:20 - 4 Loads!

Top#1 & Top#3 dressed, and soon took off; I checked my email and texts, and found that I had a couple of messages from a hot married guy that needed to dump a load in some ass before he headed home to his wife. I gave him the info and he said he’d be there in less than 5 minutes!

Top#4 - He arrived and was very quiet. He undressed and asked me if I would mind sucking him until he was hard - NO PROBLEM! Although this guy was somewhat thinner than the type of top I typically go for, he was very nice looking and had a very nice thick cock - it’s always the skinny guys that are hung like a horse! I sucked him hard and then he got behind me, lubed up and attempted to slide his cock into my hole. Now, I will say that my hole is actually very tight, and it usually takes at least 2 massive cocks to fuck me before any top with a cock of any size can just walk up to my hole and shove it in without lube or some effort. I think it made him a bit nervous too, so I asked him if he’d like me to turn over so that I was on my back - he said: “Yes, please.” So, I obliged him - once I was on my back I guess my hole was at just the right angle for him, and his cock began to slide right in. I could tell that he really enjoyed my ass, and he said that it may not take him long, as he was very horny and had not fucked in a while. I told him that I loved a quick pump-n-dump, and to use my hole for his pleasure. It was no sooner than I said that, that he was shooting a massive, multi-pump load into my wet, cum-dump ass.

8:40 - 5 Loads!

Just then, my man texted me that he would be boarding his flight and that I should order something to eat for when he got there around 10:00. I ordered us some pizza, and then went back to work on getting my ass filled.

Top#5 - I received a text from Top#5, who insisted that he be allowed to come in and the room be almost totally dark and that he be completely anonymous, and that he would be there at 9:10. As this is my favorite way to be fucked, I was more than happy to agree. Since I had a few minutes, I ordered the food and then played around with watching some porn and fingering my cummy hole, and then tasting the cum off of my fingers. About 9:07 Top#5 texted that he was almost there, and wanted to be sure that the room would be completely dark - I assured him of this. I was so turned on because there are usually one of a few reasons a guy wants it to be completely dark and anon:

1. He’s “straight” with a girl-friend or has a wife

2. He doesn’t look like his pic or as his stats describe him

3. He actually knows who the bottom is, like perhaps they work together, or know each other from the same social circle, etc.

When Top#5 arrived, he was NOT in the #2 category - at least from what I could feel, he had a nice tight muscular body which was somewhat hairy but had been trimmed back quite a bit so I could feel the stubbly hairs against my ass and back. He smelled REALLY good too. So, in my mind, I began to fantasize about who this hot prickly top was - there are SEVERAL guys that I know from so many other things that I know would love to breed some ass just like this, and I am certain that I’ve had at least a few of them dump their hot loads in me. So, I chose to believe he was this hot guy that is the husband of a guy I used to work with - the feel of him just fit the picture I had in my mind. And, the fact that it wasn’t far from where they live, and he wanted it completely anonymous just reinforced this fantasy in my head. He had a NICE cock that was rock hard as soon as he undressed - he lubed it up and slid into my hole - it felt AMAZING. He fucked my ass for about 10 minutes, and then said: “I’m getting close… where do you want me to cum?” I said: “In my slutty hole, Sir.” I could tell he was very happy to hear that, and said: “Good - I was hoping to get to breed this nice ass!” That statement, even further made me believe it was my former co-worker’s hot husband! He filled my hole, pulled out, and said: “Don’t move, whore.” and then dashed into the bathroom to clean up. I didn’t move a muscle until I was certain he was gone. I wasn’t able to catch a glimpse of him either - maybe next time!

9:25 - 6 Loads!

9:30 - I was checking my emails and texts when I heard a rather faint knock on the door. I guess that the last top hadn’t left it ajar, and I assumed it was a top that I had texted with a little earlier, who said he wasn’t sure when he’d be able to come by, but it would be before 10 and he would let me know for sure via text. I had already given him the room number, so I told him to come when ever. I walked over to the door and opened it just enough that it was ajar, and then dashed back over to the bed to get into position. The door opened and the room flooded with light - I heard him enter, but he didn’t say anything. Then, I smelled the very distinct aroma - it was the pizza delivery guy! I was frozen on all fours on the bed - I heard him set the food down and then he said: “Looks like I’m delivering more than your pizza. You need some dick?” I said: “Yes, Sir - I’m taking loads.” He asked: “How many you got so far?” “Six,” I said. “Well,” he said, “you’re about to get number seven!” And with that he lowered his pants, lubed up his already hard cock, and positioned himself behind my cummy hole and slid in and bred me - it was quick because he had to get back to work. “Luckily,” he said, “this was my last stop before I head back; I love it when I get a good blow job, or get to load a nice tight ass like yours!” I told him to breed my slutty ass, and he shot his hot load right in my hole.

9:40 - 7 Loads!

Just as the pizza guy was leaving my man texted me to let me know that he was on the ground and would be on his way shortly. About 20 minutes later, he arrived at the hotel, and was in a grumpy mood. We ate pizza and talked about different things, all the while I am thinking that he is going to flip me over and fill my ass before we go to bed. No such luck - he was really tired and just wanted to go to sleep.

