Zlid, the Destroyer

*Context* I a playing Sci-fi campaign over Discord, and my Character, Zlid, is basically a Meatshield, and not much else. During our last Session, we encountered a pair of aliens, twice the size of Zlid, that were destroying us, and getting low rolls were not helping.

DM: The Berserker charges towards Zlid and [Sniper]
Sniper: I roll out of the way, and shoot at it with Armor Piercing Rounds.
Ranger: I try flying above it, and fire down at it.
*Both roll, and fail miserably*
*I look over my character sheet*
Zlid: I’m going to throw my gun off to the side, and run up to punch it.
Everyone: No! Don’t do that!
DM: *Rolls, Silence*
DM: Nat 20
Entire Party: *Looses their shit*

Long story short, the insignificant Meatshield managed to punch a terrifying Berserker to death with his bare hands.

Giant: Ch. 2

I wish that I had known in
That first minute we met
The unpayable debt
That I owed you.

Previously on Giant

Hovering, Kara flopped down on the water tower, her body achy from the robbery she stopped. She didn’t know how to fight, but she could overpower anyone. The problem came with guns. The little ones left a bruise. A shotgun, she learned, that could knock the wind right out of her at close range, though they were getting easier to handle, like a muscle that needed flexed. Just a few days ago, she found herself able to deflect armor piercing rounds, which was cool, to say the least.

Another sweatshirt ruined, though.

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and possibly i like the thrill

january 19 | “over the airwaves” – voice/music

Title: and possibly i like the thrill
Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Gabriel Reyes (Reaper) / Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76)
Rating: T+
Warnings: language and brief violence
Word Count: 1,065 (excerpt)
Notes: What’s that? It’s not time for AUs yet? Too bad! Here’s my overview and excerpt for Day 5 of Reaper76 Week.  (◡‿◡)


Talon AU. Talon extracts Jack from the wreckage of the explosion and spends the next five years reconditioning him. Gabriel still defects to Talon after his resurrection, and the two of them end up as partners. Jack has no memory of his time at Overwatch, and Gabriel doesn’t recognize him… at first.    


Eleven seconds of crackling static feels like an eternity when you’re bleeding to death. Jack wishes he wasn’t so familiar with the sensation. The sharp, insistent pain from the bullets nestled in his torn flesh slowly fades into a dull, fiery ache as blood gushes through his fingers. Jack should have suspected that his communicator had been compromised the moment he realized they’d been double-crossed. He’d been preoccupied by assholes with machine guns at the time, though, so the radio silence catches him by surprise.  

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President Trump Is Throwing a Royal Tantrum, Demanding to Play with the Queen's Toys

“The vehicle that carries the president of the United States is a spectacular vehicle. It is designed to withstand a massive attack like a low-level rocket grenade. If he’s in that vehicle he is incredibly well-protected and on top of that it can travel at enormous speed. If he is in a golden coach being dragged up the Mall by a couple of horses, the risk factor is dramatically increased. There may well be protections in that coach such as bulletproof glass but they are very limited. In particular it is very flimsy. It would not be able to put up much resistance in the face of a rocket propelled grenade or high-powered ammunition. Armor-piercing rounds would make a very bad show of things.”

do-right-fear-nothing  asked:

How and why did the firearms used in FNV get decided on what was the criteria, why was there a larger emphasis on guns in FNV in comparison to FO3, as well as the implementation of different ammo types and ammo crafting as well as significantly more firearms, not mention truly unique weapons (lucky, Maria, that gun etc.)

The process was iterative and went through a lot of revisions.  There were a few questions I asked for deciding what would get included and what would not:

* What are iconic Fallout weapons that should return?

In my mind, the 10mm pistol and SMG had to return, as did the minigun, sawed-off shotgun, flamer, and a few other choice weapon.

* What are players’ role-playing expectations within this setting and what weapons will help the expression of those roles?

We can’t account for every type of character a player might imagine, but we knew a lot of people would want to be a) Mad Max b) post-apocalyptic cowboy/cowgirl c) wacky bazinga science person d) agro military operator e) sneakthief stealth murderer.

Supporting those concepts throughout the game necessitated an array of thematically appropriate equipment options that was available from the beginning and allowed for power growth through the end game.  That’s why you can use revolvers and lever action rifles from the first two hours (.357 Revolver and Cowboy Repeater) through the Battle of Hoover Dam (Hunting Revolver and Brush Gun).

* What weapons share common ammunition types to avoid resource/loot problems?

There are only a few weapons that use an ammo type that isn’t used elsewhere. Western-style weapons make some of that easy since a lot of revolvers and lever-action rifles used the same rimmed ammo types.  Ammo types like .22 and .308, were also easy to use in multiple weapons.

