guys guys guys, okay so remember when we saw in this sneak peek and it had that weird almost snowing at the end? what if this is what mona is seeing when she’s looking in that snowglobe? what if this is her dream world with the 5 girls, like the one that she’s kind of always wanted to be apart of but hasn’t been? it’s kind of been a thought that mona is imagining whatever is happening in that scene of her in the hospital with A.D. and what if this scene is what she’s imagining right before she drops and breaks the snowglobe. it would explain why the girls look kind of off in this picture, marlene’s comment on the picture about so many “surprises,” and how the look of mona’s scene looks like radley and not welby. it would also give reason to why it looked like it was snowing at the end of this clip with the 5 girls, like mona was shaking the snow globe.

The Writers

Something I do not understand is how on earth the writers didn’t already have everything planned out. I understand that they weren’t expecting to be renewed up to season 7. However, I feel as a writer you have this mentally planned. As a writer of a hit tv show known to be popular for its fan theories, I would make sure that everything tied together down to the last detail. I’m not just saying this because of PLL but also for other shows. Like Gossip Girl, the identities of these major characters weren’t decided until they were about to shoot. At least that’s what it feels like. The whole CeCe being Big A wasn’t something I was expecting. I mean everyone on here had serious thought out theories, down to the specific things such as why Ezra’s last name is Fitzgerald. And a book that Ali was reading on a specific scene, etc. Overall, I just want to be able to say, “damn those writers deserved that job because damn that was a good story they wrote.” Not finishing watching the finale and think to myself they must have pulled the writers out of the street while they walked by to head to their non related writing job. Am I the only one thinking this?

7x20 spoilers
  • <p> <b></b> Hanna is going to tell them she's pregnant.<p/><b></b> Aria having second thoughts "can't marry him".<p/><b></b> AD would be reveled as someone we love and we gonna want to kill Marlene.<p/><b></b> Emison is EndGame โค<p/><b></b> Finishing around 5 tissue boxes if not more.<p/><b></b> Many but many reaction videos to 7x20<p/><b></b> Tumblr is going to explode from this fandom.<p/><b></b> Im about to lose myself once again (1st was after TVD)<p/><b></b> We won't see Jason cause Drew Van Acker thinks he's way better from this show.... Somewhere he's right.<p/><b></b> We gonna cry and hug each other while cursing and spamming with thank you Marlene social media pages.<p/><b></b> Those 5 Liars would forever be part of my life.<p/></p>
So, what’s up with all these names?...

Alison DiLaurentis
Alison DiLaurentis-Fields
Vivian Darkbloom
Holly Varjak
Emma Thorwald
Mrs. Rollins

“Trusting no man as his friend, he could not recognize his enemy when the latter actually appeared”

Alison DiLaurentis (fetus)

  • Although Alison seemed to have it all, she was easily threatened by people who intimidate her. Her jealousy and need for power often got the best of her and caused her to act cruel and selfish; likewise her fearless nature had helped her to get revenge on her enemies numerous times. Alison was vindictive and cunning, she often used other people as tools in her manipulations - she was the snake behind an angel’s face. Nobody told a lie better than Alison DiLaurentis. She had a way of using people’s secrets against them She had kept lots of information about her life from her friends, while managing to acquire all of their secrets. Alison often held private knowledge of her friends over them to stay in control. She spun a web of lies so tangled that her friends were left to deal with the resentful “A” when she was on the run.

Alison DiLaurentis-Fields (I wonder why was this one in the second place at the list since it seems that all the names were written in order of apparition)

  • Since season 5b and onwards, Alison’s personality has changed significantly. She has become a better person. She is now more reserved, and wants nothing more than to be happy. Though, if someone or something threatens her or her friends, she has no problem letting her “bitchy” side shine through.
  • Though Alison has become less threatening, she is NOT a pushover. She has been through so much, yet she is still so strong.

Vivian Darkbloom (ALi’s Alter Ego)

  • Is the alter ego of Alison DiLaurentis and later, Charlotte DiLaurentis. Alison used to dress up as Vivian to spy on “A”, while Charlotte used the Vivian alias to escape from the police by going to France after killing Darren Wilden.
  • Vivian is first introduced when Caleb hacked the video to see her photo license. Hanna then remembers that she once saw Alison with dark hair in a hair salon. She recognized her voice and was surprised to see her with a wig, but Alison told her that it´s just her hobby - pretending to be someone else.
  • Aria and Spencer discovered that the day Alison disappeared, Vivian stayed in the Lost Woods Resort. Mona later remembered that she saw Alison/Vivian in a shop in Brookhaven spying on someone. She asked Alison who she was spying on, to which Alison told her to play along to the idea that they did not know each other. With Mona’s unwavering desire to become another “Queen Bee”, she kept Ali’s secret, to which she received a card with Jenna’s phone number in return. 

(Here’s the thing on this one… Alison created this Alter Ego to spy on A… if Mona was -A, and Mona was with her on the shop… Then who was Alison spying on?)

Holly Varjak (is a fake ID made by Alison DiLaurentis, although it was possibly planted by CeCe Drake)

  • When Aria and Hanna went to visit Cyrus in the hospital, the badly burned villain could only write the “Varjack” on a piece of paper. This is clearly a reference to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” When Ali was planning on skipping the country, she used Holly Varjak as the pseudonym on her fake passport after Ezra once compared her to Holly Golightly. This apparently catalyzed Ali’s fascination with the persona. Could Varjack – the male lead in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – be Ezra? That would be seriously effed up. Whoever Varjak is, he/she hired Cyrus to ruin Ali’s alibi the night of “Mona’s murder”, which means Varjak could easily be “A.”  

(so, at this point we know -A was Charlotte, she didn’t kill Mona but she did kidnapped her).

Emma Thorwald

  • Emma Thorwald is a character in the 1954 movie called “Rear Window” or “Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window.”
  • Basically a man witnesses his neighbor murder his wife (through his window) and he and his friends try to prove it. In the movie, Emma is the wife who is murdered.
  • In the Christmas episode 5x13 when Toby was in the wheelchair the night A attacked Hanna in Ali’s attic, He tried getting her attention with his flashes… that was at the winter formal/fashion show, Hosted at Ali’s.
  • In the video where Ali is writing all these names, the name Emma Thorwald is the only one aligned to the left

Mrs. Rollins (well, this one is pretty clear)

Question time:

  1. Why did Ali wrote all those names in the chalkboard?
  2. Why is the name Alison DiLaurentis-Fields in second place and the other ones in order of apparition?
  3. If the plot of “Rear Window” is about how a man witnesses his neighbor murder his wife, Why is Hanna playing the Emma Thornwald character and Toby the man witnessing?


I wrote a theory before about how Alison DiLaurentis is A.D. but i’m not talking specifically about the Ali we knew since the begining but that we have never seen the real face of Alison DiLaurentis and A.D. is the real owner trying to claim its name…

some part of my thoughts believe that Ashley and Hanna Marin play a huge part in this somehow…

And i’m pretty sure Wren has been in the -A team for a while, and he’s ADs helper


- conclusion

Alison uses the pseudonyms to…
a) protect herself
b) just a hobby
c) ways to run away
d) Multiple Personality Disorder

I don’t own some bits of these statements… it’s just research…


One of our listeners, Shea, sent us some great PLL art. It can only add fuel to the fire of how wonderful an Actual Bad Guys/The Hard Bros spinoff would be, right?