I stayed awake, watching TV. I noticed that I had received a text from a guy asking if I was still taking loads. I said that I was still taking loads and asked him when he could get there. It was almost 11:00 and my man was dead asleep right there in the bed, so I had to figure out how I was going to get this hot BBC in my hole. The room’s entrance was a sort of short hallway, and there was a bathroom right by the door. Across from the bathroom door, there was a huge floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall, that when you looked into it, you could see the entire room, including the bed where my man was asleep. I took the foot stool from the other side of the room, and placed it in the short hallway, about three or four feet just inside the door. I jarred the room door, and got onto the foot stool on all fours, with my ass facing the door. Remember, my ass has “CUM DUMP” written on it, so as soon as he opened the door, he could see it.

He arrived, came into the room quietly, and noticed my man asleep on the bed, and asked if it was cool that we fucked. I assured him that it was fine, and that I would tell him about it the next morning, The top was concerned about what might happen if my man woke up. I assured him that he would either watch or join in. With that the hot BBC top lubed up his BIG THICK hard cock and slid into my wet, cummy hole. He pounded me until he shot his big load in my hole, got dressed, and thanked me on the way out, and said that I should save his number.

11:15 - 8 Loads!

The science behind PTSD

I was sent this article by my psychiatrist. Finally I’ve found a short, concrete and easily understood explanation of PTSD that even a non-sufferer should be able to grasp.


By Dave Reiss, contributor

“The term, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is commonly used in a nonspecific manner, often to refer to any type of emotional reaction to disturbing events. However, that type of reaction is very different from the neuropsychological process that occurs in the specific syndrome that results from exposure to severely traumatic events, such being on a field of combat.

The clinical syndrome of PTSD is best understood as an unresolved reaction of the mind and body to an experience that is of sufficient disturbance (fear and/or trauma) to cause a fight-or-flight response. The fight-or-flight response marshals all resources — neuromuscular, mental and physiological to be ready to flee a danger or fight an enemy.

Metaphorically, the body’s energy is turned to preparing muscles to be used for fighting or fleeing as opposed to, for instance, supporting physiological processes related relaxation, digestion or even immune response. That is, if you are in acute danger, it is more important to be ready to fight or flee than to digest your last lunch or fight off a cold.
The brain goes through similar changes with the focus of attention narrowly directed toward the threat. As the brain is focusing upon reacting to the danger, normal processing of memory is of little importance at the moment and does not occur.

Using the rough analogy of a computer, normal processing of experiences first involves immediate-memory acceptance of unprocessed data; most data is then stored in short term files which retain the information only for a period of time (depending upon how important it is considered) and are then erased; most important information is sorted out and stored into “long term” memory files. The related sensory and emotional experiences are also filed, but in effect, separated into sub-directories.

For example, if asked what you ate for dinner last night, you will probably remember fairly easily and reply, “perhaps, pizza.” But you do not have the experience of smelling the aroma and tasting a pizza.  If directly asked, “Tell me what a pizza looks like, smells like and tastes like…” you would be able to access the sub-directory files and provide that information, perhaps almost re-experiencing the visual image, odor or taste — and whether or not you enjoyed the meal.

PTSD is the condition that occurs when the fight-or-flight response prevents normal processing of experience into memory. Rather, all of the data — the cognitive memory and the sensory and emotional information — are retained floating as unprocessed immediate recall. Then, when any event, interaction or experience even superficially touches upon that unprocessed data, or at times spontaneously for no evident reason, the experience floods back into consciousness, complete with the sensory and emotional information, such that the event is not remembered but actually re-experienced.

Complicating the situation, that re-experience can be re-traumatizing, again stimulating a flight-or-flight response which again interferes with normal processing of the memory.

If a person is able to retreat to a safe, supportive environment, (at times with the aid of different treatment modalities), the raw experiences can finally be processed into normal memory. However, if the trauma is repetitive or if an appropriate environment is not soon available, that processing will not occur and the re-experience continues to occur, leading to even more distress that can take different forms such as anxiety, depression, anger, paranoia, social withdrawal, and/or seeking out drugs to suppress the discomfort

Persons who have a history of emotional problems (anxiety, depression, substance abuse) or who experienced traumas earlier in their lives, will have more difficulty getting through this process.

Each individual, based upon their personality, past experiences and innate temperament, will go through the process in a unique fashion.

However, if exposed to sufficiently traumatic events, every person, no matter how emotional healthy or strong they are, will have to go through this process, usually with at least some degree of distress and disruption. Particularly for those who cannot quickly retreat to a safe, supportive environment and those who are exposed to additional or continuous trauma (such as in combat), getting through the process unscathed is almost impossible and some degree of disruptive PTSD symptomatology will emerge.

Thus, for anyone to suggest that only those who have an emotional vulnerability or who are not strong enough will develop PTSD is simply wrong — uninformed, inconsistent with scientific and medical knowledge and cruelly unfair to individuals who have been exposed to horrendous trauma.