* What are weapons with distinctive/iconic looks that can stand out from each other?

Service and battle rifles are based on distinctive historical weapons, the slim 9mm pistol is easy to distinguish from the bulky 10mm, and even the lever-actions are relatively easy to distinguish from the bolt-action and sniper rifles.

* What are weapons that can be modified in distinctively different ways from each other to allow for orthogonal growth within a subtype of weapons (e.g. lever-action rifles).

If all weapons of a certain type can be modified in the same way, upgrading those weapons becomes less interesting, especially since we expect players to stick with thematically consistent weapons (not always, of course, but…).  This is why the cowboy repeater and brush gun feature top eject: it prohibits the use top-mounted scopes, allowing the trail carbine to be modified in a way that the other two lever-actions cannot.  The unique cowboy repeater does have a scope, but it’s a side-mounted scope, like the one used by Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

* What are different ammo subtypes that can be used that offer distinctly different properties from each other to allow for another axis of differentiation.

Different ammo types have different variants.  This is not only true within a category (e.g. revolver/lever-action rimmed rounds) but of course between categories.  In F:NV, you can’t get armor-piercing rounds in a lever-action or a revolver – except for That Gun/the 5.56mm pistol.  Weapons that fire .44 magnum can also fire .44 special.  Similarly, .357 magnum weapons can fire .38 special, but .44 magnum also has a semi-wadcutter variant, while .357 magnum has a jacketed flat point variant.  The differences are minor, but significant enough to make a difference to players who want to fiddle around with ammo subtypes.


The Soviet KV-2 Tank,

During the 1930′s and early years of World War II, the Soviet Union had a reputation for making some really monstrous metal beasts.  During Operation Barbarossa and the subsequent Battle of Moscow, German commanders and tankers were often shocked at the steel behemoths that made mincemeat of their piddly little Panzers, tanks such as the famed T-34 and KV-1.  However the Soviets also had a reputation for building tanks that were so large that they were impractical and self defeating.  The KV-2 tank was one result of that legacy.

Built upon the chassis of the KV-1 heavy tank, the KV-2 was certainly a vehicle that stood out on the battlefield with its unusually large turret.  The turret of the KV-2 was large because it was needed to house an exceptionally large gun, a 152mm howitzer.  Unlike other tanks of its size, the KV-2 was not really a tank designed to fight muzzle to muzzle with other tanks or spearheading an advance, rather it was an assault gun developed to destroy enemy pillboxes, bunkers, and other heavily armed fortifications.  However the KV-2 was equipped with armor piercing rounds as well as high explosives, which would have surely turned any tank to suffer its wrath into a molten pile of scrap metal.

While the KV-2 certainly looks badass, and would have been a frightening sight to any untrained enemy, when it was used against the Germans during World War II its weaknesses were soon made apparent.  Firstly the large turret of the tank made an excellent target.  When you’re the largest object on the battlefield it is only natural for every enemy gun to fire upon you until you are brought down.  Secondly the design of the tank was seriously flawed.  The Soviets simply slapped a 12 ton turret onto the chassis of the KV-1 tank.  Equipped with 12 cylinder diesel with an output of 550 horsepower, the engine could not handle the extra 12 tons of weight.  Hence the KV-2 (45 tons total) was under-powdered and slow, with a maximum speed of 15 MPH in ideal conditions.  In combat conditions it was more like 5MPH, with mud and rugged terrain hampering, if not completely negating its mobility.  The extra 12 tons put incredible stress on the engine and transmission, thus breakdowns and mechanical problems were common.  Thus what resulted was a monstrous behemoth that was slow, unwieldy, unreliable, expensive, and a drain on resources.

Because of its failures, the KV-2 was only produced in 1940, with 255 being manufactured.  There was a plan to build a similar tanks called the KV-3, which would have been armed with a larger 170mm high velocity gun, but it was scrapped before production.

anonymous asked:

Whats your opinion on the "Batman makes his own villains" argument? Yknow the one that it´s Bruces fault the Joker, Riddler etc are criminals?

