I have always liked this particular stripe pattern. I knew there had to be a proper name for it. Remembering, thanks to a recent post by thesuitroom I jumped to The University of Google Search to learn more.

The Brooks A&S piece above I thrifted months back. The other three variations are recent finds. They look interesting together and though I’m not a visual artist, I thought I would snap some artsy photos. I must have been subliminally inspired since I have seen a number of repp tie collection photos like this recently. 


Thrifted 04.02.14

Polos: VV
Ties: BB, PRL, London
Radio: RCA

Polo shirts yadda yadda, ties, yadda, cotton, yadda, argyle and…THIS FUCKING RADIO!! Now, as you can probably tell this guy is not in working order. My girl and I were looking for one for her new spot. She’s rolling with the vintage-lots-of-old-wood steez. Ideally, one that was not working so we could gut it and slap a bluetooth speaker in it. Boom. Done.