David M. Reiss, M.D., psychiatrist, private practice, San Diego, CA

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

This was supposed to be a short drabble. It’s 1k. I have no regrets. Anyway, for @dadharbour, my darling babe whom I love and cherish always 💕

“You just so happen to be, so fuckin’ pretty, Nancy…”

He dragged his fingers over the nylon strings, slowly switching between chords and every-so-often glancing up at his girlfriend—who was hunched over a stack of books and papers across from him, nestled under blankets. It was a cold winter night, but the Wheeler house was warm. And Jonathan beside him added to that heat, rolling his eyes with every new song Steve played.

“Oh, Jonny boy, I love you like I love Sunday, I love you so much, hey hey…”

“Steve,” Nancy slapped her pencil down, though she was grinning, “that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“I’m actually insulted,” said Jon, smirking down at his math quiz.

Steve rolled his eyes. “Well, what else am I supposed to do? I finished my homework.”

“Because you’re only taking like two classes,” said Nancy. “I, on the other hand, have a midterm on Monday, and a test on Wednesday.”

“That’s like, ages away.” Steve shifted on the bed, stretching his legs out. The iron bars of Nancy’s bed dug into his back, so he shifted some more, burrowing into Jon’s side.

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Therapist au

This was not how you planned to spend every Saturday morning and Thursday evening. From the time you were 16, you’d been seeing the same therapist, Mr. Irwin. You would sit here for 2 hours, staring blankly at the motivational pictures he had hung up. Some times you’d actually look at him. When you did, he was nose deep in notes he had been taking as you two “expressed your feelings and emotions”.

It was bull shit.

“(y/n), nice to see you as always,” Mr. Irwin greeted you. He had just walked into his office for your early morning session. He placed his satchel on the desk chair. He took a final sip of his dark roast coffee, before placing it down as well. You didn’t even crack a slight smile at his greeting. You stared at the clock, counting down the minutes until you could leave. You’d been seeing him for 2 years, but each time he walked into a session you felt uncomfortable. “S’wrong? Cat got your tongue?” he joked. God, that was such a “dad” thing to say.

“Morning, Mr. Irwin,” your quiet voice greeted him. Your back was faced to him, but you imagined what he looked like right now. Shocked, maybe because it was a rare occasion for you said more than 20 words per session. Probably smiling, because he always was.

“(y/n), I told you, your 18 now, an adult, you can address me as Ashton,” he reminded you. You nodded, keeping quiet. You tapped your foot on the ugly tiled floor. Everything in this room was white and plain. You hated it. It was so bright and over taking, it was like the room lacked any type of emotion.

“Now, today I want to try something new. I’m going to ask you questions straight forward. No games, not motivational speeches, just questions.” he explained in his oh-so-sweet voice. He put on his reading glasses and rolled up the sleeves to his collared blue button down. Ashton took the seat across from you. This was so typical. Each session he looked and dressed particularly the same. He always had his notepad and his gel inked pen in hand. Things were always the same; boring.

You stared at his tapping foot, waiting for him to start asking his questions. You most likely wouldn’t answer any of them. You never did. Because all the issues you have were private.

Ashton cleared his throat signaling he was going to officially start. “(y/n), in the 2 years we’ve spent talking together, I’ve realized I know not one single bit about you. Well, besides what I’ve seen on your file,” he explained, smiling. You didn’t see how him not knowing all of your details was a problem. Ashton wouldn’t want to know a girl with issues like you. “Please, tell me about yourself”. Ashton had his pen ready to write down whatever you would say.

“There’s nothing you need to know,” you told him. You lifted your head to him. He was staring at you. Like you were some type of creature he’d never seen before. His eyes were on yours, studying you like a text book. But you realized, he was very attractive. You’d never seen him this way before. You’d barely seen anybody that way before. But his golden curls and hazel eyes made you weak in the knees.

“Damnit, (y/n),” he said through gritted teeth. He threw his pen at the brick wall to the side of you two. The sound of the pen making you wince. You looked into his eyes and let out a deep breath. “I’m sorry. My behavior was completely inappropriate.” he immediately explained. “I’ve just been working with you for two years and I can’t get anything out of you. Your parents hired me to do this and I’m failing. I have no clue why you isolate yourself from human kind, or stay in every day after schooling. I don’t know (y/n), but I want to. It can’t be that hard to talk to your 25 year old therapist,”

“I’m sorry,” you shortly said. You stood up, brushing your palms against your black skinny jeans. You put on your army green rain coat. There was no way you’d be staying there for another hour and a half.

“(y/n), I’m sorry. Please sit down,” his gentle voice told you. He ran a hand through his hair as he let out a sigh.

“No! I’m 18, I get to choose if I want to talk to some shrink that I don’t even need because nothing is wrong with me,” you shouted, the seriousness evident in your voice. “I’m not seeing you again.”

“Y’know thats the most emotion I’ve seen in you in 2 years.” he smiled. “ You look quite cute when you are angry,”  he flirted. Ashton removed his glasses, setting them down on the coffee table.

“I’m not sure thats an appropriate thing to say. I’m leaving now,” you went back to your lack of emotion. But your insides were bubbling. No ones ever made you feel… like this. Maybe this is the feeling of butterflies they always describe in the books. Maybe this is what love felt like. You didn’t know, but you wanted to.