villains blaming batman for the tragedy that befalls gotham every other wednesday is the one thing that at some point or another, in each and every version of batman (comics, animations, movies, games) has occured. what makes it even more jarring is that most of the time, batman doesn’t say anything to object them. it’s like he silently agrees that yes, if he hadn’t donned the costume, gotham would ironically be safer than when he started his crusade, yet he can’t stop now because the domino effect is too great to stop. if batman stops now, all the gotham villains will destroy the city and, at the same time, by not stopping, gotham villains will continue trying to destroy the city

i think it makes for good story-telling. inescapable tragedy is batman’s theme after all: no matter how hard he tries, how many times he saves gotham city, there will always be another bad waiting just around the corner. but should batman being his own villains’ creator be used as often as it is? should people accept it as the undeniable truth and nothing else? it depends. will you take a, most of the time, sociopathic criminal’s word as the one ultimate reality? because even though we’ve occassionally seen gothamites blame batman for all their troubles, the number one resource for batman blaming comes directly from arkham asylum’s finest

it’s called psychological projection. you shift the blame of your actions, actions that can sometimes be deemed impulsive and impossible to change without psychiatric help, and put it on someone else. batman is a beacon in gotham—a shining, “angelic” one for the ones who need a savior; a big neon vegas sign that reads ‘blame your illegal actions on’ for the criminally insane. and to ground the issue a bit, projecting is something we’ve all done. it’s when you’re caught doing something bad and when you’re confronted, your first words are usually along the lines of, “yes, but…”. but. you feel the need to rationalize your actions and/or blame them on someone who maybe urged you to do it or are simply inferior to you. it’s an instict we all have so it’s only logical that in a world where everything’s exaggerated, everything’s more, this projection gets amplified three times over when it comes to gotham’s baddies

and while i see the foundations of a batman creating his own villains by taking something boring and turning it into a funride (during batman begins, gordon talks about escalation: “we start carrying semi-automatics, they buy automatics. we start wearing kevlar, they buy armor piercing rounds. you’re wearing a mask. jumping off rooftops. now take this guy. armed robbery, double homicide, has a taste for the theatrical, like you.”), i don’t see how this should be turned into a definitive accusing point for a man who’s trying to make things better. should you be accused of having an alarm installed when your day-to-day bulgars decide to graduate to some sort of masterminds and go and nuke your front door to get in? the alarm will go off anyway so they might as well make a big 4th of july firework event out of it!

bruce by wearing the cowl has created some of his villains, in some way or another, directly or not. he almost directly created the red hood but that didn’t happen with bane. a good deal of them saw a dude dressing up as a bat, going out every night and doing his thing, and decided to finally dare it too and go off the deep end completely. but he’s not giving away fliers calling for everyone to commit a crime. people, on their own volition, decide to blow up a bank or kill fifty hostages

never shift the blame to someone else. all of them are denying responsibility for their atrocities and should be held accountable. yes, maybe batman began a costume craze. how exactly does that justify all the murders and horrific crimes of the joker?

So I thought of a Kylux AU where they became space criminals after the First Order fell and this ended up happening? 

He looks like his father.

That is all Leia can think of as she watches their son pace back and forth next to the hospital bed, as he practically hums with nervousness.

She looks at the scar splitting his face and the haphazard bun his hair is thrown into, looks at the battered leather jacket, looks at the worry in his eyes.

He looks like Han after a difficult mission, Han while he sat by her side after days in labor. He looks like Han, and it hurts.

Leia opens her mouth to speak, to say something, when he interrupts her.

“I know” her son tells her, eyes heavy with grief and shame, “I know.”

He stops his pacing and hesitates, looks at her and then back down at his lover.

His lover, the former general, and oh how that had stung. Her son had come home to her, had surrendered all for this-this monster. 

The patrol leader had told her, how he had begged them to treat the wound in the man’s side, how he had tossed them his lightsaber and raised his hands above his head. Her son had come home, and it wasn’t for his family.

A wheezing cough comes from the bed and her Ben lights up, sinks onto his knees and presses a hand against red hair.

“One of Karo’s thugs shot you with some kind of armor piercing round-two inches to the left and you’d be dead.”

His lover blinks at that, raises a hand to scratch at his unkempt beard before noticing Leia.

“Are we in a Republic base?” He sounds so scandalized that Leia bites back her laugh at the expression on his face.

“It was that or death, moron” her son says teasingly, the tension gone from his frame.

Leia watches them talk, watches the way they lean towards each other, and thinks of the early days with Han. She remembers it, remembers how they couldn’t seem to leave each other’s orbits-how despite the distance and the time he would always come back. 

She remembers, and she makes her choice.

“Your ship’s ready. Once the doctor gives the all clear, you’re free to go.”

Her son startles at that, his lover blinking in surprise.

Leia knows there are arrest warrants for them, both as the infamous Kylo Ren and General Hux and as the smugglers that have killed and lied and swindled half the mafia bosses of the core worlds.

But her son is happy, and for Han’s sake she will not take that joy from him. 

