THE PERSON WHO STOLE MY WORK AND CONTINUED TO DO SO IS NOW ON TUMBLR OMFG!! IM SHAKING. MY HEART IS POUNDING AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS SCREAM. I NEED HELP I NEED SOMETHING TO VALM ME DOWN IDK WHAT MY MIND IS THINKING BUT I CANT SIT BACK AND LET HER COME ON HERE WITH THIS BS NO NO NO!! FOR ANYONE WHO HAD EVER STUMBKED UPON THE PAGE REALM 6 ON TUMBLR OR FACEBOOK PLEASE REPORT HER. I AM CURRENTLY ON MOBILE AND AT WORK BUT I NEED THIS KNOWN NOW. SERGE “MAGNAVOX” IS ON TUMBLR AND FACEBOK USING MY CHARACTER VAUSLIN AND HER RENDITION OF ARKADIY IN A MALICIOUS ATTEMPT TO STEAL CREDIT FOR HER “experiences” IN MY STORIES. This girl actually believes these people are real. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. They are to me and her, but she shares it on a whole other level that I couldn’t and so she dumped me. Now she uses Arkadiy, Vauslin, Zeig, Nathaniel, Tani, Ele, Tori and many many more to her advantage. I have FB messages, journals, and so much more that I will screen cap as soon as I get off BUT PLEASE HELP ME IN BRINGING HER DOWN PLEASE I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE. I would speak to her now but she has blocked me on all forms of messaging so I’m stuck just watching her post things and use Arkadiy to hurt and “call me out” based off stories I wrote about the Nodrie, aka beings of null. Just thinking of her and how she uses them I just want to curl up and cry, she just completely used me and my stories to further her agenda. I haven’t checked her page in a year and now I see she’s only gotten braver because I stopped posting on my page as frequently. I’m done with this. He’s already posted about her “ex husband” aka my character Vauslin. She did not use his name but if you go through her page you will see references to Crowe and Vausy or the giant blonde leech or whatever. She married herself to my character and is now using it as a real life experience about astral projection and soul marriages and contracts. I WILL POST MIRE TONIGHT WITH LINKS AND PICS

i’m testing out Arkadiy and also testing out the man-braid.  A guy in my apartment got his hipster mullet braided today and it looked pretty cool… and all my male ocs have like the same haircut so