“Wait,” he called to you, as your cold hand touched the metal door knob. You tucked a strand of your dark hair behind your ear and waited for him to continue speaking. “I have a rule about seeing clients outside of the office, but you seem to not be a client anymore. Would you like to get a coffee?” he asked. You hesitated to answer him. But heat was rising to your cheeks, unbelievably quickly. “I understand if it’s not appropriate.”

“N-no, uhh that’d be lovely, but I don’t do well in public. Could we just do something at your place?” you asked him. “I understand if it’s not appropriate,” you mocked.

“Sure. I can get your phone number from your file. I’ll message you later,” he smiled. And that smile lit a fire in you like you’d never felt before. You could feel it running through your veins. Something was different now. A good kind of different.


New message from (xxx)-xxx-xxxx

(xxx)-xxx-xxxx : Hello beautiful

you : hello?

(xxx)-xxx-xxxx : it’s ashton

you : oh, hello :)

Ashton : still want to come to mine tonight?

you : course :) I wouldn’t miss it

Ashton : great, the address is (fake address)

you: okay. I apologize in advance for my social awkwardness

Ashton: you’ll be fine. See you later love


You arrived at Ashton’s house. It was a quaint flat on the other side of town. It was cute, nothing too expensive or extravagant. Every step you took away from your car, your stomach grew butterflies. There was a constant feeling of nervousness and excitement coursing through you. But why? You were sure Ashton was only being friendly.

“You can do this,” you whispered to yourself. You tried to gain as much confidence as you could. You raised your hand up to knock on the door. Just as your knuckles made contact with it, it swung open.

Ashton was standing there. His glasses weren’t on because he wasn’t at work anymore, but the shirt and pants remained the same. He looked so handsome. No (y/n), it’s wrong to think of him like this. He was your therapist and he’s 7 years older.

You gave him a look of confusion. How did he open the door exactly at the time you came? “I wasn’t waiting for you or anything. Your converse aren’t exactly the quietest shoes and I heard your little confidence pep talk. It was cute, but there’s no reason to be nervous,” he gently smiled. He opened the door a little wider, waiting for you to step in.

You blushed slightly. “Thanks I guess?” you laughed and he let out a little chuckle. It sounded heavenly. “Nice place,” you commented, looking around. Everything was pretty basic, but it was common manners to you to compliment the home.

“Thanks,” he smiled. And then silence kicked in. You were used to this. You were horrible at carrying and starting conversations. Most of the time you’d find yourself staring at another in an awkward silence. That’s why it was just better for you not to speak at all.

“You hungry?” he asked, running a hand through his curls. You nodded. An instant later, he grabbed your delicate hand, leading you through the house and to the kitchen. The feeling sent electric through your body and you never wanted it to go away. But was he even feeling the same thing?

“Glad to hear. I have take out,” he told you. His six foot figure was blocking your view, since he stood in front of you, but the aroma of pizza and cheese fries lingered through the air.

“Pizza, very classy, Mr. Irwin,” you joked. He laughed, pulling a chair out for you. You sat down, he was quite the gentleman. He sat across from you, smiling as always.

“I told you to call me Ashton,” he reminded you. And you nodded. You tried to conceal your feelings of pure excitement. This was your first “hang out” with any boy really, and they happened to be majorly attractive.


“(y/n), can we just talk for a little?” he asked. Currently, he had a strong arm draped around you. It was warm and conforming, although he probably only meant it as a friendly gesture. The two of you sat on his leather couch with a movie playing in the background. You couldn’t really pay attention all that much, since the single touch of his fingertips on your shoulder distracted you from everything else.

“Sure,” you responded. He flicked the television off and took his arm away. It felt lonely and colder without his touch. The expression on his face, was almost worried. You couldn’t quite explain it. He released his lower lip from in between his teeth, beginning to speak, and you payed attention to every word so carefully. Just the way he talked was beautiful.

“I don’t want to seem like I’m pressuring you, but I just want to know what’s going on with you. I want to know what you wouldn’t tell me in the office. I promise, I’ve thrown your file away and cleared all of your appointments already. I’m assuming your guardians know we won’t be meeting anymore. Just tell me, it stays between us,” he finished, letting out a breath, and tossing his curls. Of course, this was all anybody every wanted to talk about. Your life was filled with, “your quiet”, “why so sad?”, “oh I didn’t even recognize you in those baggy black clothes”, and your favorite, “what is wrong with you?”. As if you were some freak.

“Ashton..” you said after a moment, your voice shaken. You’d never told anyone about anything that went on in your life. You kept everything to yourself. You barely spoke, and it’d been that way for as long as you could remember. “For as long as I could remember, I was always sad. My guardians, if you could even call them that, basically left me to join the business world of lawyers and country clubs. I wasn’t a happy child. I’d tried to be happier and cheer myself up, but nothing worked. I self diagnosed myself as depressed, but I don’t think anyone knows. I’m so self conscious, I’m afraid to even open my mouth to order at a restaurant. I’m constantly scared what people will think of me. This wasn’t the life I asked for. If it were up to me, I’d have no life at all. It kills me to feel this way, but I know if I end it, it’d be a burden on my dads political campaigns. I’m sorry for the rant you don’t need my life story,” I shook my head, wiping the stray tears.

Ashton removed my hand from my face, replacing it with his own hand. He rubbed his thumb gently over my cheek. The soft pad of his thumb, making me weak. He gave me a slight smile, whether it was just sympathetic I didn’t know.

