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favorite b.a.p blogs? ♡

FAVE BLOGS IN GENERAL: @junhongiee @ab1004 @b-124a-p-224 @kitty-dae @bapofficial @himdaes @bbangception @brainboxy @zainbap @daefsoul @thediebutterfly @s-kydive @bxngster @stanbap

Squad: @bap-time @daehyuns-beautiful-golden-skin @soooldout @jion-a @youngjaaes @eotteokhaji-s @tensxgirl (not B.A.P blog but shes lovely please love her) @minareen (also not B.A.P but fight me best girlfriend)  @diamond4yamv @bored-wayward-dragon @beebeecee (not B.A.P either but I’m trying to convert her through er himchan love so like go spam her with himchan and make a new baby)

Honorable mentions: @seungsuka @acuteproficiency @aegyo-chan @unorthodox-senpai @cheeji-burger @tigerbaby @y-ngguk @himchans @shut-the-jongup @fluffyjae @reinbownom @yoonqjae-s @daedreaming @daehyuns-uneven-buttcheeks @bestabsoluteshitposts @bestabsoluteperfectcrack I can’t believe I forgot @choimomo

We jus hit 400 followers (holy crap that’s insane) so in honor of that I figured I’d recommend some figure skating blogs (some have to do with just yuzu some don’t) and these are in no particular order!!!! @fortheloveofhanyu @shoma-uno @shomanyquads @fsyuzuruhanyu @us-ice-dance @soyouwanttowatchfs @iguana012 @fyshomauno @jin-boyang @eggplantgifs @yuzurufigureskater @loveyuzuruhanyu @jardinaquatique @jasonbrownfandom @hanyuyuzurufeed @patrick-commentates-skating @pamigena
I think I got everyone? But sorry it’s not that many feel free to recommend more if you want!!!

for the second time, please excuse this crappy banner i dont have photoshop access atm :’( so I’ve reached 400?!?! lil ol me?!?!?! thank you guys so much for following me, I love and appreciate each and every single one of you <3 since I didn’t do anything for my 300 follower milestone, i’m going to try to make it up with this one :) blacklist #ganj celebrates 400 if you don’t wanna see this on your dash!


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again, I love you all so much??? you brighten my day <3

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As you can see we have a tie. How you guys managed to pull that off is beyond me. Because there is an obvious split both will be mains. Therefore during this entire takeover they will be here at almost all times. If you have participated in my previous takeover then you know other characters like to stop by. In the morning the takeover will begin, and as of tonight you can start sending your questions in for Mr. Ketch and Lucifer. I can’t promise they will both be here on time but I’ll try my best to motivate them. Thank you again for participating and following and let the fun begin. 💖💖


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