I love reddit and I can’t believe that I came across this fan made talk on Andal Brask’s Sniper alias: TITAN

Credit goes to NFSgaming 

So, if people were strolling on the pages a bit ago there was a post talking about this: A sniper rifle from destiny concept art

When I saw this weapon I was like…woah, that’s really cool. So, I decided to take my time and try to make a really good concept of a in-game version. Now, it doesn’t look exactly like it…there might be a few changes to little parts. However, the whole entirety of the weapon should look like it.

I present: Titan: Exotic Sniper Rifle Concept

Based off of concept art of Andal Brask by Bungie

“Out in the wild of war, you’re gonna need a friend Cayde…” -Andal Brask

The weapon of the first Hunter Vanguard, Andal Brask. Created in the peak of the Golden Age by Clovis Bray, it was a formidable weapon. Shots from the weapon were spun at higher velocity, so fast that they made no sound. When Andal Brask was murdered by Taniks, Cayde sealed the weapon away from himself…so he could focus on his work. Now your here, and he wishes to give you a prize of legends…

Main Perk: Underdog

Tree Perks: Quickdraw, Rifled Barrel, Speed Reload

Exotic Perk: Titan / This weapon gains Armor Piercing Skip Rounds. Precision kills with this weapon make the next shot in the magazine faster to shoot and travel faster to targets.

High Impact [Black Spindle], 4 magazine, 20 reserves, 26 maximum reserves. High Range and Velocity. Poor Handling and Reload. Muzzle Changes only.

Here is a small bit of the weapon changes:

Fabian Strategy getting a great buff.
Thorn has 25% less base range
Sidearms getting mostly buffs
Sniper Rifles hella nerfed
Hand Cannons and Fusion Rifles untouched
Shotguns have a few changes, nothing terrible
Pulse rifles mostly unchanged, small buff to mid-fire rate
Heavy weapons get small, but good changes
A few perks have changes to them
Magazine perks like Armor Piercing rounds, High Caliber rounds, etc. now grants range at the cost of handling.

Thats the gist of it

Cultural Allusions

Words: 1,552
Notes: I claim no credit for this joke. I got it from this post, although it’s appeared in several other places since; the next logical step was to just run with it, since that’s in all probability what Natasha would do. 

Also, the concept was irresistible and I am weak. 

My most sincere apologies, and I hope I’m not overstepping when I assume you’re all familiar with “Shrek.” 

In May of 2001, Robert Bruce Banner (no aliases yet, although he prefers to go by his middle name) is thirty-one years old. He will turn thirty-two in December. His life centers around the study of anti-electron collision and its production of gamma ray photons, protein-lesion yields and viability in irradiated cells, an 8-bit TTL computer he’s been putting together from scrap, and a woman named Elizabeth Ross whom he has earnest hopes of marrying.

In May of 2001, Natalia Alianovna Romanova (alias “Natasha Romanoff,” alias “Black Widow,” alias “Whatever the Plot Requires”) is sixteen years old. She might turn seventeen in November. Her life centers around the sound of her own heartbeat inside her ears, the feeling of her own hands and arms as she washes off other people’s blood, the sight of a newly-made scar that runs horizontal across her lower abdomen, and the general idea of not getting herself killed. This shapes up to be a rather all-consuming avocation.

So neither party, understandably enough, is paying much attention to the activity of DreamWorks Studios, or a certain movie it promotes and releases that particular month.

(Bruce may vaguely note a period of several weeks during which he cannot turn around in the supermarket without seeing a green-faced creature – what was on its head, suction cups? – decorating the front of every cereal box and cookie package, but the image leaves no lasting impression. 

Natalia-Natasha-Black Widow, meanwhile, does not go to the cinemas. She already spends enough time sitting by herself in the dark, waiting for things to happen. Why give away her money for more of the same?)

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Send 🎼 for me to make you a starter using a line from the last song i listened to

Warm blood underneath my skin
Warm blood, my heart is pumping.

Her vision went dark for a second, then a shrieking red once the pain drives her through. Her hand presses down on her side, the red seeping through her fingers as she hissed.

Talon agents would have been pleased to hear the doctor’s scream. The Valkyrie suit provides light armour, but it’s as strong as wet paper against armor piercing rounds. She’s crumpled down against what cover she could find, grip tight on her blaster. She just needs time and she’ll be fine. She sticks her blaster out the corner and fires some blind shots.

It seems they’ve found her. Not that she really made a conscious effort to hide herself. After all it’s hard to miss a world renowned doctor and considering the landed shot on her side, exposing bloody flesh, it’s kind of an appropriate statement. She starts to chuckle at her dark humor, throwing in a couple more blind shots as she waits patiently as her wounds begin to knit themselves back together. Couple of seconds at best, and she can fly out of here.