“You could’ve just told me. You know I would’ve helped,” he calmly told you. You nodded your head. You knew you could’ve told him, but you were so afraid of being judged.

“Has anyone ever told you that you are beautiful when you cry? I think you do. I love the emotion. It’s different than the mute (y/n) that comes to the office,” he smiled. You blushed at his compliment, trying to hide the fact that his simple statement caused such a grand reaction from you.

“No one has ever told me I’m beautiful, not even when I wasn’t crying,” you shrugged, like it was no big deal. But it did hurt you. And maybe that was simply the reason your confidence was below zero.

“Well, I just wanted to let you know,” he grinned.

Something about the way that sly grin slid across his face and made your smile beam brighter than the sun, made you feel almost intoxicated. Drunk on the love and feelings you had for him. Maybe those feelings weren’t mutual, but boy were they taking over your body.

So you slowly leaned in. Where had this confidence even come from? You’d never kissed anyone before. You pressed your palm lightly to his soft cheek. You could feel the jaw line, you sometimes caught yourself staring at. And as you got closer, you could smell the musky aftershave he used. The scent alone giving you euphoria. But he wasn’t stopping you from kissing him.

As your lips brushed ever so lightly, the butterflies returned. You wondered if he was feeling the same. Did he feel like he was on top of the world? Surely, that was how you felt.

“Stop, stop,” he said in-between your light kisses. You climbed off of his lap, slightly embarrassed. “sorry,” he mumbled.

“No, I shouldn’t have come on so strong,” you blamed yourself. As if it was your fault, that he literally compelled your body to do it. “Sorry,” you apologized. But you weren’t sorry. Those thirty seconds of kissing him seemed well worth it.

“It’s just, I never meant for you to think this was a date or something. It is absolutely not. Your a nice girl, but that’s the problem. I’m 7 years older than you. We’re at different stages in life and I can’t see us working out. My bad for leading you on,” he explained. Oh. Your heart dropped. It was hard to pretend that every word he said wasn’t crushing you. It was hard to sit there and act like you were okay with everything.

“No, no I understand. I think I should head home. Wouldn’t want to keep my parents waiting,” you shortly said. You didn’t give him time to respond. It felt as if you were trapped in a room with no air. You had to get out of there. You put your shoes on and the jacket you brought quickly.

He hadn’t even gotten a chance to say goodbye before you rushed out of his apartment. You honestly, just didn’t want him to see you cry again. As far as he knew, you were fine with everything.

Because you always kept you emotions a secret, even from the ones who mattered most.

Flush of Fate - Chapter 3

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Multi chapter, humour (I hope)

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden, Erza Scarlett

Summary: Have you ever been stuck in a room with someone you hate? Try being stuck in a bathroom with that person…while the party of the year is happening downstairs.

| | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 |

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Late Nights - Nate Maloley (Requested)

This was a request by wtffwilkinson. I really hope you like it, I just made something up since you didn’t have anything specific :)

Leave me requests I love writing for you guys!! (*cough cough* major Cam feels still in order)

Here we goooo

I was lying in bed, about to fall asleep when my familiar ringtone went off. I groaned and picked up the phone.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hey babe, wanna go on a little drive with me?” Nate asked. I could hear the smile in his voice.

“But I’m tired and was about to go to bed,” I pouted.

“Well…I’m already outside. I brought pizza,” he said.

“Fine, only for the pizza,” I smiled.

“It’s always for the pizza,” he sighed.

“I’ll be out in a second,” I laughed before hanging up and setting my phone down on my desk. I turned on the light and looked at myself in the mirror before shrugging. It’s not like he cares what I look like at this point. Now I needed to figure out how I was going to get out. I grabbed my phone and shoved it in the pocket of my pyjama shorts as I quietly opened the door, cringing, waiting for it to squeak, but it never did. Thank god. I stepped on the side of the floor, against the wall as I tiptoed down the stairs. I pulled on my vans.

“Shit,” I whispered. The alarm would go off once I opened the door. I quickly shut off the alarm before stepping out of the house. I did it. I smiled as I ran over to Nate’s car and opened the passenger door, climbing in.

“Love the outfit,” Nate laughed.

“Shut up. I didn’t wanna change,” I said, hitting him playfully.

“You know I love you in pyjamas,” he smirked. I leaned over and pressed a kiss to his lips before taking my seat again.

“I’m surprised I didn’t get caught,” I said.

“You’re like a spy,” he joked. I chuckled as I leaned my head back on the chair, shutting my eyes.

“Pizza!” I screamed as I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“In the back,” he chuckled. I reached back and pulled the box forward, opening it. I breathed in the lovely aroma of the pizza and took a slice out.

“I love you Nathan,” I grinned.

“I know,” he winked.

“You’re supposed to say it back!!” I yelled.

“I love you too,” he giggled. I took in everything that was going on. The smell of pizza filled the car, and there was music playing, but not too loud. The city lights were shining bright as we drove along the highway. It was moments like these I lived for. Late night drives with the one you love are absolutely incredible.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Who knows,” he chuckled. That’s what I loved about him, he was so spontaneous. Which made our relationship like that too. I caught him staring at me and I blushed.

