Armin Arlelt


So is ‘smol blond with blue eyes and angry dark-haired smol with green eyes bond over reading about the outside world’ a trope yet or….

I decided to draw Annie with her hair down instead of in her iconic messy-bun thing she wears. I’m totally going off on a head-canon here but I want the kind of relationship I imagine Armin and Annie having. The two of them have both done things they didn’t want to do, they have blood on their hands, they took on an immense responsibility at a young age, and the hopes and dreams of their loved ones was placed on their shoulders. I imagine they are incredibly supportive of one another, and while they may not be so much a very open PDA relationship they share a deep intimacy and love for one another. Even more so, they respect each other for their strengths and weaknesses.


I also believe after he eats Bertolt that Armin’s attachment to Annie amplifies deeper than what it was previously. I imagine when he told her what happened it was a very difficult conversation for them both.



Nobody asked, but in case you ever wanted close ups of my engagement ring headcanons for eremin~

  • The band is made of Eren’s cut and smoothed Titan armor; its kinda like a gold colored quartz crystal which is why it’s translucent and sparkles all throughout 8); he worked his ass off to make these for Armin lmao; the armor makes the ring very much a part of himself❤️ 
  • The stone in the center is a slightly off pink very iridescent saltwater pearl cuz they’re Armin’s favorite (since he adores the sea lol); Eren also specifically loves that pearls are beautiful gems formed in layers from years and years of growth inside an oyster (hopefully that symbolism goes without say lol); Eren made sure he found the 2 prettiest ones possible for their rings (which match btw) 
  • The 2 side stones are precious opals, Armin’s second favorite gemstone cuz they’re freakin gorgeous. But Eren also specifically chose opals because Armin explained that they form where fossils of dead things decay, and it’s to remind Armin that even when Eren is long gone from the titan curse, his life, his love, and his dreams with Armin are still there with him, so Armin should continue to live on. 
  • The stones are set in gold, and, again, a LOT of work went into making them, as you can imagine, even with assistance.

And of course Armin ADORED THEM, through and through, he couldn’t believe his eyes❤️❤️❤️ (and when Eren explained all the thought behind them, he bawled his big blue eyes out hehe ;w;)

Why Armin is in jail with Eren (let's forget the sadness for a moment)
  • Eren (in jail): *reading*
  • Armin: What are you reading?
  • Eren: Our manga. I'm reading your sacrifice... It is hard, but I must be strong...
  • Armin: NO! NO! NO! Don't read that! The..there is nothing good...
  • Eren: *stop reading,sparks in the eyes, with a confident smile* Don't worry, Armin... I'll fix that for us...
  • Armin: *confused* Eren...
  • Eren: *yelling* Guard! Quick! I have a request!!!
  • Soldier: What's the problem, Yaeger?
  • Eren: Put Armin inside the jail! He has given himself to me so I should take responsibility. He's mine! *waving the manga* I can prove it! Put Armin inside!
  • Armin: *with his hand covering his face* What have I done.
  • Eren: *protesting* I have my rights
  • Put Armin inside!
  • I have my rights
  • Put Armin inside!