“(Girl) My boyfriend is leaving for the army soon. I won’t cheat on him. I will wait like a patient army wife.”
“How do you plan on repaying your girlfriend for waiting for you?”
“(Boy) By trusting her.”

“(여자) 남자친구가 곧 군대에 가요. 고무신 거꾸로 신지 않고 현모양처처럼 기다려줄 거에요.”
“남자친구는 기다리는 여자친구분께 어떻게 보답하실 건가요?”
“(남자) 믿음이요.”


Cakes in jars are done… Birthday care package is almost finished!!! There’s also frosting with sprinkles, candles, birthday cake Oreos, silly string, balloons with messages on them, and boudoir pics. Pretty excited to send it to him! Then I have to start working on his Father’s Day package from Julisabel…