“Eyes on the road, Maloley,” I laughed as I pointed a finger at him.

“Sorry, you’re just so gorgeous,” he said, showing off his dimples.

“Oh stop,” I laughed.

“It’s true. I love it when you have your hair like that, comfy clothes and no makeup,” he said.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better,” I giggled. He shook his head.

“Seriously. It’s you, just completely you. I think you’re beautiful,” he smiled.

“I think you’re beautiful too,” I said and he laughed lightly. We sat in a comfortable silence when Nate pulled up to this beautiful view. We were surrounded by trees and there was a lake in front of us, with trees and mountains up ahead.

“It’s amazing,” I breathed.

“Amazing place for an amazing girl,” he said.

“Stop you’re so cheesy,” I winked. I kissed his cheek and he turned his head. Our lips locked and we kissed slowly. Fireworks went off just like every other time we’ve kissed.

“Can we go out?” I asked.

“Of course,” he smiled. I jumped up and down and opened the car door, running out and to the edge of the small cliff…if you could even consider it a cliff. 

“Don’t fall,” Nate said as he pushed me lightly, but quickly pulled me back. My heart was racing.

“Fuck you,” I laughed as I placed a hand over my heart, feeling the heartbeat.

“Gladly,” he smirked.

“Shut up,” I laughed as I smacked his chest lightly. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me again, smiling into it. We walked over to the edge and just stared in silence at the beautiful view. We sat down on the floor and I leaned against him, shutting my eyes.

“This is way better than sleeping,” I grinned.

“I’m glad,” he smiled as he kissed my forehead.

We stayed there for what felt like forever, talking about anything and everything. One of the things I loved about him was there was never a dull moment. I pulled out my phone and saw that it was already 4:30.

“Nate, I need to go home. My parents are gonna wake up and see me gone and probably never let me see you again,” I said, only partially joking about the last part.

“Okay,” he pouted.

“I could stay here, with you forever. But, unfortunately it cannot be done,” I said, pouting back. He stood up and brushed off his pants before getting back in the car and beginning to drive. His right hand was holding mine as his left was placed on the wheel.

He pulled up to my house and I looked at him.

“Thank you so much, this was amazing. I love these spontaneous adventures at 1am,” I smiled.

“Me too, I’ll text you in the morning baby girl,” he smiled.

“Goodnight babe,” I said as I kissed him slowly. Finally we pulled away and I stepped out of the car. I blew him a kiss and waved as I carefully walked back into the house and into my bedroom.

I flopped down on my bed and smiled, realizing how much Nate meant to me and how I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

Silence (part 9)

I’m literally not following my story line for this story at all… ahh well. Means more chapters for you guys :D

Read more chapters here!

Setting: High School AU

Summary: Being new to the school wasn’t Lucy’s only problem; try being mute as well. Also add in being bullied for her disability, but fortunately for Lucy a pink haired male swore to protect her. Befriending the mysterious man, Lucy realized she wasn’t the only one with troubles in her life.

Gray sighed as he walked down the street on his way to his second home. Guilt consumed him slightly. The past few months he hasn’t been around Natsu as much as he knew he should have. Natsu had spent all his time with Lucy anyway, but that wasn’t an excuse and Gray knew that. He was Natsu’s best friend.

What if he did something stupid again?

Using the key that they had made for him, he walked into the lonely house and smelled the aroma of pizza, he knew Natsu was home.

“Natsu! I know you’re here!” Gray shouted, expecting the usual answer of ‘why the hell are you here Ice Princess’ but… was met with silence. His heart began to accelerate a bit. “Natsu!” It was then Gray broke into full panic mode. When Natsu didn’t answer… it meant something wasn’t right.

He had learned that the hard way.

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Faking it? Maybe?

Michael Clifford Au:

Michael needed someone to get his family off of his back about settling down.

Y/N needed someone to show her friends and her ex that she was doing fine.

The 2 come up with idea to be in a fake relationship to shut everyone up.

Y/N P.O.V:

My phone lights up with a phone call from my best friend, I sigh and pick it up.

“Hey, what’s up?” I ask as I stare down at my nails.

“I was just calling to see how you were doing.” Lacy asks. 

Oh my god when will this end? He ended it months ago, just because he’s dating my roommate doesn’t mean I’m in a state of despair.

“I’m fine, okay? Like I told you yesterday, I’m fine.” I click her onto speaker phone and lie back onto my bed.

“I know, I know. I just worry you know?” 

“I know, and I love you for it. But really, I’m okay, I promise.” I hear her sigh on the phone.

“Y/N, what are you doing tonight?” She asks her voice slightly demanding.

“Well I was planning on ordering a pizza and watching movies. Sabrina is having him over and I don’t plan on leaving my room and running into all of that.” 

“Oh my god, y/n.” She sounded exasperated.

“What?” I asked curiously.

“Seriously? That’s your Friday night plans? Why don’t you go out? go dancing, get drunk in the bar, dance on some strange men, be normal? Or I don’t know god forbid GO ON A DATE?” 

“First of all, Lacy, you know I don’t like to drink much. Second, staying home and crying over Hotel For Dogs is fun. Third, who would I go on a date with?”

