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Doctor Who on ice! Can’t wait to see the costume he’ll wear for this :D


2012 US Figure Skating Championships - Backstage & Behind the Scenes Senior Men


Looking through that Max Aaron post, I saw that there are people who didn’t know that figure skaters actually skate to music that isn’t classical music.

So I’m going to share some programs that show that starting off with Armin Mahbanoozadeh’s Free Skate from this year Doctor Who!

I love how much Armin stans Mao. Learning to play her program music on the piano, having her name underlined twice followed by “(call me)” where his favorite skaters are listed on his website…

Also holy shit his academic cred. I’m being absolutely serious when I say that my immediate reaction was “that’s kinda hot." 

But in general, he’s pretty much just an adorable human being and totally one of us when it comes to fanloving other skaters.


Johnny and the Holiday Dreams on Ice cast - “Rumor Has It/Someone Like You”