Character Aesthetics:

Aria Montgomery

“I was on the Redline, going to Braintree, and the train stopped in the tunnel between the stations. The power went out and it was dark. No, not dark, it was black. I was back in every box, and every dark, tight space -A ever put me in and I couldn’t breathe. Then I heard a girl crying. ‘Good,’ I thought. ‘Someone else is scared out of their mind’. Then the power came back on and every single person on that train was staring at me. Because I was the girl that was crying.“


“What did you do for seven years?”
“We entertained your daughters.”
“What happens now?”
“Some of them will remember, some of them will forget, and some of them, years from now, will tell their daughters about the stories we told.”
“And that…”
“That’s immortality, my darling.”

                               -Joseph Dougherty, writer/executive producer

  • Who killed Charlotte and why
  • Who killed Jessica and why
  • Who’s Charlotte’s father
  • Who’s Spencer’s father? It is Peter?
  • Since we already know Spencer’s Mary’s daughter, why Jessica wanted Bethany to call her “Aunt Jessie”?
  • Did Jessica do that just because she had something with Bethany’s father?
  • Why did Bethany draw Jessica’s at her house? How did she know how her house was? I mean, the drawing is exactly the same as Jessica’s house.
  • Why were Noel and Aria’s file stolen from the bunker before the fire? WHY ARIA’S??
  • Why was Noel helping Charlotte? Since when?
  • How long has been Jenna helping Uber A?
  • Who wrote “He’s going to kill me -M” at the dollhouse closet? Who’s M? Maya, Mona, Melissa? And who is “he”?
  • For how long was Sara Harvey helping Charlotte? Since she disappeared?
  • At Radley (6x10) and in Season 7, Sara tells Emily she was always trying to protect her. From Charlotte? From Uber A? But if she was, why she still helped Charlotte?
  • What were Melissa and Charlotte talking about THAT night?
  • And why Charlotte/Cece was wearing the yellow top?
  • For how long Charlotte knew she was a Drake? She used the Drake name for her “Cece” identity.
  • Who were Wren talking with on the phone in 4x10?
  • Why was Wren painting a family drawing with a brunette hair red coat?
  • Why was Wren so shady visiting Mona at Radley?
  • And since Charlotte was a patient, why Wren gave her a visitor pass with the name CECE DRAKE? HE KNEW?
  • Why was Wren shady?
  • Mona was high on drugs so she didn’t recognized Charlotte but she created a plan to escape sometimes?
  • How the blood did get to Spencer’s bag in London? It was Wren or Melissa?
  • Who were part of the original A-Team? Just Toby?
  • If Wilden was paid off from the beginning, then why the fuck was he trying to solve Alison’s disappearance for all those years?
  • What Maya knew?
  • Where’s Eddie Lamb? Why he disappeared like that? 
  • Why Eddie Lamb recognized Aria in Radley?
  • Did Aria went to Radley instead of Iceland?
  • Does Aria know her brother is now a werewolf?