“Oh I know!” She says excitedly, “That guy from the coffee shop! The one who gave you his number, you should call him up and ask him out.” 

“Lacy, no, I can’t okay?” I say, my voice sounding defeated. 

“Why not? You’re not still stuck on him are you, Y/n? Alex doesn’t deserve your love. Not anymore.” She sounded sad as she spoke.

“No, no, no it’s not that. I just don’t like him okay.”

“Why? He’s GORGEOUS, and I’m sure hes super nice and ch-” I cut her off mid sentence not wanting to get guilted into texting the guy.

“Hey Lace? I gotta go, okay? I love you.” I quickly say and hang up the phone. 

I love her but god, she can be so invasive sometimes. I’m not hung up on him, I just am not ready to get back out there quite yet. Healing takes time. Healing take time and lots of pizza.

Thinking of pizza I quickly type in my order to my fave local pizza delivery place and order a medium cheese pizza for pick up. 

I throw my hair up into a messy bun, slip on some shoes, and grab my bag and keys.

“Hey, Sabrina? I’m heading out, text me if you need anything!” I announce as I head out the door.

One thing I love about living in a city I can walk to just about anywhere I want to go, including the pizza place I love. 

Walking along I decide to put my headphones in and put on some music to match the weather. It’s cloudy and a bit chilly so the obvious choice is to put on ‘Bad, Bad, Bad’ by LANY. Walking with music always makes me happy and before long I reach the pizza parlor.

I walk in smelling all of the good aromas of pizza and cheese bread and it brings a smile to my face as i walk up to the counter.

“Pick up for, Y/n y/l/n.” I say politely.

“Looks like that’s still got about 10 minutes left, if you wanna take a seat I’ll call your name when it’s done.” The cut employee says.

“Perfect, thanks.” I smile and take a seat in their waiting area.

To pass the time I fiddle with my phone and listen to music and not before too long someone says my name, only it’s not the cute employee it’s my friend Michael from college.

“Y/n? Oh my god, how have you been?” He says and opens his arms for a hug, which I quickly give him.

“I’ve been okay. How about you? How’s the real world treating you?” I smile up at him.

“Oh you know it’s treating me good, I’ve got the dream job what more could I ask for, ya know? How about you, how’s that boyfriend of yours, Alex was his name right?” He asks with genuine curiosity.

“Oh, he’s not really my boyfriend anymore.” I say while tucking a piece of hair behind my ear and looking down at the ground.

“Oh, sorry to hear that.” He says sincerely.

“Yeah, it’s okay. He ended it kind of suddenly a couple of months ago. Now he’s dating my roommate so that’s cool.” I say with a light laugh.

“Oh damn, that’s harsh.” 

“Yeah, kind of. I’m over it though. My friends don’t seem to get that though. They’re on my back about getting back out there, but I’m just not ready, ya know?” I look back at him.

“Oh I totally get what you mean, my mom is all over me about not having a girlfriend and not ‘settling down’, she doesn’t seem to get that I’m perfectly fine and settled just without a girl.”

“Don’t you hate that? Why do you have to be dating someone to seem ‘okay’ or ‘normal’ like I’m fine eating pizza and watching moves by myself on Friday night, I like it.” I move my hands as I speak and he laughs.

“Those are your plans for the night as well, huh?” He asks with a glint in his eye.

“You know it. Nothing better. You don’t party anymore, Michael?” I ask with my eyebrow raised.

“No, not as much. I’ve been tamed by having a real job.” He chuckles.

“I get how you feel, even though I never really partied in college.”

“Yeah you always were an odd one, y/n. Where are you working now?” he asks curiously.

“You know that french restaurant with the fancy name down on 3rd street?”


“I’m the pastry chef there.” I beam proudly.

“Oh, wow, you’re really making it.” 

“I know-” I’m interrupted by the cute employee, who i know notice is not as cute as Michael.

“I have a small pepperoni and cheese bread for Michael.” he announces and Michael looks at me a bit sad.

“Well that’s my cue. I’ll see you around, okay? Don’t be a stranger and shoot me a text sometime.” 

He goes up to pay and begins to leave with his food. He gives me a small wave as he begins to walk out the door.

“Hey, Michael, wait up a second. I just had a good idea.”

He smirks, “Oh yeah?”

“Just let me get my pizza and then lets go for a walk down to the park I want to ask you something.” I smile at him.

“If this idea is coming from you I’m sure it’s bound to be good.” I smile at him knowing it’s going to be great. 

We made small talk on our way to the park, we also picked up some 99 cent drinks from the convenience store to make it a picnic.

When we finally find a spot in the park and settle down and start eating he asks about my idea.

“So what’s this great idea you had in the store?” He asks a curious sparkle in his eye.

“So your mom is on your back about you not having a girlfriend. My friends are on my back about not getting back into the dating scene. What if we fake dated to get everyone off of our backs?” I ask him and bite my lip nervously.

“I like the way you think, y/l/n.” He smirks and then laughs. “So what would this fake dating include?” He asks.

“You take me on a few fake dates, after a couple weeks I accompany you too meet your mom. Then after a few months we mutually break up, say ‘We just weren’t right for each other’ and go back to being friends.” I smile at him.

