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(Photo: Hayley Williams)

Imagine you’re Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore. Your band’s latest single, “Ain’t It Fun,” practically plays on repeat on the country’s top radio stations and you play at sold out concert arenas across the globe. You probably need some caked-on, melt-proof, chemical-strength makeup for those appearances, right?

Wrong. A champion of healthier choices, 25-year-old Williams opts for natural beauty products whenever she can. “What I like about natural beauty products is that, when you find one you love, not only do you get some kind of instant gratification just by using it, but you also get the peace of mind that you’ve invested in your future wellness,” she says.

Williams discovered natural beauty through her battle with acne, which she previously treated with some pretty harsh products. “Honestly, some of those things did work, but I just didn’t feel good about making an aggressive beauty routine part of my lifestyle,” she recalls. “The long-term effects scared me.”

So when she does need to glam up for the stage, Williams and her makeup artist, Brian J. O’Connor, opt for makeup from brands like Armour Beauty and Tarte. “I want it to look healthy and natural throughout the whole show—more important than setting the skin with a powder or a spray afterward is hydrating it and prepping it beforehand, either with a favorite moisturizer or facial oil,” she says. “My personal favorite base makeup for stage is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer. It performs well under pressure and it doesn’t stress me out like cakey makeups do.”

Still, she admits there isn’t a mascara in the world that can stand up to a Paramore concert (AKA blaring lights and 25,000 fans screaming at you), be it natural or not. “I don’t care about having raccoon eyes, it’s a rock show, not a magazine cover,” she says. —Jamie McKillop

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1. DoTerra PastTense Essential Oil Blend Roll ($20) I carry this everywhere with me. It’s fully loaded with stress-reducing essential oils (all certified pure therapeutic grade) like lavender, peppermint, chamomile, basil, and even more. It’s so good for people who, like me, carry tension in their necks. Especially the kind of tension caused by excessive head-banging. I just roller-ball it right onto my temples or the back of my neck, and I swear in minutes I feel like I’m in a peppermint-lavender wonderland with no worries in the world.

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2. RMS Un-Cover Up ($36) My absolute favorite beauty product. I used this to cover spots when I was battling acne years ago, on and off stage, and I still use it now even though my skin’s cleared up. Healthy, organic ingredients that are gentle enough for sensitive skin, but also work well enough to keep you feeling confident.

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3. Kevin Murphy Young Again Masque ($42) Kevin Murphy’s hair-care range may be the only reason my hair is still alive today. I’ve used his products almost exclusively for the last seven years, and my overly-dyed hair is still healthy as ever. All the products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free, and this hair mask is my new favorite treat. I love the smell and the instant gratification of how happy my hair seems afterward.

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4. Rich Hippie Rock Star Organic Perfume ($85) First of all, yes I realize how ridiculous it is that I’m in a rock band and I wear a perfume called Rock Star, but that’s beside the point. Fragrances always make my head hurt! I had to start looking for alternatives that weren’t filled with nonsense, and that’s when I discovered this one. For me, it’s the perfect mix of flowery feminine, sexy-spicy clove, and cozy vanilla. Bonus points for the tiny glass vial and rollerball application that make it so convenient to travel with.

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5. S.W. Basics Lemongrass Body Oil ($36) I love, love, love this company, what they stand for, and the people behind it. All their products feel luxe and fun at the same time. Anything you order from them has the ingredients listed clearly on the front of the bottle. This one in particular has four, count ‘em, FOUR, ingredients. I’ve never felt more like I’ve got it all together than when I douse myself in this magical stuff after a shower or a bath in the morning.

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Sorry I’ve been mostly MIA for a bit, things have been busy. Anyway, lots of beauty products have landed in my life lately so I have these lip glosses to share with you. You’ve likely heard of Armour Beauty before – they’ve got their own Beautylish boutique and are pretty makeup blogosphere famous? Notes: Paraben free and no animal testing. $21 a pop. 

 I have been hmming and hahhing over buying them but I’m always a little suspicious about lip glosses, none have truly won me over, I prefer non-sticky, matte finishes on my lips for the most part. These came into my life by way of my work, for full disclosure.

Anyway, these are very pigmented – all of these swatches are just one layer. But, downsides: super fragranced (I truly loathe fragranced skincare and makeup, I have a very sensitive nose and it gives me a headache and messes with the smell of my perfume!) and supremely sticky. Hard to be an ice queen when your hair is sticking to your lips, you feel me? If you don’t mind fragrance or sticky formulations these are beautifully packaged, super opaque (doe applicator, if you’re curious) but I think I’ll only use them when I’m congested and can’t smell anything. 

My favorites are the orange (Lucy) and After Hours, the plum. My first impression of the black lipgloss (Femme Fatale) was unfortunately a huge disappointment, it is such a sticky formulation that it dragged on my lips, pulling my (decently moisturized) lip skin and…it just wasn’t pretty, and I’m understating that incredibly. It also never quite ‘set’ and has a lot of slip despite being sticky (??) so the pigment is more like, a wash of grey with lines of black. I think the MUFE Lab Shine lip gloss is much better. But – overall, these are really worthwhile lip glosses if you’re on the market for opaque, glossy lip color that is paraben free and you don’t mind fragrances.