How PLL should've ended

Spencer finds herself locked up in a high tech prison underground and finds that a bloodied Ezra is locked up also, in a separate cell. He starts to tell her that he has to get out and hurry up to get to Aria He pretends to struggle at first but then, he pushes his cell door open with ease. Spencer is equally horrified and baffled.

“Spencer, you were always the smart one. You found out it was me, and you were about to tell Aria. But I can’t let you do that.”

He reveals that he is the real A.D. Assuming a different alias with Aria (unknowingly) being his accomplice. He is obsessed with toying with/torturing young girls - especially Ali. He discovered Aria’s multiple personality disorder early on and decided to use it to get in the girls’ inner circle. He reveals that he has poisoned Aria so that she would be barren. He intends to take the Emison girls as his and Aria’s own, and he is the sperm donor.

As Ezra is speaking, he looks back and finds Spencer’s cell is empty. She lunges a knife from the underground bunker into his back and we see his body fall.

“Deux peuvent garder un secret si l'un d'entre eux est mort… Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”

The last scene is the group of girls at an outdoor funeral for Ezra. After the other girls have left, Aria (now a “widow” in black) is crying with both sadness and anger. She hears rustling by a nearby tree. When she looks over, Ezra in a black hoodie puts his finger to his face as if to say “shhhh”. Aria returns this sign, except directly to the camera. Fade to black.

Pretty Little Liars Final Episode Recap.

RECAP : Toby was raped again. Spencer has a evil twin British sister who I think has a thing for Aria. Melissa has nothing to do with anything. A blind girl and a horse figured out the truth about Spencer’s twin before her friends did. They mentioned Maya a lot in the finale thinking she is miraculously still alive. Alison and Emily have baby twins with Wrens sperm. Marlene makes a brief cameo at Ezrias wedding instead of being behind a desk to write a decent show. Everyone in rosewood owns a secret maximum titanium high tech bunker in their backyards. The moms talks about being in the basement but never address how they got out. Arias Wedding dress is ugly. Wren shoots Spencer’s twin instead of faking a gun shot wound. Spencer evil twin kills wren and puts his ashes in her necklace because diamonds are forever. The twin is exposed. Addison goes missing the same way Alison went missing in the pilot but no one really cares about her. Marlene is still a shitty writer.


Ezra was a too defensive on this scene😂😂
Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 19
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Stopwatch Clues?

In “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me”, Hanna has a flashback with Mona where they play a wishing game and Mona wishes for a stopwatch that could stop time so she could do whatever she wants and no one would know it was her. After this episode is when I started to re-watch from Season 1 and I believe I have discovered some mAjor clues to go along with the theories that Aria is A and possibly suffers from some sort of mental illness.

In s03Xe08 “Stolen Kisses” Aria is seen wearing the above dress in the opening scene. Look closely and you will see this dress, among other things, is covered in stopwatches! Also notice the pigs (Pigtunia reference?), lips and lightening bolts. (We all know Marlene King has hinted to us about the kisses and lightening bolts, so no big surprise there, but thought it was worth noting.)

But wait, it gets better. Two episodes prior, s03Xe06 “The Remains of the A”, Aria is seen wearing what appears to be a stopwatch necklace in her scene with Ezra (this is the best picture I could find, if you have a better one, please let me know!):

There are a lot of references to clocks in PLL, but the fact that Aria is specifically wearing stopwatches vs. regular clocks really stuck out to me.

This is my first PLL theory post and I would love to hear what all of you think of these clues. I have yet to see these specific clues mentioned anywhere, so feel free to utilize them to extrapolate on your own theories. 

Photo Credits: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

If you listen to literally anything Aria or Ezra say, and imagine them as A...

…they sound like A.

Seriously, I don’t know how to explain. Just rewatch the last episode, and imagine Aria and Ezra are A, and if you hear how they say things, and how they word things, they’re talking like they’re A. It all makes sense.