“That could really work you know.” He smiles and takes a bite of one of my slices of cheese pizza. 

“Hey! That is my pizza.” I smack his arm.

“We’re girlfriend boyfriend now, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is ours or however that saying goes.” He smiles.

“Dumbass.” I laugh at him happily eating.

“So what will we do on these fake dates?” 

“I don’t know. Whatever you want really. We could do this, watch movies, I’ll bake you yummy treats I don’t know.” I shrug and take another bite of pizza.

“I vote that you make me yummy treats.” He says happily and I laugh.

“Anything for my ‘boyfriend’” I use air quotes which makes him chuckle. 

We finish eating and making stupid jokes and before we know it it’s pitch dark and I’m ready to go home.

“So boyfriend, I’m gonna leave, care to walk me home?” I ask with a smile.

“Oh anything for you.”


Lacy is over at my house getting me ready for my 3rd ‘date’ with Michael. Our other 2 ‘dates’ went really well. I’m starting to realize why Alex would get jealous of him in college. 

Michael is a really great guy, so sweet, kind, and funny. He honestly would be the best real boyfriend and I can’t help but to have a tiny crush on him.

“So are you guys like official? And you know I’ve always loved his cute little Australian accent. Oh and the dyed hair! So cute. I always kind of shipped you with him in college but then you were with Alex sooooo.”

“Thanks Lacy,” I say with a laugh, “and if you must know, yes we are official.” I say with little tiny grin on my face.

“Oh my god, I’m so happy for you. After all you went through this year you deserve a nice boy friend.”  she says and puts her arms on my shoulder having perfected my hair and make up.

“Thanks, Lace, really it means a lot.” I smile at her in the mirror.

“So what are you guys doing tonight? He told you to dress warm.” 

“I actually don’t know, we’ll see when he get’s here.” 

There’s a knock on my door a couple minutes later but before I can grab the door Sabrina and Lacy already have it.

“Oh, hey Michael. You looks handsome tonight. Where are you taking my girl?” Lacy asks him excitedly and he whispers in her ear and then proceeds to hold a finger to his lips telling her to keep it a secret.

“A surprise.” I smile as he says it.

“Hey babe, who’s here? Is it the pizza because I have ca-” Alex comes out of Sabrina’s room. “Oh, hey man. What are you doing here?” he asks my Michael looking surprised.

“Just picking my girl up for a date.” I smile and grab his hand and lean into him. “Well we better get going. Nice to see you.” He says politely as we hold hands and leave the apartment.

“Alex looked surprised to see me.” He notes as we reach the elevator.

“I know, it felt good to see him a little jealous.” I say with a grin on my face. “You know Michael, you don’t have to hold my hand anymore.” I say while looking down at our hands.

“I know, but I want to.” He says with a smile before leaning down and kissing my cheek leaving me blushing.

A/N: I hope you guys like this as much as I do! Shoot me a message if you want a part 2 :)


Michael Aus

TMNT Fanfiction Competition 2013 - WINNERS

[Scene is a large warehouse decorated in bright and deep blue, purple, red, and orange. Heavy curtains cover the windows, keeping out the light. Candles accent the randomly placed bulbs in the warehouse. Each table has a simple four-flour bouquet, a blue pansy, a purple violet, a red rose, and an orange daylily. The sweet aroma of pizza wafts through the air. The audience murmurs to each other, waiting for the ceremony to begin. Finally, the curtain covering what has been deemed the front of the warehouse begins to rise, revealing Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo sitting respectfully well, sitting on chairs on the stage, anyway. April and Casey wait on opposite sides of the stage, holding what appears to be the trophies. Master Splinter is standing behind a podium. He taps the microphone, causing it to squeal, catching everyone’s attention as they wince. He leans forward and coughs, then beings speaking.]

“Hello, honored guests, and thank you for joining us tonight. I hope you have all made yourselves comfortable. I am here to present to you the winners of the 2013 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fanfiction Competition. My sons and I are all honored that you care for us so much, even though I hear much grumbling from my sons about the tortures you put them through. I hope you all do not truly wish us harm! But I will not bore you with long speeches. Before I announce the winners, our hosts have something they would like to say.” Splinter gently steps down from behind the podium and gestures forward a woman about a foot taller than him.

The woman steps up to the podium and smiles. “Hi, everyone! Thanks for coming and for your patience with us! The staff behind this year’s competition have worked very hard in checking over nominations, the ballot, and finally the poll, and I just have to say how much we appreciate your dedication and participation! We had a record 62 votes this year! Due to a number of ties, we have decided to cut honorable mentions from this year’s competition. We do apologize, but there simply would have been too many ties otherwise. Certificates are being worked on now and we hope to have word of when those are ready soon! For now, we have some virtual trophies to hand out to you!

Once your name is called, you may step up and give an acceptance speech if you are so inclined. Congratulations to all the winners! 2013 saw some fantastic fics and I so hope we will continue to be able to host this competition, so keep up the good work in 2014! So without further rambling, I’ll hand the show back over to Master Splinter!”

Splinter takes his spot at the podium again. “Keizoku wa chikara nari - perseverance is strength. I am proud of all of you just for trying. There’s no shame to be had in that. I hope we can all be happy for those that won. And, the winners are…”

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